Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009

Tuesday's Experience: Office Look

blouse: fleamarket // skirt: thrifted // belt: h&m // sandals: from brasil // bag: c&a // earrings and bracelet: vintage // ring: from my grandma...

Monday's Experience: A Sunny Day With Parrots

blazer: lindex // t-shirt with parrot print: vintage ebay // skirt: orsay // belt: fleamarket // bag fleamarket // sandals: from rio // bracelet: from my mum // bike: thrifted...

Last Sunday's Summer Experience...

cardigan: sisters // dress: thrifted and shortend // belt: oxfam // bag: fleamarket // sandals: from brasil (they are very 'rio'-like, a lot of girls there run around with sandals like this) //bracelet: gift from my best friend // pantera necklace: vintage ebay // earrings: schmuckrausch

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Thursdays Experience...

blazer: h&m // t-shirt: american apparel // skirt: avanti // belt: thrifted // scarf: thrifted // tights: h&m // strap pumps: binome // bag: from hippie market, rio de janeiro //necklace and bracelet: vintage // earrings: bb

Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009


I've been tagged by graciously zoe to do a short Q&A Here are the rules :
1. Respond and rework; answer the question on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention, add more one question of your own. 2. Tag eight other people.
What is your current obsession ?
Coconut cream, hhmmmm.
And visiting fleamarkets in the morning sun...
What are you wearing today ?
Please, look at the post above...
What's for dinner ?
Three colored pasta with fresh spinaci and gorgonzola.
What are you listening to right now ?
Elastica, it's a so-called 'brit pop' band from the middle of the nineties. I don't listen very often to this band nowadays but i love it. It's nice and girly indie music.
Name three favourite fashion blogs. Why do you love them?
the alteration - An amazing mix of flashy vintage and thrilling highstreet pieces.
keiko lynn - She has a stunning vintage style... and the most beautiful make up!
strawberry kittens playground - Germanys best color and pattern mixing fashionblogger. Good to have you back!!!
What's your must have pieces for winter?
I don't think much about winter fashion this time. Their are reams of summer dresses waiting in my wardrobe ...
What's your favorite vintage/fleamarket find?
There are a lot of fantastic beloved vintage finds in my closet... My cream colored lace up wedges made by Pollini?! Or my black suede uplace booties from Pierre Cardin?!
I think my most favorite fleamarket piece is my pair of silver flats. I bought them on the local fleamarket and I wear them a lot for several years.
If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go ?
New York. Shop till you drop... at Beacon's Closet! It's nearly six years ago when I went there to visti my best friend. She was living in Brooklyn for several months.
Which language do you want to learn ?
Brasilian portuguese. My boyfrind is from Rio de Janeiro... I'm able to order my dish or drink at the restaurant or buy fruits or juices at the market... but it's not possible to have a real conversation with me.
What are your favorite quotes ?
'Fehler im Aussehen entstehen, weil viele das tragen, was sie meinen tragen zu müssen, und nicht das, was sie tragen möchten.' Karl Lagerfeld
'Es ist schon alles gesagt, nur noch nicht von allen.' Karl Valentin
Sorry, I'm a german girl, so I do have german quotes!
What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet ?
I can't answer this question offhanded... There are a lot of pieces i love... some of them for years others because they're new and thrilling to me.
One of my faves is a black vintage dress with white stripes, very small white dots and delicate details at the top. It's skirt is pretty much flared... (ckeck it out: I was wearing it on march 17)

What is your dream job?Dream jobs are never what you espect. I gave up my first dream job, because it stopped being that faboulos and dreamy. I loved doing the work but I started hating the people I had to work with...

Any favorite models?I'm not that intrested in models... I just want to know what they wear....But I like good old Kate Moss. She's a rock n roll chick...

Favorite designer ?
Wunderkind by Wolfgang Joop is very visionary... And I love the early designs from Viktor & Rolf. They were unwearable but stunning. Models wearing their hair draped over pillows they were carrying on their shoulders. ...
What do you consider a fashion faux pas ?
People loosing their own identity while wearing everything that's 'in fashion'.
I also dislike people wearing simple jeans & t-shirt paired with's so boring...
But, I talk about style not the person itself.
Describe your personal style ?
Vintage, vintage, vintage... I don't know.
I don't like to describe my style - I prefer to show it - while wearing pieces i like to wear.
What's the most expensive fashion item you've ever purchased?
It's my LV Trocadero. I bought it on ebay. But it's too small, I don't use it at all.
What can you never leave the house without?
Paper tissues. Yes.

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Ebay: Shoe Shopping

image via vintageherz
I went a little shoe shopping on ebay the last days. Yesterday was my fortunate day.
I was searching for blue shoes for months but i didn't found the right ones. When I found a pair I really liked, i couldn't find the right size. At least it was regardless of which sort or style they were... booties, heels, sandals, flats... just blue.
Last weekend I found this nice pair of blue and turquoise 80s pumps at an ebay shop called vintageherz. I don't know if these pumps will help me out of my blue-shoe-disaster ...but they're too flashy for not owning them.
At vintageherz you can find a big collection of boots, pumps and sandals from the past decades. Don't be confused, if you visit this shop at present you will find some vintage teddy bears aswell.
image via dizzy-andy
While i was looking for anything blue i stepped over a pair of 60s lace pumps. I fell in love with their snakeskin style instantly. And - I got my hands on them aswell!
I hope both pairs are going to arrive as soon as possible... and I hope they are fitting right.

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

Sunday's Experience...

jacket: thrifted, oxfam // dress: vintage ebay // belt: fleamarket // wedges: blue velvet // bag: fleamarket // bracelet: flemarket // earrings & necklace: vintage

Saturday's Experience... Mille Fleurs & Blue Bag

blazer: zara // dress: vintage ebay( love it love it love it) // leggins: zara // wedges: helen billkrantz // belt: fleamarket // bag: beacon's closet, brooklyn,ny (a friend got it for me as a souvenir, thanx thanx thanx) // bangles: vintage, thrifted and fleamarket // necklace: thrifted, oxfam //pantera brooch: hippie market, rio de janeiro

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

Wednesday's Experience...

jacket: thrifted, oxfam // flower: h&m // shirt: h&m // cardigan: mango // skirt: thrifted // belt: thrifted // leggins: american apparel // shoes: missy // bag: louis vuitton, faux?, fleamarket // jewelery: vintage, fleamarkets ...

Taking fotos of yourself all alone isn't much fun. I'm very sorry for my strained and angry looking face....

Last Sunday's Experience...

dress: oh boy!, from brasil // scarf: fleamarket // cardigan: zara // belt: thrifted, oxfam // sandals: paqueta, from brasil // necklace with hearts: fleamarket // bracelet: tally wejl // earrings: vintage

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Saturday's Experience: Birthday Party Without Fashion

blazer: fleamarket and altered // dress: sisters // scarf: thrifted // leggins:h&m // up-lace booties: ebay vintage pierre cardin // bracelet: tally wejll // snake brooch: fleamarket // earrings and necklace: vintage // ring: my mum's

No, not my birthday...

Yesterday my boyfreind and I went out to celebrate the birthday of a friend. He works as artist and designer because of that I thought I would meet some fashionable and crazy dressed people there. But I got disabused....

...The people in my hometown seems to feel happy wearing sporty jeans, artless t-shirts and retro adidas' or pumas shoes. That's it. I feel bored about this so-called 'fashion-tiredness'. I can't expect that everybody around is interested in fashion... but sometimes it feels like no one is having the heart to wear extra, flashy or just different clothes than jeans and sportshoes.

Is it just my hometown?! When I go through the german streetstyle-blogs I feel quite the same... Even the people from Berlin or Hamburg don't look that particular - like the ones pictured in NY and Paris do. Why is Germany so dull?!

I know there are some real fashionably girls - don't forget the boys - in Germany. Show the world, what you like to wear. Don't care about other people staring or laughing...or blah. Just be different...

Please, don't wear a simple t-shirt and boring jeans everyday! Thanx.

Now I gonna do my taxes while wearing an old tee and jeans, hahahahaha.

Friday's Experience ...

shirt: h&m // scarf: thrifted // skirt: h&m, altered // belt: fleamarket // blazer: mango // tights: avanti // wedges: kmb // bag: vintage from rome // jewelery: vintage, ring: from my family

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Today's Experience ...

blazer: fleamarket and altered // shirt: zara // pants: avanti // wedges: kmb // bracelets and necklace: vintage, fleamarket and thrifted

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

Best Dress-ed: The Alteration

pictures via the alteration
There's a new amazingly dressed lady in the fashion blogging scene.
Her style is a delicate mixture of flashy vintage finds and skilfull highstreet clothing. I just can't wait to see more...
Go to the alteration and get happy!

Todays Experience... Changing The Bag...

shirt: zara // skirt: thrifted, oxfam // belt: thrifted // pumps: ara // brown bag: fleamarket // yellow bag: hippie market, rio // ring: vintage // necklace: ebay vintage
Today I met my family for brunch... The weather was warm and sunny.... The food was delicous... My sisters kids were running around happily screaming...
First I wanted to take my small camel coloured bag with me but I haven't seen my nephews on eastern, because of that I had to take two rabbits-o-choc with me - and they didn't find enough place in this bag. So i decided to take the yellow one again...

Friday's Experience....

blazer: fleamarket and altered // dress: zara // scarf: vintage // belt: tally wejl // leggins american apparel // pumps: vintage ebay // leather bag: hippie market, rio de janeiro