Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Dotted Summer Days

todays dots ... dress: vintage ebay // belt: h&m // golden leather sandals: c&a // bag: flea market // necklace: flea market // bracelets: vintage, thrifted, flea market ... yes, 've been to the hair dresser today but didn't do anything special with my hair...
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leopard on dotted ground ... dress: ebay vintage and shortend // golden leopard belt: flea market // sandals: from rio de janeiro, past summer // bag: flea market, arheiligen // necklace: flea market ...

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Football's Coming Home ...

saturday... dressed up for my best friend's birthday party ... blazer: last years flea market, altered // dress: mankii vintage // belt: old h&m // shoes: via tk maxx (most comfy heels for dancing) // clutch: flea market // brooch and necklace: thriftted and flea market ... being late because of the world cup match ghana vs. usa
sunday's outfit ... after germany beat england ... 4: 1 ... silk top: thrifted // skirt: h&m, dress worn as a skirt // belt: flea market, dieburg // sandals: c&a // necklace: vintage // bracelets: thrifted, flea markets, gifted // earrings: hand-me-down from my fathers cousine // ... me screaming silly german football/soccer songs... ' so seh'n gewinner aus, schalalalalaaaaa'
casual outfit on a day without any football ... denim shirt: h&m men (actually i bought it for my bf but he doesn't like to wear denim on top. means no problem to me) // singlet: kaufhof underwear // pants: avanti // sandals: flea market // bag: flea market, saalbau frankfurt

Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010


past sunday's outfit. out for public viewing... lace dress: flea market (1€), actually it's a skirt // denim jacket: thrifted // belt: flea market // flats: h&m // bag: flea market, bought it two years ago // necklaces: thrifted & flea market // bracelet: gifted
wednesday's experience ... denim shirt: h&m // skirt: h&m, is a top // belt: h&m, came with a skirt // wedges: blue velvet // bag: thirfted
we went out for public viewing past sunday to see the world cup-match germany vs. australia... yeah! germany won... tomorrow will be the second game of the german soccer guys. i'll keep my fingers crossed!
this sounds like i'm a big female soccer fan... to be honest, off world cup i'm not that intrested in soccer ... like most german girls...

Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

Past Week's Experiences...

past moday's outfit ... top: via tk maxx // skirt: vintage ebay // belt: flea market, saalbau frankfurt // shoes: flea market //bag: flea market //earrings: hottie, ny // bracelet: gifted
past tuesday's ... dress: flea market // belt: h&m // fringe-wedges: blue velvet // bag: hippie market, rio de janeiro // necklace: flea market //earrings: from wiesbaden, from a shop that sadly doesn't exist anymore....
saturday's experience ... blouse: via tk maxx // skirt: old orsay // belt: flea market, dieburg // wedges: siemes schuhcenter // bag: thrifted // bracelet: flea market, dieburg // necklace: flea market, saalbau frankfurt

Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Blisters In The Sun

saturday's fleamarket experience ... tee: vintage ebay // shorts: zara // belt: flea market, saalbau, frankfurt // sandals: siemes schuh center (changed my h&m flats from the morning foe dinner...) // bag: vintage, bought it on saturday's flea market for less money...
thursday's casual flea market outfit ... denim blouse: h&m // skirt: vintage // belt: came with a dress i bought in brasil // wedges: c&a // bracelet: thrifted ...
some of those flea market buys ... two flowered 80s/90s dresses, three awesome bags, two blush coloured tees, a purple/black skirt with petticoat, some belts..., jewelery and a new fave pair of brown 80s vintage shoes. i forgot to put the most craziest belt ever on the photo set... it's made from golden leopards going in single file... don't worry, i suppose, you'll surely see it in one of the following posts....

Samstag, 5. Juni 2010


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wednesday's outfit ... blazer: zara // top: h&m // skirt: h&m // belt: flea market, 2010 // boots: flea market, 2009 // clutch: flea market 2008 // necklaces: thrifted and flea market // brooch: thrifted

appearances are deceiving... the striped bandeau top is actually a skirt and the flared skirt has meant to be a top.

if i had known earlier, that those flared tops from this h&m's spring season look so awesome worn as a skirt, I would have bought one with black and white stripes as well.

i went to two exciting flea markets this week and i found tons of bargains ... more about my amazing founds on monday! sorry, i'm a little delayed on posting!