Sonntag, 29. November 2015

A Couple Of Weeks Ago ...

This is what I wore a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday when it was still quite warm ... early 50s jacket: flea market // 50s repro sweater: flea market, label sugar shock // 50s cotton skirt: Arkona Platz flea market // shoes: modern, gift from my mum //  vintage tooled leather purse: Mauerpark Flea market ...

Dienstag, 24. November 2015

True Is The Blue

What I wore past friday ... my new to me 40s blazer: Class of Berlin Store // top: modern // pants: H&M // two tone swing dance shoes: flea market // vintage tooled purse: Mauerpark flea market // beret: flea market // amber brooch: flea market

This blazer/suit jacket was on my mind for 6 weeks before I bought it. I was so unsure about it, because like 85% of vintage jackets it has a little underarm odore. A very little one ... And they wanted 60€ for it ... 
After buying a 'replacement' jacket on the flea market, which was far to big for me in the end ... I ran back to the shop and got this blazer for10€ off - after flirting and bargaining with the shop guy. For those 10 € I bought two boxes of sweat pads, those are pretty helpful, if you have a slight underam smell in old garments. 

More about sweat pads and other little helpers on "How to deal with / How to remove underarm smell" hopefulle soon here on this blog.

Samstag, 21. November 2015

The Whale And The Bathrobe


What I wore today to short trip to Fleamarket at Rathaus Schöneberg ... early 50s coat: thrifted // warm late 50s dress: Made In Berlin/Kleidermarkt Store // vitnage belt: thrifted // 90s für boots: thrifted // 50s purse: flea market // 40s-50s hat: flea market, bought from a friend's collection // 50s (pobably) bakelite ear clips: flea market // 60s gloves: thrifted

A whale? A bathrobe? ... I bought this warm and thick winterdress a couple weeks ago. When I told a friend that I found a super warm wintery and fun striped dress ... 'maybe this dress is not super flattering, I felt like a little striped whale in it, when I tried it on. The fabric is soooo thick'. She remembered it right away! ....  She gave it a chance too and actually really liked it, but the shop lady (who is a friend of her's) talked her out of it by telling her, 'it looks like an old bathrobe'. So I was the lucky one to purchase the first ever seen whale bathrobe. I have to say, in the end, I really like it on me and this piece is the perfect dress for the freezing season ... which should hit Berlin latest by tomorrow. Awaiting the first snow.

Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

Hahnentritt - Houndstooth

This is what I wore under the coat, the day I was told that I dress like Eva Braun ... 50s cotton dress: eBay // vintage snake skin belt: from my granny/mum (double handme down) // modern shoes: flea market // vintage purse flea market // late 40s hat: Rocking Chair Vintage shop, Berlin

I'm so exhausted from my day job ... so I keep it short. Till next time ...

Sonntag, 8. November 2015

Quote Of The Year

Traditional turkish coat does 50s: Belma, Berlin-Neukölln // 40s felt hat: Rocking Chair Shop, Berlin Friedrichshain // vitnage purse: flea market // modern shoes: flea market ...

Aren't vintage enthusiasts used to it to hear funny things about our outfits?! Especially on Halloween or Carnival I can't await to get out to hear things like 'how beautiful my costume looks' or questions like 'is your hair a wig?'.
I was awaiting everything - when I went out with my man to check out the flea market at Rathaus Schöneberg/Berlin past Saturday.  No, no quotes about Halloween or a Halloween costume at all... I almost got excited .... until a couple stopped me, asking 'if this is a 40s style?'
me: 'Yes, kind of...'
she: 'Oh, you look absolutely adorable! I just told my husband: Look there is Eva Braun walking!'
me: (Shock!!!!)
me: 'Well, I don't know, if this is the character I want to be compared with ....'
she: 'Oh, no I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like this ... But her name is the only one people know from this era ....'
me: 'I know many more ...'
she: ' Oh, no, really, I'm so sorry ... but for sure she was a nice person besides her love for ...'
Then her husband (totally embarrased) dragged her away, wispering: 'Sorry!'

Well, well, well ... Quote of the day. No, this was the quote of the year, so far!

Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

Falling Appart

What I wore to the flea market a couple of weeks ago ... early 50s jacket: flea market // vitnage sweater: Resales, thrift shop // pants: H&M // 90s shoes: flea market // 50s purse: flea market // 50s hat: eBay

The titel of this post sounds so dramatic but it's all about the curls ... My hair did a great job surviving the strong Berlin wind the whole day, when I came home to take pictures ... The curls totally fell apart. Sorry I look quite fuzzy here ...

Before we left, I took a fast Instagram shot ... with proper curled hair ...

Sonntag, 1. November 2015

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut ... Schon wieder ein Hut

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut ... Oh Graus, da war es schon wieder November und die Outdoor-Flohmarkt-Saison neigt sich bald dem bitter kalten Ende zu ... Glücklicherweise war der Oktober recht mild und erfreute uns mit einigen sonnigen Herbstwochenenden, die nochmal zu wunderbaren Flohmarkt-Ausflügen einluden. Vergangenes Wochenende habe ich diesen wundervollen, kleinen 40er Jahre Hut bei einer Freundin am Stand gefunden. Meine Lieblingsform an Hut. Perfekt zum 'tilten', also bedeutet, irgendo vorne schräg auf den Kopf platzieren ... Das ist nun der 4 oder 5 in meiner Kollektion an Hütchen dieser Art. Warm ist er auch noch, zwar hält er nur eine Hirn hälfte warm aber besser als gar keine. Ich glaube, dass der Hut orginal gar nicht mit dem goldenen Dekor kam - aber da muß ich meine Freundin nochmal fragen - ohne wäre er aber fast langweilig. 
Heute, eine Woche später habe ich die selbe Vintage liebende Freundin wieder auf dem Flohmarkt entdeckt und habe passen zum Hut, den ich heute schonauf dem Kopf trug, das grau-rot-schwarze 50er Jahre Wollkleid erstanden. Die Sachen meiner Freundin sind für Flohmarktpreise nicht immer sonderlich günstig - aber für das was es ist dann doch ein Schnäppchen. 
Kommenden Sonntag ist sie auch nochmal auf dem Mauerparkflohmarkt hier in Berlin anzutreffen ... Wer True Vintage (40s, 50s), 60s/70s does 30s/40s, Hüte, Blazer, Kleider, Taschen, der sollte mal vorbei schauen. Ihr werdet den Stand erkennen.

Was haben die anderen diesen Monat ertrödelt? Mal sehen was bei 
so los ist ...

English recap:
The outdoor flea market season is almost over ... Luckily October was very gentle and I was able to find  quite a few things. This little 40s hat is definitly one of my fave finds from this Octobre. I got it at a friends stall ... Today I bought the matching 50s dress from the same friends ... It's good to have friends with even bigger collections as you own, who needs to get rid of beautiful things ...
If you are in Berlin next sunday you will find her selling at Mauerpark flea market again. For sure you will notice her stall, if you love true vintage, hats, dresses, purses ...

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