Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014


yesterday i wore my new 50s dress i got myself for christmas. i met with a friend in a nice cafe to have very delicious 'mandalay creme' ... yummie ... cardi: primark // 50s dress: ebay // belt: thrifted // tights: avanti // 90s boots: flea market // 50s-60s bag: flea market // hat flea market ...

over the dress i wore my beloved 50s coat: thrifted // leopard scarf: ... // vintage gloves: thrifted ... 

this black early to mid 50s coat is the best coat i ever had. it's still in a good condition but i noticed that an old piece doesn't like to get worn every single day. i need to safe it a little bit. so i'm looking for another coat i can wear over wide skirts with crinolines ... i can't find one in a local vintage store or can't afford one of these wonderful princess coats from american etsy sellers ... but today i found a beautiful coat - not vintage - in a turkish fashion store (between veils and oriental promise party dresses). it's on sale!!!! it's waiting for me in the store ... i will pick it up tomorrow.

Samstag, 25. Januar 2014

Everyday Vintage ... Fringe

this is my 'going out to see a punk rock show' outfit ... shirt: flea market, h&m // singlet: karstadt // 70s or 80s cowgirl skirt: thrifted (love it's pleats and fringes) // vintage belt: thrifted // vintage cowboy boots: flea market (10 years ago) // vintage fringe bag: hell's kitchen flea market, ny // hat: flea market ... i try not to wear delicate vintage pieces when i go out to see a show ... .

Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014

Every Skirt Tells A Story ....





this is what i wore to my man's birthday last saturday ... my first 50s novelty print skirt! ... top: h&m // 50s skirt: made in berlin store // vintage belt: gifted // shoes: no name // 60s bag: ebay ...  (later the day i changed into my up to the knee lace up boots) we went out to have some veggie burgers and nachos at tiki heart and met some friends later ...

isn't this skirt fun? every little picture of it's print tells a little story ...  ... the dresses the girls wear, the little cars and houses, even the bearing of the tiny people taking a stroll on the car port .... the details are so amazing and i really love the summery flair. there are hundreds of ideas in my mind how to mix the skirt with things out of my wardrobe. i can't wait for summer! - but for now i just dressed it fun and simple for a cold winter day.

do you like novelty prints? what is your favourite novelty print piece?

Montag, 20. Januar 2014

What's New ...


today i feel like showing you some of my new finds ... the dress i won myself as a late chsitmas present from ebay. it's a lovely 50s dress, made from a light wool-synthethic-mix fabric (yeah, washable). i love the pale pink ... for sure it will look great, if i pair it with my new brown vintage bag i found on a indoor flea market, i found in late december. the jewelery i got from the same flea market except the celluloid (?) tassle brooch ... i found this one at a big thrift store. maybe you noticed me wearing it already to the lena hoschek fashion show.
i also got me 3 new skirts from the 50s ... for sure you will see them soon.

...oh, and we finally put some more bling on the wall's. the wall over our bed has got the name: holiday wall. a painting of a romantic caribbean beach, palm tree lamp and 3 pictures of dinner menus from  the mid 60s (i think they are from a cruise restaurant - we bought those on a little vintage market in washington state last summer).

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Take Me To The Movies // Sehnsucht // 1936

this is the second movie program from the 1930s  - out of my new little collection which i found on past decembers flea market ... it's the program of the movie 'desire'. doesn't 35 year old marlene dietrich look fantastic in every single picture?
yeah, the man won me some more programs from the 50s on ebay. can't wait to get them and share some with you.

Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

Greasers, Grits and Gravy

this is what i wore past saturday to see the amazing band 'grits n gravy' performing life at the greasers rocking ballroom party ... my new vintage coat: thrifted // 50s blouse: vintage yard sale // 50s skirt: thrifted // vintage belt: came with a skirt // straw bag: flea market // shoes: deichmann // 50s hat: ebay // vintage bracelet: thrifted in the us ...

i'm sick at home with a bad sinus thing going on ... so i missed the lena hoschek after show party on wednesday and  the show of texas terri bomb! at wild at heart yesterday. autsch!
but till i'm back on the track ... i listen to the guys from grits n gravy. rock n roll & rhythm n blues lovers should check them out ...


Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

... Berlin Fashion Week ... Lena Hoschek ...

what i wore to fashion week yesterday ... black woolen 50s/60s jacket: ebay // vintage patent leather belt: from my granny // fake fur 50s jacket: feist, vintage // 50s dress: lucky dry goods, seatlle (here) // tights: c&a // 90s shoes: flea market // bag: flea market // vintage gloves: flea market // 50s hat: ebay // brooch: thrifted //petticoat: ebay ...

yeah, little wardrobe experience had the lucky chance to go to see the fashion show of the fabulous lena hoschek at berlin fashion week yesterday. it was such an amazing and fun experience ... the fashion crowd, the vintage/50s crowd ... photographers, german celebreties ... and of course the show! i really loved what i saw. lena hoschek's collection a/w 2014 still sticks to her 40s and 50s inspired roots. wide flared dresses and pencil skirts are still the leading silhouette. the collection shows a lot of material mix ... glamourous sequins, lace, zippers, see through fabrics, flattering wool fabrics, lingerie inspired tops, big floral prints  ... but i was a surprised, i expected to see more edgy-ness in the show.
her collection is very wearable. i would love to add some of the adorable pieces to my daily wardrobe ...

sadly my own pictures turned out quite shaky ... here are some of my favourites taken from the official mercedes benz fashion week berlin site, if you want to see more click the link.


as you can see all pictures are taken from the official
 mercedes benz fashion week berlin site
 - for no commercial use

Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Inspiration From The Past // Die Kupferspinne // 1953


these pictures are taken from a advertising magazine of bayer company called 'the kupferspinne'. it presented the new syntethic fabrics that should support the housewife in her daily life with being easy to wash and to iron. ... there were shops in which you could buy the patterns next to the fabric or you were even able to have professional tailors make your dress just for you ...
i want to go to this shop right away, to have someone there to make me all of them. oh, this post shows just a few of the beautiful creations in the magazine ...