Samstag, 19. November 2016

Steaming Surprise

1940a shrug: Fräullein Anders Shop, Berlin // 40s dress: Kleidermarkt // shoes: modern, flea market // repro clam shell purse: Original Crochet-by-Q // 40s tilt hat: thrifted in the USA

A few weeks ago I purchased this dress at one of my Berlin vintage bargain honey holes ... I was already a little roomy when I tried it on ... But I thought it was ok. I especially liked that the spots aren't white but slightly red ... You can't see this in the photos.
Whatever, I took it home and the other day, I turned this wrinkled little ball it was, into a dress. Well surprise, through steaming the dress got almost a size bigger and 10 cm longer.  I still like it ... what do you think?!


Tanith hat gesagt…

It looks good to me! And such a lovely fabric and shape. A keeper for sure.

Janey hat gesagt…

The dress is darling! As is that jacket! And your purse is nothing short of spectacular.

Very interesting about it steaming out that way!


The Style Crone hat gesagt…

Your beautiful tilt hat and shrug look wonderful paired with your dress. Thank you for participating in Hat Attack!