Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Waiting For Spring

this was shot before the virus put me into bed for ten days ... look at my new sun dress paired with quite a lot black to make it work in cold days ... cardi: primark // 50s cotton dress: made in berlin store // my everyday belt: mango // booties: clarks // 60s patent leather bag: flea market // 50s-60s novelty brooch: flea market ...

i love this abstract floral print of this dress so much. can't wait to wear it in spring ... paired with white and yellow accessoiries ... aaaaaaah, spring! ...ok, this might be still a way to go, when i see the little snow outside ...

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Inspirations From The Past // 1944

it's time for some new inspirations from the past ... 1944 - a magazine from the late years of WWII. the topics of this issue are all about creating new clothes from old garments, patterns that need just a little fabric and designs, especially made for two different fabrics and scraps...
isn't it interesting to see, that finally the shortage of resources had changed the face of this magazine? earlier magazines were quite full with colourful fashion prints (here, here, here) - it went to just black, red and green. ... but, it was still there. between bombings, burned down homes, killed family members - there was still a sewing magazine.

my dear friend jessica from chronically vintage wrote in one of  her past comments on my blog, that she had read about ... that in WWII .... exceedingly few of the garments in their fashion magazines during the time were actually available and that that these magazines were more like propaganda tools unto themselves to keep up the appearances of society operating like usual in some respects. she also asked me, if i think there is truth in this case. yes, i'm pretty sure there is truth in this statement. the nazi propaganda machine in this time was still big and constantly working ... but i have to say, that i have never found a fashion magazine from this era - just sewing/handy craft magazines!

the bombings of the bigger german cities got more intense in 1944, people/women spent a lot of their time waiting in air raid shelters or the cellers of their houses during the alerts fearing death. i remember that my granny once told me, that next to talking about food, chatting about clothes or "where to get a scarf, a pair of shoes, a piece of fabric, an old coat or whatever ... and what to create ou of it" was a big topic.  
she also told me, once she had to stand in line for an entire day and night to get a ration card for a pair of shoes. then when she was lucky to get a card, she had to spend another day waiting in line to get shoes. sometimes the little wooden booth was already almost empty, when it was her turn to run in. she actually didn't have the time to look at size, material or style of the shoe - she had to grab a pair before someone else could grab it! but the young teenage lady she was, had always a good and fast eye for fancy pieces. she came home with a tiny pair of beautiful brown snake skin pumps. i hope, her feet were tiny enough for those ...

whatever women went trough in these times, keeping a nice and neat appearance seemed to be quite important ... don't we still know today, that dressing up makes us feel better on bad days.

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Winter Sailor

finally i wore my woolen original vintage sailor pants ... 50s-60s jacket: ebay // top: primark // vintage navy pants: flea market // shoes: deichmann // beret: flea market // vintage souvenir brooch: ebay // before WWII necklace: christmas gift  ... i have to announce, woolen pants are quite itchy, damn!

the necklace i got from my granny as a christmas present this year (yes, she is still here. who would have thought that). it was a hand me down from her mother, who got this years before WWII started. so it must be from the 30s.

i already wrote this post days ago ... probably on the past weekend. then a super mean virus hit my man and then past wendesday i found myself at the doctor with high fever, shivers, hurting skin and a pinched nerve in my back! i never felt that miserable before!
after four days with high fever today is the first without (knock on wood). this virus is pure torture ... and yesterday i even missed the 20s cabaret play i was really looking for to see ....
for sure it will take some days till i'm back on the track - but one ready made post is still waiting anyhow.

hopefully you all out there stay healthy and safe!

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Office Girl ... High Street

sometimes i end up wearing not only one vintage garment - just pieces from high street stores. like this morning past work week ... beaded knit top: primark // skirt: promod // belt: mango // lace up boots: old buffalo ...oh, but the thermo set earclips are vintage and found on a flea market ...

the last post i talked about vintage vs. modern (repro) fashion ... funny that i had this NO-vintage-item outfit still in the pipeline waiting to get posted. this skirt i bought for 11€ on sale after my boss told me that he wants to grade up my job in the future and give me some more official functions. i think, it is a good mix of looking professional and vintage vibe. (... i see it working perfectly mixed with other prints ... less professional - more fun). the beaded knit top i found before christmas ... i liked it, because it goes well with a lot of my vintage skirts. blahblahblah, sometimes i like to buynew fashion pieces ... but i snap them up when they are fairly priced or on sale ... the quality is mostly a little 'meeeeeh' - but in the end i didn't spend a lot of €uros on a full plastic pullover because it just looks like it's from 1956.
i don't give up - i'm still waiting for the repro label that makes me happy and that is affordable. (thumps up for my rock steady clothing skirt - after  a year rocking hard the office, it's still in a good condition)

thank you girls for your interesting comments on the vintage vs. modern post. i always enjoy to read about your experiences ....

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

Modern vs. Vintage

this is what i wore to today's stroll over the two flea markets in the new neighbourhood. leopard spots on the coat and abstract dots on the dress ... new coat: miss candyfloss // early 50s waffle pique dress: mauer park flea market (from the lady from glencheck store berlin) // cardi: h&m // vintage belt: thrifted // boots: flea market // 40s-50s purse: flea market // vintage hat: thrifted // 60s gloves: thrifted // 50s-60s novelty pin: ebay ...

sadly the birthday hubby is sick, so i had to visit the flea markets on my own ... and had to leave the mourning birthday man at home. a few nice things crossed my way and i took them home. propably you will see them soon ...

i got this miss candyfloss coat from top vintage, when it was on 50% off last week. i like the designs of  miss candyfloss but never dared to purchase a piece before. i have to say, i still struggle a little bit with this coat. i really like the design and fit but i was a little dissapionted when i notices the materials ... so vintage the design - so modern the fabrics. the coat is made from fleece and the leopard fur doesn't seem to be too great quality. i'm fine for spending almost a 100€ on it but i would have been sad paying the original price (double)!
i'm eyeing with some dresses for a while now ... even if i prefer true vintage clothes and great old fashioned satorial work to modern materials, i like to have something easy to clean once in a while ... what is your experience with miss candyfloss?

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if you have a warm faux fur collar you don't need a scarf ....

Freitag, 16. Januar 2015

Living Room

here are some pictures of the new flat. ... actually from our living room, which is still quite unfinshed and furniture still moves around almost every day looking for the perfect spot to stay ... but we and our precious new and old vintage pieces get slowly settled ... soon we might think of putting pictures on the wall.

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Office Girl ... Favourite Skirt

this is what i wore earlier this week to work ... cardi: primark // blouse: orsay // 50s skirt: made in berlin store // belt: mango // vintage boots: ebay // bag: old primark // mid century sweater clip: antique mall in the usa /// beret: flea market ...

... once again, i can't wait for more light ... i'm tired of blurry pictures ...