Dienstag, 24. November 2015

True Is The Blue

What I wore past friday ... my new to me 40s blazer: Class of Berlin Store // top: modern // pants: H&M // two tone swing dance shoes: flea market // vintage tooled purse: Mauerpark flea market // beret: flea market // amber brooch: flea market

This blazer/suit jacket was on my mind for 6 weeks before I bought it. I was so unsure about it, because like 85% of vintage jackets it has a little underarm odore. A very little one ... And they wanted 60€ for it ... 
After buying a 'replacement' jacket on the flea market, which was far to big for me in the end ... I ran back to the shop and got this blazer for10€ off - after flirting and bargaining with the shop guy. For those 10 € I bought two boxes of sweat pads, those are pretty helpful, if you have a slight underam smell in old garments. 

More about sweat pads and other little helpers on "How to deal with / How to remove underarm smell" hopefulle soon here on this blog.


Vivi Cherry hat gesagt…

Gosto dos seus looks, ficou linda.
Casa Cherry

Rebecca Young hat gesagt…

I like your trousers. I am looking for a wider leg pair now that I have started to wear trousers again as the weather has turned much colder.

Vix hat gesagt…

Three parts water to one part vodka - spritz it on and it should take away the smell!
Gorgeous jacket, the pockets are fabulous. xxx

Porcelina hat gesagt…

Really lovely jacket, I hope Vix's suggestion works for you! x

Janey hat gesagt…

I love, love, love this outfit! It is so chic, and I still can't get over those pants being from H&M. I wish I could have snagged a pair when they were in stock.


Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

The lovely Vix beat me to saying it, but vodka really does do wonders. Test it on a discrete area first just to be sure using it on the garment won't damage/stain the fabric.

Wonderful outfit. I adore brown and navy blue together, too.

♥ Jessica

Ms. Falcon hat gesagt…

Thanks ladies, I know the wodka trick already for a while now. I spray it on garments pure!!! Never had any Fading! Wodka is one of the best helpers to cure special smells - but not all the time.(As long as the sweat bacterias sitting in the garment are still alive, it is prety useful))

Monique Reinds hat gesagt…

Wow your vintage outfits are very good!!


Bonita Vear hat gesagt…

Gorgeous jacket, gorgeous shoes! Love the whole look! ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Leigh Ray hat gesagt…

Love this styling of this outfit and the color. I love navy blue. Perfect look and style <3