Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

Stripy Cat

cardi: H&M // 50s cotton skirt: Simply Vintage, Portland // vintage belt: thrifted in the US // shoes: clarks // 50s leather purse: flea market // vintage dragon fly brooch: flea market ...

I wore this outfit last week to work ... some of you might have seen it already on Instagram. This is one of my favourite skirts ever! What do you think, should I shorten it! As you probably can see the hemline was originally quite a bit shorter (there is a light line 6 cm above the hem). I got it like that and feel still unsure if I should change it to the original length by taking it in.

Montag, 23. März 2015

Stay With Me A Little While

50s cotton dress: Ebay // cardigan: H&M //  vitnage belt: thrifted // vintage shoe: flea market // vintge seagrass purse: flea market // 60s sweater pin worn as a brooch: flea market ...

This 50s dress I won a couple of weeks ago on Ebay. I fell in love with it the second I opened the box. the green, blue, purple and yellow go perfectly with my skin. Sadly I had to find out that the dress has some more flaws as it was said in the auction. the cotton has quite a few tiny holes and there are some parts of the fabric that are quite thin ... For sure this beauty of a day dress won't stay with me forever. But I got it quite cheap ... so I hope for some time to spend together.

Samstag, 21. März 2015

Smile, It Is (Almost) Spring!

cardigan: H&M // 50s-60s cotton dress: thrifted at Resales // belt: from Istanbul // shoes: Deichmann // 50s purse: flea market // vintage swallow brooch: flea market ...

I wore this outfit this last work week, on a day that really made me feel like spring is here ... It was just wonderful out! 
... Sadly I have to put out some winter clothes again to survive tomorrow's two flea markets, my man wants to go to ... It got quite cold again!!! But I decided, I will put on my favourite 50s wool winter skirt, I almost lived in it this cold season. I have no idea why it never made it in an outfit post yet!

Donnerstag, 19. März 2015

Look, It Is Her Wearing Pants Again!

This is what I wore on Sunday to the flea market. It was pretty cold that morning ... I ended up in pants, yes, pants again!  ... cardi: H&M // pants: H&M // vintage belt: flea market // vintage lace up boots: Ebay // sterling bow brooch: flea market // midcentury hat: thrifted (3,50€) // tooled leather purse: thrifted ...

those pants are the red-ish/brown/copper version of the black pants I wore a few days ago (here)... When I look at this outfit now, it reminds me on a hunter .... Hahaha, maybe this is not that wrong. Going on a flea market means treasure hunt to me.

Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Office Girl ... Guitars and Umbrellas

Guitar ... cardi: H&M // 50s dress: Made in Berlin store // vintage belt: hand me down // shoes: New Yorker // 50s purse: flea market // 50s-60s souvenir pin: Ebay ...

Umbrella ... repro 50s sweater: Sugarshock // novelty print 50s skirt: Made in Berlin Store // belt: thridted // shoes: Caprise // 50s souvenir pin: flea market ... for sure there was a purse too ... that simply didn't made it in the picture ...

I'm so behind posting outfits, that I already started to through posts away ... Here are some more office looks before they get lost ...

Montag, 16. März 2015

Share-In-Style: Yellow And Clouds

Grin the dark clouds from the sky ... this is what I did on last Saturday ... cardi: H&M // 50s-60s dress: Ebay // vintage belt: thrifted // vintage shoes: flea market // vintage tooled purse: thrifted // amber 60s ear clips: from my granny ...

Sadly I wasn't that successful to ban the clouds from the sky with a big evil grin ... But I wore a sunny yellow dress, which is perfect for today's 
over at Mis Papelicos 
check out and share!

Freitag, 13. März 2015


This is what I wore last sunday to stroll over the flea market around the corner ... probably 90s does 40s dress: colours/kleidermarkt // tights: C&A (yes, they have a run ... grrrrh) // shoes: Deichmann // 50s wicker purse: flea market Boxhagener Platz, Berlin // 90s does 40s straw hat: flea market ... this new to me wicker/leather 50s purse I snapped up the flea market at Arkona Platz, Berlin. Yeah to green details!

I made a strange experience on past sunday ... 
It was the first day of spring this year and I felt like celebrating the nice weather with getting all dolled up for the flea market  ... and I felt happy.  As many other vintage enthusiasts I'm kind of used to that people stop and stare. This sunday it was special ... quite a lot of people (tourists - flea markets here are filled with tourists) started to take photos of me without asking if it is ok. This really made me mad after a while! Probably this is part of the deal when you are the only clown in the circus ... Thanks to the nice french couple who asked nicely if they could take a picture (the were the only ones that asked). Hahaha, it was so strange to pose with strangers - but it made them happy and it was fun.
Now the next weekend is here and we are planning our new flea market visits ... this time I feel like going to an market in the outskirts of Berlin ... means less tourists and less cameras.