Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

Big Frog



some weeks ago i wore my so called toad skirt for a dinner with my family ... top: tailly wejll // 50s skirt: made in berlin // belt: super old h&m // shoes: deichmann // early 60s bag & 50s flower pin: ebay // 50s necklace: thrifted in the usa // bangles: flea market ... also pictures the springy decoration in our bed room ...

i call this skirt toad, because the print reminds me of the skin of a big frog ... have a happy easter weekend!

Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Office Girl ... It's All About The Details

when i look at these pictures, i have to say ... i like this look ... blazer: c&a (gift from my mum) // top: h&m // vintage skirt: from my granny // belt: came with a vintage skirt // shoes: deichmann // vintage petit point bag: flea market // celluloid brooch: thrifted ...

how boring this look could be with out the flowered bag, the tazzle brooch and the two town shoes ...

Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Flea Market Sailor

this is what i wore to the flea market today ... 90s does 40s silk sweater: ebay // vintage sailor pants (suit): veist kleidergeschichten // vintage shoes: ebay // head band/bandana: vintage dead stock from the states // 50s souvenir brooch: ebay // bamboo bangles: thrifted // vintage purse: just found on todays flea market ... look at the see through handles. love them!

this is what i wore to the flea market a couple of weeks ago... comfortable flats and an easy dress with a little sailor twist (one of my favourites these days) ... probably 90s dress: thrifted //  bleyer swing dance shoes: flea market // early 60s hand bag // 50s flower pin: ebay // 50s ear clips: flea market ...

funny to see that i choose several times sailor inspired outfits to go flea market shopping during the past few weeks ... probably it's just because the dress and those sailor pants are so darn comfy ... the perfect choice for getting up early on sunday morning.

Freitag, 11. April 2014

After Work Vintage

to work i wore almost the same look but with a boring black t-shirt ... for having dinner with my family i changed into this 50s top (it shows my tattoo on my back: office knock-out) ... 50s cotton top: wowsville flea market // 90s does 50s skirt: thrifted and recently shortened // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: deichmann // vintage petite point bag: flea market // vintage earings: gifted // brooch: made by me from original 50s artificial deco plants ...

at the office i just wore black in black ... after work i added the brown accessoiries ... my new 50s dress: made in berlin // belt: from istanbul // shoes: some high street store, years ago // 70s bag: flea market // 50s souvenir brooch: ebay ... i haven't used this bag for such a log time. i should take it out more often ...

sorry for the little lack of post and comments but i had some issues with my good old laptop ... looks like i'm back on track now.
... have a great weekend, dear friends!

Montag, 7. April 2014

The Light Blue Flea Market Experience

this is what i wore to yesterday's flea market. it was the first time this year the so called flowmarket at maybachufer took place ... it was a perfect sunny morning. somehow i felt like wearing a lot of fresh blue, probably inspired by the bright springy sky ... 50s-60s coat: ebay // cardi: primark // 50s cotton skirt; made in berlin // belt: from my mum // flats: vagabond // 50s hat: gifted (thanks, thanks, thanks) // 50s fabric flower pin: ebay // straw bag: flea market // bangle: flea market ...
... somehow i got so lost in the blue, that i mostely bought items including this colour ... look what i found ...

... early 60s cotton dress (needs some fixing) // a novelty print box // two pairs of 50s ear clips // a vintage knit cardi // a ship in a bottle (actually my fav find) // ... and 3 pieces of mid century decoration stuff ... i'm pretty happy with my finds - even if i didn't came home with a bag, as i promised in my last post ... lucky husband.

Samstag, 5. April 2014

Bunch Of Bags (The Purse Edition)

white ... left to right, top to bottom ... 60s crochet purse: thrifted // another 60s crotched purse with 50s flower pin: both ebay (it's dirty, once it was white as well. i love to wear it going out at night, without taking care about a white bag ...) // h&m wicker purse: ebay // 50s faux leather purse: flea market (this is the most expensive one out of this little collection) // 50s-60s bead evening purse: thrifted (actually it's far too small for my needs....)

wicker and co. ... top to bottom ... 60s-70s bag: charity shop (haven't used it ... waiting for the summer to come) // my all time favourite round wicker purse: thrifted at oxfam years ago // 60s wicker purse: i recently found it on a flea market ...

colourful leather and petite point/gobeline ... left to right, top to bottom ... black 50s leather bag: ebay (what a steal) // 50s snake skin purse: hand me down from my granny // my fav petite points bag: flea market // brown vintage leather bag: flea market // red 50s purse with a golden bamboo handle: thrifted in the usa (it's far too small but it's so adorable) // tiny petite points purse: flea market // 70s blue leather shopping bag: can't remember ... probably i found it on a flea market a long time ago!

natural coloured wicker bags ... i have a soft spot for wicker and straw purses ... those are the more 'beautiful' ones i don't wear every day ... left to right, top to bottom ... early 60s crochet straw purse: ebay (it's pretty new to my collection. i can't wait to wear it) // also early 60s brown checkered bag: vintage yard sale // the bermuda souvenir bag: thrifted ( i found this one in the beginning of winter last year ... it's another piece waiting for summery outfits) // late 50s green and white wicker purse: vintage yard sale // 50s round red basket purse: vintage yard sale (it's so pretty but i have the feeling it's not ment for me ...) // 50s straw purse: ebay (sadly it's a little brittle. so it will probably end up on my vanity for storage) // 50s purse with 50s flower pins: mauerpark flea market two years ago (this is one of my absolute favs!!!)

last but not least ... my beloved western-riding-horse inspired straw bag from the 80s. i found it like most of my bags on a flea market. sadly i don't use it that much ... hopefully this summer it will come out with me a lot ....

this post was inspired by the six 'show and tell' posts lisa from butterflies and daisys vintage had dedicated to her amazing vintage purse collection some weeks ago. daphne from vixage started a 'show and tell' about her purses too.
most of my boring daily bags didn't made it in the post, because you see them any how ... some weren't bought when i took the pictures ... some others will have an appearience in future posts for sure ... to be true this is actually a small part of my bag mania sitting at home. my man starts crying when he catches me buying a new vintage bag on the flea market. hehehe, it's flea market day tomorrow. i'm ready to hunt some bags down ... heheheeeee.

what about your vintage bag collection, gals?

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Office Girl ... Reproduction Skirts

a fun poppy flower skirt ... luckily my boss loves it ... vintage blazer: found // top: h&m // skirt: hell bunny // vintage belt: came with a skirt // shoes: deichmann // 60s bag: flea market ...

a black skirt for looking more professional one in a while ... knit blazer: old h&m // knit top: thrifted mexx // skirt: rock steady clothing // belt: came with a skirt // shoes: deichman // bag: primark // vintage brooch: flea market ...

to full fill my office wardrobe i got myself a couple of reproduction skirts from top vintage online shop ... some of you might know, that i'm not the biggest fan of repro fashion for several reasons. so i was very excited to try out these skirts ...

the print of the 'red poppy' skirt from hell bunny is absolutely adorable and fits perfectly in my work wardrobe ... but i still struggle with the quality of the little stiff and easily wrinkling cotton. i hope it gets better after washing (and probably ironing for an hour). but hell bunny skirts are fairly priced, so i can go with a not perfect fabric. oh, size 's' is quite big around the waist! 
... my boss totally loved this skirt. so, thumbs up.

the simple black skirt from rock steady turned into one of my fav pieces for work. it fits perfectly, the material is comfortable and nice, it doesn't wrinkle ... and it's perfect to wear with and without a petticoat. i have lots of tops and blouses to combine with. so you will see this piece quite often during the work week ... for sure once in a while with a little 40s od 50s twist.
if i could get this one in blue i would buy it right away.
double thumbs up.

have a great end of the week - and an even better weekend!