Samstag, 19. November 2016

Steaming Surprise

1940a shrug: Fräullein Anders Shop, Berlin // 40s dress: Kleidermarkt // shoes: modern, flea market // repro clam shell purse: Original Crochet-by-Q // 40s tilt hat: thrifted in the USA

A few weeks ago I purchased this dress at one of my Berlin vintage bargain honey holes ... I was already a little roomy when I tried it on ... But I thought it was ok. I especially liked that the spots aren't white but slightly red ... You can't see this in the photos.
Whatever, I took it home and the other day, I turned this wrinkled little ball it was, into a dress. Well surprise, through steaming the dress got almost a size bigger and 10 cm longer.  I still like it ... what do you think?!

Sonntag, 13. November 2016


What I wore to the flea market a few weeks ago ... 50s blazer: thrifted in the USA // 50s dress: Lucky Dry Goods: Seattle // 90s booties: thrifted // 50s-60s purse: eBay // 40s-50s hat: bought from a friend ...

I'm so sorry for my absence from blogging and reading blogs. The past weeks, no, months I got more and more into reading news websites and political articles ... My vintage lusts I feed through Instagram right now. The huge changes the world as we know it is going through is eating up a lot of my interest right now ... hopefully I will be back reading more blogs just for fun and joy of vintage fashion but right now I have the feeling I need to be informed with the mostly sad news of this world we live in. Maybe the election in the US is over but the big German elections in Germany are coming in 2017 ... and a new right winged party that is as terrifiyng as President-elect Trump, that scares the hell out of me ... I don't want this place to be a political blog, so I don't go  ....
I will be still here posting outfits for now.

Dienstag, 8. November 2016

The 1940s Does 1990s Dress

1940s coat: flea market // 40s silk dress: Kleidermarkt Berlin // vintage gobelin purse: flea market // shoes: Clarks // 40s hat: Goodwill ...

Almost a month ago I came across this handmade pale pink 40s dress. I struggled with it right away but I also fell strangely in love with it ... It's made from silk, I love the black and grey print, I love it's simplicity ... But  - hahahaaaahahaaaa - why does it look like a dress from the 90s on me?! Doesn't it? What do you think?!