Samstag, 21. November 2015

The Whale And The Bathrobe


What I wore today to short trip to Fleamarket at Rathaus Schöneberg ... early 50s coat: thrifted // warm late 50s dress: Made In Berlin/Kleidermarkt Store // vitnage belt: thrifted // 90s für boots: thrifted // 50s purse: flea market // 40s-50s hat: flea market, bought from a friend's collection // 50s (pobably) bakelite ear clips: flea market // 60s gloves: thrifted

A whale? A bathrobe? ... I bought this warm and thick winterdress a couple weeks ago. When I told a friend that I found a super warm wintery and fun striped dress ... 'maybe this dress is not super flattering, I felt like a little striped whale in it, when I tried it on. The fabric is soooo thick'. She remembered it right away! ....  She gave it a chance too and actually really liked it, but the shop lady (who is a friend of her's) talked her out of it by telling her, 'it looks like an old bathrobe'. So I was the lucky one to purchase the first ever seen whale bathrobe. I have to say, in the end, I really like it on me and this piece is the perfect dress for the freezing season ... which should hit Berlin latest by tomorrow. Awaiting the first snow.


Porcelina hat gesagt…

You look fabulous in it, no hint of whales, bathrobes or anything else derogatory! Scientists have proved that horizontal stripes are more slimming than vertical ones, so ignore any myths about horizontal stripes. Who couldn't love the bright colours, and the fact that it's cosy warm? x

Mid Century Girl hat gesagt…

That whole outfit is great and looks so warm! :)

tubby3pug hat gesagt…

It looks great not whale like at all

Jessica hat gesagt…

I have to agree with the others, you don't look like a whale and that doesn't look anything like a bathrobe. I've been looking for a nice, practical winter dress, and this one is pretty much perfect. I love how bright and colorful it is, it's lovely.

Forest City Fashionista hat gesagt…

I think it looks wonderful on you - there is no whale or bathrobe vibe there at all! Beautiful coat too.

Vivi Cherry hat gesagt…

Esse vestido é maravilhoso <3

Do Brasil

Casa Cherry

Maja Ćorić hat gesagt…

Hello dear!
The reason you feel like it's massive on you, it just that: it's thick and heavy.. and it's made to keep you warm. Due to the heavy material used, there really IS the feeling of it being made to "whale you up".. but you look great!


Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Phish!!! Far from either, this dress exudes classic elegance, is strikingly attractive, and looks immensely lovely on you, sweet dear!

♥ Jessica

Susan hat gesagt…

Das Kleid sieht toll aus! Ende! :-)