Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Living In A Box

... blouse: thrifted // dress: oh boy! from brasil // belt: flea market // sandals: from rio de janeiro // vintage bag: flea market // heart necklace: flea market // bracelet: thrifted
... top: c&a // pleated skirt: vinatge ebay // shoes: siemes schuhcenter // bag: from last sundays flea market // necklace: vintage
... hairdresser ... blouse: h&m // vintage pants: thrifted // belt: thrifted // wedges: siemes schuhcenter // vintage bag: aigner, flea market

now, most of my clothes are packed in big bags and several boxes ready to move to another city.... on saturday my best friend and i will bring my closet to my new flat. the first time - till my nice new home will get finished - i will sleep in another flat. my clothes will be in three different places then, some at the old home, some in the new one and those for work somewhere in between... sounds like outfit-chaos to me!

I don't know, if there will be enough time for fashionable outfits during the next weeks or enough time for shooting them... we'll see.

still some days left...

Sonntag, 22. August 2010

The Future Is Now

pleated again ... blouse: thrifted // pants: zara // blet: h&m // booties: primark // bag: fle market // barelet: gifted
dancing skirt ... top: old h&m // skirt: flea market // belt: flea market // shoes: sisters // petit piont bag: flea market //necklace & earrings: flea market
simply striped ... dress: vintage ebay, shortend // belt: flea market // bag: american apparel // shoes: blue velvet // bracelet: vintage

Tomorrow is monday... tomorrow starts the last week of my old life.

i told you, that i feel quite sad and confused these past weeks. so what is it all about...?!

in september i start a new full-time job. that's a great thing - and i'm really, really proud to got this challenging employment. this means an amazing chance for my future... sounds great, doesn't it?! why am i crying my eyes out?!

the confusing thing about this job is the city. i have to move to another town... i have to leave my friends, family and boyfriend behind. i really feel so distressed about being without my lovelys all day... during the workingweek...

... but there's still one week left to show you some pictures of me in my lovely not-too-beautiful backyard.

Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Hairdo Missing

inspired by the 50s ... top: louis féraud, flea market // skirt: vintage // belt: thrifted // neutral shoes: siemes schuhcenter // bag: thrifted // necklace & bracelet: flea market
again ... dress: primark // belt: h&m // shoes: new yorker // bag: thrifted // earrings: schmuckrausch // necklace : vintage ebay //bracelets: thrifted, flea market, gifted
reminds me of the 50s again and again ... dress: vintage ebay // belt: flea market // blush leather bag: flea market // wedges: c&a
when i saw me wearing these dresses while looking through this weeks shots i really missed some 50s hairdo on my awful bore head....

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Short Short Girl ...

my fav shorts ... lace top: primark // denim jacket: h&m // shorts: new yorker // belt: flea market, frankfurt saalbau // wedge booties: primark // bag: flea market, saalbau frankfurt // necklace: vintage // ring: from my granny
lässisch ... casual shorts ... denim shirt: h&m men // singlet: kaufhof underwear // shorts: new yorker // belt: aigner vintage // strap sandals: vagabond // fringe bag: c&a
last weekend's flea market finds ... ... ...

Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New

one of those things that keep me very buisy these days is our fashion flea market taking place at 12. septembre. as you know, i do live in germany ... most of you, dear readers, don't even live on the same continent sadly! because of that reason this post is mostly written in german to reach all those girls around the city of darmstadt to be part of our fashion flea market.
letzten september haben wir erfolgreich und mit viel spass unseren ersten klamottenflohmarkt veranstaltet.
nun wird es endlich, ein ganzes jahr später eine zweite version von kleider machen beute in einer neuen location aber wieder mit viel vintage- und thrift-mode/accessoires und schmuck geben.
meine mädels (wir sind profan!) und ich freuen uns euch auf unserem kleinen fashionevent in der bessunger knabenschule in darmstadt begrüssen zu dürfen... egal ob zum kaufen, musik hören, verkaufen oder einfach zum kuchen essen und nette leute treffen...

Sonntag, 8. August 2010

Pleated Pants

1. pleated pants ... kimono jacket/blouse: vintage ebay kimono, shortend by myself// top: h&m // pants: zara // belt: flea market, some years ago // fringe sandals: from rio de janeiro // bag: vintage, from rome // necklace: vintage // bracelets: from india and vintage
2. pleated pants ... blazer: flea market and altered // blush striped tee: h&m // pants: flea market // belt: thrifted // wedges: c&a // necklace: vintage ebay

thank you so much for your lovely comments... they mean a lot to me in those troubled times. i'm feeling a little better today... but things will need a long long time to get back to daily routine...

Montag, 2. August 2010

Two In One ... Blue Skort

lovely skort - not a skirt ... vintage blouse: thrifted // skort: thifted (bought it last year...) // bag: thrifted // shoes: siemes schuhcenter
go professional - skort again ... blazer: h&m // top h&m // skort: thrifted // blue boots: flea market // bag: flea market //silk scarf: thrifted // bracelet: vintage // cameo: flea market

I'm so sorry for my absence from blogging... there are a lot of things going on in my life, wich are confusing so much. those occasions are eating up all my thoughts and happyness. not everything about those things are absolutly bad... some of them could turn into something good ...

thanks to my darling girls - and my mum of course - for making my birthday a lovely little party during those tearfull days!