Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

A Tip Of Green ...

What I wore to last sunday's flea market stroll ... 50s dress: Colours Store // 50s velvet jacket: Humana Thrift Shop // 90s does 50s boots: thrifted // 50s hat: Rocking Chair Store, Berlin Friedrichshain // vitnage purse: Arkona Platz Flea Market

Montag, 1. Februar 2016

The Leopard And The Toad

What I wore last Friday for my first stroll out after a week in bed with fever ... early 50s blazer: flea market // top: h&m // 40s-50s skirt: Made in Berlin Shop // vintage belt: came with a skirt // 90s boots: a vintage shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg // 50s-60s leapard faux fur purse: Mankii Vintage // 50s hat: thrifted // birds family sweater safer pin: flea market

Some of you might know, that I like to call this skirt 'the toad'. I can't help it, when I look at this skirt I have to think of the skin of a slimy huge toad.  ...and what was I thinking to pair my leopard purse with the toad?! Strange mix but it works ...

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Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

Ms Falcon's Lost December On Instagram

Somehow I had some troubel with my mobile and suddenly Instagram stopped saving my pictures on my android - so I wasn't able to get my hands on some of my Instagram pics and transfer them to the computer ... New SD card and it works again. So there are just a few -late- pictures from December ... for those who don't have IG.

Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2016

Inspiration From The Past // Winter 1954

I haven't done this for a while, so I'm happy to share some beautiful wintery fashion inspirations from a German sewing magazine from the mid 1950s. The casual plaid outfits and the looks with leopard spotted details are my favourites - outfits I would totally take for a spin. The wiggle costume made from lace with a little fur trim is absolutly stellar, nothing I would leave the house with, but absolutely adorable!!!
Do you spot any favourites here?

Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

What's New On GoodyGoodyBerlin ...

1950s Studded Leather Purse ... so rockabilly!
Woolen 50s Jacket with fur trim | Size S-M
Size S-M | Italian Holiday Novelty Print Skirt
Coming Today ... 1950s Summer City Novelty Print Skirt | Size M
50s-60s Wool blend Dress In Red | Size M-L
SOLD in 30 Seconds ...
Corduroy 50s-60s Purse with wooden Handle
Wool Dress Late 50s, perfect for colder days | Size S
Adorable 1950s Velvet Wiggle Dress | Size S
1960s Suede Shoes | Size 38
1950s super soft Leather Purse
ArtDeco Powder Box | Never used
Cute1930s Velvet Purse with Bakelite Closure
This Post was actualle written quite a while ago ... I added some fresh items to it and had to add the SOLD letters to some other beautiful pieces ...
If you like some pieces, it would be a pleasure to meet you over in my little Etsy shop

If you are in Berlin, you are welcome to ask for a personal shop appointment ...

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2016

Vintage Snow Survival

This is what I wore during the snowy days last week ... Coat: Miss Candyfloss // warm late 60s dress: flea market // belt: thrifted // 70s wedge boots: flea market // 50s purse: flea market // 50s-60s brooch: eBay  ...

Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

Vintage Experiences ... Steaming Might Help

What I wore to work a couple of days ago ... 50s wool dress: flea market, from a friend // belt: thrifted // modern vintage boots: eBay // 50s purse: flea market // 50s hat: Made In Berlin, Vintage Store // 50s-60s novelty brooch: eBay // vintage gloves: thrifted ...

Those who follow me on Instagram might know how excited I was, when I snatched up this dress from a vintage loving friend selling it on Mauerpark Flea Market a few months ago. After I wore it the first time, I decided to give it a full bath - often I give vintage dresses just a little underarm wash, to safe the fabric. My friend told me, that I could give it a cold handwash. This is what I did, I soaked it for a short while in the ice cold bathtub. When I took it out, I felt an even colder shock running through my veins ... the dress had turned into a short minidress/top thingy. I was about crying, I really thought it was ruined. 
As I learned from rayon dresses, I decided a few days later to steam it. It took me three long steaming sessions - but the dress is fully back! It's as long as I got it (which is already short for a 50s dress)  and I'm quite relieved and happy.
If something happens to one of your pieces, remember not to steam it as long as it's still wet, the garment has to be dry to grow back into it's former shape.