Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Gingham And Cherries

this is what i wore on the way to work on a colder day ... early 60s coat (not pictured) // 50s dress: colours store // belt: mango // shoes deichmann // 50s-60s purse: flea market // 50s hat: flea market (1€) // wooden vintage cherrie broooch: flea market ... oh, here i wear a thiumph classic line bra under the dress. i think, you really see the difference - but sadly i can wear it just with a few outfits, because this model you can just get in white ... but it's super comfy.

this is my other b/w gingham dress ... i wore it on a little warmer day last week ... shrug: primark // 50s dress: wowsville flea market // belt: primark //  shoes:clarks // early 50s bag: ebay // fakealite bamgles: flea markets ... and the cherry brooch again ... i could wear it every day!

Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Inspirations From The Past: Winter/Fall 1953-54

i haven't posted pictures from a magazine for a while ... i bought this winter fashion issue in early spring this year and i didn't felt like a wintery fashion post would be very inspiring in march. Now is the right time, i think. fall is almost here - no, it is here. if we like to or not, we have to think about warming coats and woolen fabrics ... i hope you enjoy the inspirations from winter 1953/54. the magazine must have been something super special, in this time 3DM was a lot of money ...
...there will be some more inspirations ...-posts soon, this magazine is quite big!

Samstag, 13. September 2014

The Ladybug-Luck-Shrug

... 50s linen shrug: flowmarkt, berlin // top: h&m // 50s skirt: colours store // belt: primark // peep toes: super old new yorker // early 50s purse: ebay // 50s hat: flowmarkt ...

when i bought this cute little shrug on the flea market, the friend of the seller told me that this is 'the ladybug-luck-shrug'! wow, what a lovely piece with an even better importance ... i need a lot of luck. the past weeks had been pretty hard on us ... so a ladybug luck shrug is really what i need!

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Cape Me

this is what i wore on the way to work ... cape and hat ... 50s fake fur cape: flea market // mexx knit top: thrifted // 50s skirt: made in berlin store // belt: mango // shoes: clarks // early 50s purse: ebay // 50s hat: ebay ...

the past days i play around with work appropriate hairdos i can wear with hats ... so i can make my way to work and back more fashionable and fun. sadly i found out again, that i mostly own just black hats ... i need some more colours on my head!

( i heard a nirvana song in my head, when i wrote the words of the header ... how is this song called originally?)

Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Grapes & Wine


this is what i wore to sunday's flea market ... 50s blouse: delight vintage, wiesbaden // 50s skirt: colours, berlin // vintage belt: came with a skirt // shoes: deichmann // grey little 50s hat: thrifted (2€) // bag: flea market // grapes & wine souvenir brooch: ebay // bamboo & fake bamboo bagnles: thrifted and flea markets

as a girl that comes from the wine country i felt like wearing my grapes and wine glass brooch today ... the colour of it goes perfectly with my yellow rose skirt. ...ja, and i had the chance to wear my new little hat for the first time. i bought it ack in july ... sadly the weather was so humid on sunday that the curls were already gone when i took these pictures .... it's more a 'rest-hair do'.

Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Went To The Flea Market Today ...


i went to the flea market this morning ... it almost felt like july again. it was super humid and pretty hot ... andof course i spotted some nice things that came home with me! my favourite bargain is this little red 50s shrug made from linen and the white 50s blouse with these lovely rose embroidery. then i found a brown and beige gingham skirt, a black 50s blouse with long sleaves, a simple 50s hat, a vintage basket (for storage), a crazy east german purse, a fruity vanity bag and fun ear clips. sadly i had to find out at home, that the glamouros grey wiggle dress from the early 60s doesn't fit me ... like always. it's too tight around my bum. bummer! ... oh, not to forget about the lovely lucky strike metal sign. i 'm never able to resist jean harlow. all in all i spent today less than 30€. (sorry for the bad pictures, but the man had the new one with him ...)

did you find anything on the flea market recently?

Samstag, 6. September 2014

The Crazy Cat Lady

kitty, kitty, kitty ... i wore the kitties to work, because of that i teamed it simple with just black pieces on top ... cardi: thrifted // top: new yorker // 50s skirt: flowmarkt, neukoelln, berlin // belt: primark //  shoes: clarks // 50s necklace: thrifted in the usa ... can't wait to wear this skirt with my turquoise cardi, the teal cardi or the grey cardi ... or maybe striped top.

here it is, the playing kitten skirt i told you about in the last post. isn't it cute, fun and a little crazy at the same time? it's not just the great novelty print i like about this skirt ... this piece is made from warm flannel like fabric, so i can sport it in wintertime as well. But for sure i will shorten it about 5-6cm (tuck in, no cutting), it is far to long for me ...