Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Office Girl ... Neon Roses

this is what i wore to an office meeting last week ... cardi: primark // top: probably h&m // late 50s cotton skirt: made in berlin store // belt: mango // pointy shoes: primark // braclets: flea markets // 60s bag: flea market ...

this skirt caught my eye a long time ago hanging in the shop, but it needed some fixing and for that 30€ was far, far too much ... i also felt a little unsure about the almost neon green coloured roses  ... but a couple of weeks ago i finally found it hanging in the sale section. i got it for 12€ and my talented tailor fixed it for another 2€ ... crazy!
i can't wait to wear it with light colours next summer ... a long wait, i know. but i always wait for summer.

Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2014

Vintage Shopping In Berlin // Part I

hey, dear friends out there ... in the past months i was asked by several people to do a little vintage shopping guide about berlin. today i start with the first two shops ...



all pictures from their facebook

Veist Kleidergeschichten is one of my favourite vintage shops here in berlin, neukoelln. veist is not just about midcentury fashion, you might find there mostly, what i call 'in fashion' vintage (boheme, 80s, 90s, designer pieces, ...) and just a little mid century pieces once in a while ... every single piece is hand picked by the wonderful and awsome ladies working there. they really have a special eye for style and design, wonderful fabrics like silk and cashmere ... some of the clothes are telling their little story from the past on the prize tag. don't we all want to know where our vintage clothes come from?
veist is a consignement shop ... and i love to bring clothes there to sell. so maybe you will find one of your favourite pieces out of my collection there ...
all in all it's always a big fun to pop by this shop, the ladies of veist are smart, fun and ever so lovely - even if they are busy as hell!

 the little fake fur jacket from the 50s is the first piece i ever purchased at veist, the red felt hat is the latest - but won't be the last for sure.

those pants belong to one of my best vintage buys ever: my highly beloved vintage sailor suit made from silk and crepe. from whatever era but found at veist! 
Schwarze Truhe

pictures from their facebook
some of you might know schwarze truhe as an online shop from ebay ... i have to be true, i was never that much into the pieces they have online but i really like to recommend the shop as a shop. in 2012 schwarze truhe was still in their old location, a tiny place in berlin alt-treptow filled with treasures from all around the midcentury. it was so full, that it was hard to go through the racks ... but i found my first 40s dress back then (see below). this year they moved a house to the right, into a bigger and brighter place. now you have enough space to go through the 40s and 50s rail, the pre 40s rail, the 60s and 70s section  - or to get your hands on one of the retro dresses from lindy bop  ...

floral 40s dress found in 2012 at schwarze truhe ...

 found this 50s-60s number this summer at schwarze truhe. big love - even if i look a little skepitcal in this picture!

stay tuned ... for part II  - and more shops

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Name A Favourite Print

what i wore to a tiny flea market in the neighbourhood on sunday ... top: ... princess coat: turkish fashion shop here in berlin // knit top: sugar shock // 50s skirt: made in berlin shop // shoes: from my mum // wicker purse: mauer park flohmarkt, berlin // silk vintage head scarf: flea market ... (the suitcase from the 50s-60s i found today. it needs to be cleaned badly). ... what i changed into after to meet some friends ... bottom: ... shoes: deichmann // 50s leather purse: from last weeks flea market in frankfurt.

this post is linked to share-in-style: favourite prints.
my favourite print?! actually i have to say i love all kind of prints ... but for sure mid century novelty prints are my favourites for a while. they might come in very various ways ... my beloved violin skirt stands for all the lovely, crazy and fun prints out there.

Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Pumpkin Girl

this is what i wore to work, when there was no one then me ... 50s-60s dress: ebay // belt: h&m // shoes: primark // 50s wicker purse: flea market // bracelets: flea markets ...

this dress drives me crazy! it has almost the best fit and cut for my figure, it fits almost perfectly - but i barely ever wear it. why?! bright orange. the brightest oraaaaaaange ever! OOOOOOORRAAAAANGEEEE!i said this before: it has the same colour like german garbageman wear ... do i love it or hate it ?
...but thanks to chronically vintage, jessica's recent post gave this dress a new name: pumpkin dress!

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Say 'Yes'

... 50s cotton dress: lucky dry goods, seattle // shoes: clarks // 50s hat: thrifted in the usa // 50s necklace: thrifted in the usa // 60s ear clips: flea market // vintage bracelet: flea market // 60s crochet bag: ebay ... (all pictures taken by the man)

this is what i wore to dear friends' wedding past saturday ... i ended up wearing some of my fav-fav-fav- favourite pieces ever ... dress, hat, necklace, shoes and ear clips i could love and wear to tiny little pieces ...but especially the dress i try to safe for more special occanssions. what could be better as a wedding!
to set my hair i used soft rollers the first time ever and i actually liked the result. they are pretty ok to sleep on ...
the pictures are taken still at my mum's house and sourrounding ... sadly there are almost no pictures of the actual wedding and i don't have a picture of the married couple by now ... i was so busy with swooning over the beautiful bride and chatting with old friends, that i totally forgot to take photos ...

Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Dirty Black Summer ...

dirty black summer? call it fall! ... 50s fitted blazer: flea market // shrug: primark // 50s cotton dress: ebay // viontage belt: came with a skirt // 60s patent leather bag: flea market // 50s hat: flea market // booties: clarks

this is what i wore some day last week, when it was pretty icky and cold out - but it was the perfect day to wear my brand new chorus spirit booties from clarks. they aren't that cheap but super comfy and they go so well with a vintage style. i already got the summer version of the chorus, for sure you saw them several times here on the blog.

the past weekend i spent in the south again ... we went to a wedding of looooovely friends (outfit post is coming up soon) and we checked out three flea markets in my home area. all in all this time fea market shopping wasn't that but i found the best 50s hat ever ... coming up soon for sure ... i hope, i will find more time for blogging soon ... i'm pretty busy with everything.

here is my earworm since i wore this darkish outfit

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut ... September

getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut .... heute mal auf deutsch ... geht dann doch doppelt so schnell. eigentlich wären meine beste fundstücke die 4 vintage brillengestelle gewesen, doch ich konnte sie nicht zurück halten - oder ich konnte mich nicht zurück halten, sie zu posten. ... somit dürfen nun mein wundervoller roter 50er hut, den ich in einem meiner liebdten vintage-läden hier in berlin gekauft habe und mein 50er/60er handtaschen-korb vom vergangenen sonntags flohmarkt mit machen.
den rotenhut habe ich entdeckt, als ich 'abgelegte' kleidungstücke zu veist kleidergeschichten gebracht habe. eine andere kundin hat den kleinen roten kerl für geschlagene 25 minuten in ihren händen herum getragen - bis sie ihn weglegte, um eines meiner kleider anzuprobieren. das kleid von mir hat sie gekauft, den hut hat sie mir gelassen. yippieh!
das große korbtäschchen habe ich am sonntag auf dem mauerpark flohmarkt entdeckt. eigentlich waren wir zum verkaufen dort ... doch hier in berlin ist am frühen morgen mit klamotten kein geld zu machen, so bin ich mal die anderen stände angucken gegangen ... irgendwo zwischen high street klamotten sah ich das alte körbchen sitzen ... da ich selbst noch kein geld eingenommen hatte, gab mir die verkäuferin es für die hälfte ihres gewünschten preises. so nun muss ich bis zum nächsten sommer warten bis ich es ausführen kann ... aber den roten hut durftet ihr ja schon an mir bewundern (hier).

geht mal schauen, was die anderen trödler und trödlerettes in den letzten wochen gefunden haben ...