Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Forgotten Skirt

late 60s/early 70s dress: flea market // shoes: via tk maxx // bag: american apparel // necklace: vintage // bracelet: hand-me-down from my mum // ring: saturday's flea market- found // earrings: from wiesbaden

i wore this dress yesterday on a big family party... the grandmother of my stepsister was kidding about my short dress ... 'oh, you forgot your skirt, darling'.

actually i wanted to wear it with black tights. then nobody would have cared about it's shortness but it was far too warm for opaque tights... and there was no time left to change this outfit into something else.

too long - too short - i don't care. i think, this dress is one of this year's best vintage bargains from a flea market. loooove it.

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Call Me

thursday's experience ... for dinner ... blazer: zara // dress: vintage ebay, shortened // belt & tights: h&m // up-lace high heels: via tk maxx // bag: flea market // necklace & bracelet: flea market
monday's experience ... blouse: vintage ebay // singlet: kaufhof underwear // skirt: avanti // belt: thrifted // flats: flea market // bag & heart necklace: saalbau bornheim flea market // earrings: hottie, ny
'tribut' by jean luc cornec, 1989. museum für kommunikation, frankfurt am main, germany
... me trying to feed a telephone-sheep with my cell phone. on what does a telephone sheep live?! ...words?! electricity?!

this week my boyfriends father and cousine came the long way from brasil to see his sons and daughters-in-law. so, yesterday we went to frankfurt to pay some museums a visit ... at the museum für kommunikation i fell in love with a drove of telephone-sheep. all those cute sheeps are made of very old telephones and telephone cables ... in spite of the strange material they looked so woolenly real and alive ...

next time when i meet a drove of true-born sheep, i'll surely wonder about them saying 'baa' not 'ringring'.

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Lapel Cure & Sunny Days

laughter ... blazer: betty barcley, thrifted // top: avanti // my fave summer skirt: orsay // belt: cerutti, flea market // shoes: siemes schuhcenter // bag: vinatge ebay // owl brooch & watch pendant: flea markets
hippie dress in the sun ... dress: vintage ebay // denim jacket: new yorker // belt: h&m // fringe wedges: blue velvet // bag: flea market
cured lapels ... blazer: flea market // bandeau dress: from rio de janiero, brasil // shrug: sisters // belt: flea market // bag: flea market //shoes: deichmann (making my legs look quite short...) // bracelets: fleamarkets, vintage and thrifted

i got my boyish blazer back from the dry cleaning service on friday. first i ran home to check out the lapels. yeah... my cute blazer is saved from being garbage!!! this nice ladie from the cleaning service got the lapels by steaming back to their right form. If this won't help forever the tailor around the corner will steam it again.

he told me that a steaming iron would help - but never iron on the lapel selvedges!!!

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Just Another Flea Market ...

flea market outfit ... after the market wearing new skarf and shoes ... blazer: flea market, last season // top: c&a // scarf: fleamarket // skort: vintage // belt: vintage aigner, thrifted // tights: ?? // shoes: flea market // earrings: vintage ... my fave bargains from two markets ...

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Global Warming Is A Lie

today's outfit ... blazer: found // top: via tk maxx // skirt: vintage ebay // belt: thrifted, red cross charity shop // tights: h&m // blue heels: vagabond // bag: vintage // rings and necklace: from my grannys ... (you don't see the woolen shrug i wore under the blazer additionally to keep me from freezing to death!)
monday's outfit ... blazer: thrifted ann demeulemeester // top: h&m // pants: stolen from my boyfriend and altered // belt: flea market // sandals: siemes schuhcenter // bag: flea market
tuesday's outfit ... denim jacket: thrifted // dress: thrifted and shortened // belt: thrifted // tights: h&m //platform sandals: kmb // bag: flea market // earrings: thrifted

i apprehend the global warming is for real. - it's just the beginning of a new ice age in the middle of europe.

any other idea why there is no summer in germany?! i'm freezing!

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

In Love ...

it's not just a gorgreous dress, the girl wearing it is a cutie, too!
last week i went through the ebay vintage section and came across the most beautiful and gorgeous summer dress i ever saw... this dress was on fixed price and it wasn't low priced at all. But i fell in love with it immediatly - i couldn't help it. Some long days and sleeples nights after i decided to buy it. hopefully i don't have to wait too oo oo oo ooo long on this dress... till then i dream of dots and flowers...
i really like to recommend this shop. you can find a lot of amazing vintage clothing and accessoires from the early 20s up to the 90s at mankii vintage. oh, they have a tiny own collection as well!

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

Lapel Help

saturday's experience, still bored about the cold ... warm lined biker jacket: vintage // dotted chiffon top: via tk maxx // long sleeve: h&m // belt: saalbau flea market, frankfurt // skirt: thrifted // tights: h&m // boots: flea market schlachthof, wiesbaden //bag: flea market, karolinenplatz, darmstadt // earrings: hottie, ny // fish necklace: flea market eberstadt ...

i met my friends at a cute little flea market on saturday. this bunch of flea market maniacs was quite lucky again although it was far too cold for a market outside.

this time i didn't pictured my new bargains ... i found some bags again, a gothic-like bandeau dress made from different kinds of lace ( i really don't know, whether i will wear it ... but it cost only 1€), two scarfs, another clock pendant and a boy's blazer. i felt so happy to found this blazer because it just fits perfectly... but at home i noticed that it's left lapel looks different than the other side does.

my grandma told me, that ironing wouldn't help ... she had been a talented tailor when she was younger, nevertheless she hadn't no other idea as well.

do you know how to bring the wrong lapel back to it's original shape? any idea?!


Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010


leather jacket: promod // striped silk blouse: vintage ebay (actually i rolled up the sleeves but they rolled down agian and agian. ...have to fix them next time) // skirt: thrifted // belt: flea market // tights: ? // shoes: blue velvet // bag: flea market // rose pendant: flea market

just one outfit today. it turned quite cold again these past days and i'm still not able to wear my beloved spring clothes... i'm so tired about my autumn-like outfits - so i didn't shoot them. sorry.