Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Simple Summer Dressing

easy summer dressing ... bandeau dress: via anouk // belt: thrifted // fringe sandals: from rio de janeiro // bag: flea market, saalbau frankfurt // necklace: thrifted // bracelet: gifted // earrings: bb
lace and flowers ... lace blouse: h&m // skirt: thrifted and altered // belt: old h&m // peep toes: new yorker // bag: hippie market, rio de janeiro // necklace: from my granny // bracelets: thrifted, flea markets, vintage

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

... And Justice For All

today's experience ... somehow this outfit reminds me of GNR's axl rose in the ninties. i just forgot to wear white socks in my new lace booties... dress: flea market and shortend // belt: thrifted // wedge-booties: via kings & queenz // bag: american apparel // bracelet: flea market
... and justice for all on thursday ... when i think of GNR, i have to think about metallica ... tee: thrifted // pleated pants: flea market // belt: thrifted // booties: via kingz & queenz // bag: hell's kitchem flea market, nyc

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Wenn Ich Den See Seh, Brauch Ich Kein Meer Mehr...

this dress looks like holiday ... vintage dress: thrifted, oxfam // belt: thrifted // bag: thrifted // sandals: via kingz & queenz // bamboo earrings: hottie, ny // heart necklace: flea market, saalbau ffm
who needs shoes?! ... short 90's dress: flea market, arheiligen // belt: thrifted // sabdals: flea market // bag: gifted // watch pendant: flea market // bracelet: bb

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Football Made Me Sick

yes, i'm sick. i got bad headache and sore throat ... it's a sinusitis in hot summertime... outside the temperature is up to 38°c and I spend the whole weekend in bed with fever. I feel like nothing on earth!
I didn't want to leave you without any pictures... so i show you my newest shoes (the sandals & black lace heels are from kingz & queenz, those oxford like lace booties from a flea market...). everybody knows the worlds best dotted tights made by h&m... i found this two-pack, the second tight has much bigger dots as the one you can see on the picture... very cute! creme coloured dot-tights, i wanted them for so long! here there are!
to be honest, no, football didn't make me sick. germany didn't win the cup - but they did get far on this world cup... the third is ok to me. - juhuhhh, die goldene ananas gewonnen!
good luck for netherlands tonight.

Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

Is This Me?!

denim flares ... chiffon blouse: h&m on sale // skirt: vintage and altered // belt: thrifted // shoes: jumex // vinatge bag: thrifted // necklace: vintage // earrings: bb // bracelet: flea market
crinkly pleated pants ... boy's blazer: flea market // embroided singlet: kaufhof underwear //pants: zara on sale (i hate that light cotton is always a crinkling disaster) // belt: flea market // sandals: cindy crawford for deichmann // bag: left over sales shop //earrings: thrifted
leo ... another embroided singlet: kaufhof underwear // skirt: zara // belt: flea market (i was looking for a leo-buckle belt for years. this one is perfect!) // fringe sandals: rio de janiero, brasil // bag: flea market // bracelet: gifted // earrings: schmuckrausch

if you'd asked me some years ago, to wear light colours like white, beige or blush ... I would have screamed '.... are you nutty as a fruitcake, i would never wear any of these ...'

look at me today and laugh.

Sonntag, 4. Juli 2010


thursday's outfit ... out with the girls to see SATC at the movies ... dress: vintage ebay // belt: flea market // wedges: c&a // bag: flea market // heart necklace: flea market, saalbau frankfurt // bracelet: vintage
this mornings's casual flea market outfit ... blazer: one of last year's flea market finds; altered // dress: thrifted and shortend // belt: thrifted // the most casual and comfy flats: blue velvet // bag: flea market, arheilgen

no world cup outfit this post... yesterday i had to work and i wasn't able to see the whole match of germany vs. argentina. Anyway -yeah - big smile for germany! hope you don't mind, listening to some more silly football/soccer songs... 'finale, ohoooo, finale, ohohohooooo'

i hide some tears in my eyes for ghana and brasil!

actually i felt far too tired to get up early this sunday morning but i couldn't sleep any longer because of the hot and humid weather. i decided to spend my morning on another flea market... this one was a professional market. i got to know it some weeks ago and i felt so inspired by it's huge ammount of sale booths then. today there wasn't just the halves of them on the market space. my dissapointment went to thin air when i found a romantically flared black carmen-dress (i have to shorten it) and an amazing pair of pleated pants in light grey(i suppose the fabric is not for hot sommer days...).

this is what i love about flea markets: you never know what you get!