Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut ... 40s Dream Hat

Nachdem der 1. März weniger nach Frühlingsbeginn, sonder eher nach ungemütlichem Herbst ausschaut, bleibe ich heute gerne vor dem Laptop sitzen. Somit nutze ich heute die Zeit Euch eines meiner großartigsten Fundstücke des vergangenen Monats im Rahmen von Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut vorzustellen:  ... ein wundervoller, filigraner, atemberaubender Hut aus den 1940ern. Er ist handgefertigt aus feinem Georgette ... Ob Seide oder Rayon kann ich nicht sagen, das Material fühlt sich für mich schlicht nach Göttergewirk an (gut, dass ich nicht so oft in Deutsch schreibe ... Göttergewirk, uiuiui). Durch seine leichten Materialen, ist er perfekt für die warmen Monate. Im Sommer schwitzt man sich doch recht gerne mal die Frisur weg - unter einem Filzhütchen.
Gefunden habe ich das gute Stück in einem noch recht neuen Seconhand und Vintage Shop in Berlin-Moabit. Der Preis - vorallem nach Freundschaftsrabatt war unschlagbar! Ein kleiner Bericht zu dem Laden wird in den kommenden Tagen folgen.

Natürlich ist mein 60er Twiggy-Kopf nicht die perfekte Präsentationsfläche für ein Hut aus den frühen 40ern ... doch fand ich die vergangenen Tage keine Zeit mir die Haare entspechend zu frisieren. Eine kleine Sneek Peak von mir mit Hut gab es aber schon auf Instagram.

 Da ich sicherlich nicht die Einzige war, die diesen Monat feine Sachen getrödelt und gefunden hat, schaut mal rüber zu Beswingtes Allerlei und bewundert die Fundstücke der anderen Vintage-Ladies and -Gents.

It is time for Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut the German link up for your favourite vintage finds from the last month. Today I'm so excited to show you the amazing early 40s hat I found this february. this wonderful piece it fully handmade from flimsy georgette - no idea if it is silk or rayon - it just feels like a dreamy dream. I can't wait to wear it this upcoming spring, because it light materials make it the perfect summer hat.
I found this little beauty in a quite new vintage shop in Berlin-Moabit. You will find a feature about this shop during next week on the blog.
 ... Till then check out what all the other vintage lovers have found over at Beswingtes Allerlei.

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Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

What Was Left At The End Of The Day ...

This is what I wore to work some day last week ... vintage cropped knit jacket (70s does 40s): thrifted in the USA // top: Primark // 50s cotton skirt: Made In Berlin Store // vitnage patent leather belt: trhifted in the USA // booties: Clarks // 50s hat: ebay // 40s-50s purse: ebay // bamboo brooch: thrifted ...

The past couple of weeks I played around with different kinds of curlers to find an easy way to curl my hair during the work week. I'm a bad sleeper anyhow, so I really don't need to be uncomfortable in the night. At this point I'm still in the process of playing and trying around, getting upset with my hair and moist weather once in a while ... Soon you will find a little post about here on the blog.
In the pictures above you see the result of what was left  fo the curls after work.

On Instagram you can see the curls in a earlier and better state ...
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Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

Shop My Wardrobe
There is also a Miss Candyfloss sailor skirt and another deadstock bullet bra ... and probably some more pieces to come ...

hey, hey, here are some pieces that I posted recently on eBay. Pieces that never ever fit me or I never started the tailor work on them to make them fit ...   the two dresses are quite petite and might have some flaws ... the 30s-40s lace coat is a size S, it needs some fixing but is still a beauty! the bullet bras are 50s deadstock and quite petite, aswell. 
if you need some informations about the items in english - you are welcome to ask!

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015

Once In A While ... Pants

This is what I wore for a nice brunch at home with our lovely neighbours last sunday  ... knit blazer: old H&M // top: old Primark // vintage Joop! pants: thrifted //  shoes: Caprice // vintage bandana worn as a headscarf: thrifted ...

This outfit/headscarf was already on

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

The Vintage-Eeeeeeek!

Eeeeeeeek! I totally scored on the flea market today! Since then I can't stop to make this sound of hysterical joy and happiness: Eeeeeeeeeek!
Actually I put myself on a 'don't buy anything in february, because you are broke'-thing and it worked out perfectly ... since today, when this lovely early-spring sunday made go for a walk ... the flea market is just three minutes far from home, I can't blame myself that I ended up there ... I just had 15 Euros on me ... and I came home with two 50s skirts in almost pristine conditions and a dress  ... I can't believe it!!! Look at the ballerina novelty print skirt. This piece I have seen as a dress on etsy for a lot of money .... The red dress is very special piece, aswell. Maybe it looks quite wrinkled and shabby but for a late 30s-early 40s dress -that survived WWII- it is in a pretty good state. the wool fabric seems to have no stains and no holes ... a few darned spots aand a button is missing, but, well ... I suppose in 75 years i won't look that good anymore ... sadly, I don't make it in the dress! I know it would fit but the buttoned slits for putting it on are far too small - and my shoulders too wide. So  I have to find another vintage loving home for it.
Eeeeeek, the skirts fit quite well! Happy, happy, happy! Do the Vintage-Eeeeeek!

did you find anything nice lately that made you go 'eeeeeeeeeek!'.

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

The Red Gloves, That Aren't Pink

This is what i wore last sunday on a little stroll over the flea market (came home empty handed) and later to a gig of our dear friend Trixie Trainwreck ... 90s does 40s wild silk sweater: ebay //  skirt: zara // vintage snake skin belt: hand-me-down // vintage boots: flea market // 50s hat: flea market // 50s-60s purse: thrifted // vintage plastic swallow pins:  from flea markets // 60s gloves: flea market // 50s earclips: flea market ...

There was actually a total different text waiting for you in this post ... but when I asked my man to check the text on some funny sounding phrases (it is not that easy to write in a foreign language) - we started argueing about the colour of the gloves like crazy.
In real they are red ...on the photos they might appear a little pink-ish.
In the end I don't even want to post the actual post anymore ... which was actually quite nice, it came with some historical informations and a little declaration of love to my man. But, well ... not after fighting about red and pink. Grrrrrrrrh.

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Sorry, I didn't made it to an Japanese inspired look.

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Let Go

office girl outfit ... cardi: primark // 50s skirt: made in berlin store // belt: mango // 50s lace up winter boots: flea market // 50s hat: flea market // modern bag: jumex // vintage swallow pin: flea market ...

i'm so tired about winter and winter clothes ... but today i wore a little 50s hat the first time, i bought past summer in a flea market in my home town for quite a good price.
the fur lined winter lace boots from the 50s  - i'm actually so proud of - are a tiny little bit too small for my wide feet. ... but i'm not ready to let them go this winter. they are still so new to me and so perfect for wintery outfits.

a better shot from this hat on my instagram