Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Suddenly Seperates

i noticed that a lot of vintage lovers are going more and more for mixing seperate pieces to create several styles out of one skirt ... so do i.
for this reason i thought, it would be nice to share this article i found. it's about the newly created separetes from a fashion magazine from 1953. " ...Hubert de Givenchy ... 1952 (and) created a sensation with his separates, which could be mixed and matched at will. ..." (wikipedia)
the idea of having one skirt but creating two (or even more) looks was a real sensation back then. suddenly the ladies were able to wear the same skirt during day time and in the night for dinner, just because of being able to change from a casual top into a festive one.  ... or they were able to wear the same skirt with the matching blouse or with a chic sweater to work. life can be so easy! wow!
nowadays it's almost unbelievable that the invention of seperates was such a big thing ... nowadays fashion is mostly seperates. "mixed and matched at will" is the most common thing in fashion today...
as an vintage lover -owning mostly dresses- i kind of know what it means to have a simple skirt in my wardrobe that loves to be mixed easily with several cardigans, blouses and sweaters. ...

my favourite seperates are summery combinations containing sometimes more than 4 pieces: swim suit, shorts, blouse, skirt. they were able to create more then 8 looks out of this pieces ... perfect for travelling! propably there will be a little post about summery seperates in the future ...

do you own classical matching seperate sets? do you like wearing and combining it?

Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Flea Market Green

this is what i wore on past sunday's flea market ... 70s dress with a 30s to 40s twist: charity shop // cardi: h&m // belt: old h&m // lace up boots: deichmann // bag: flea market // hat: flea market ... you will see the purchases i made pretty soon ...

last sunday the weather was pretty springy and warm ... so the man and i decided to check out a another flea market here in berlin ... for sure this wasn't the last time we went there ...

Samstag, 22. Februar 2014

Book Keeping

this is what i wore to a book keeping class on friday ... coat: turkish shop // cardi: primark // 50s cotton dress: wowsville flea market // belt: vintage aigner, thrifted // studded flats: deichmann // bag: old primark // 50s hat: ebay // berry brooch: diy, from an vintage candle decoration i bought in the states past summer ... my hair quite looks but i got quite wet twice this day ... shitty wet rain!

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Fruit Basket

look girls, what i purchased from style me betty shop a few weeks ago ... my first original so called fruit basket brooch from the 50s. isn't it fun?! i wore it already past weekend with my red patio skirt (sadly i didn't took a picture ...)

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

The Cowgirl Jacket

this is what i wore over a week ago to see chip hanna and the berlin three playing live ... cardi: collectif (got it on sale!) // top: tally weijl // 50s skirt: made in berlin store // vintage belt: thrifted // 80-90s booties: thrifted // vintage beret: flea market ... actually i'm so tiered about blurry pictures taken in the dark ... but there's nothing else to post toady. i hope you don't mind.

some of you might know that i'm not the best friend of vintage rerpoductions ... but this collectif western/country/cowgirl style cardi is something i really love. i found it in a ebay store over sixth month ago for the original price. i was unsure about the size and the materials ... so i let it sit there on my watch list almost forever. suddenly i found this jacket being on sale ... for 20€! i ordered it right away ... i really love it. it looks more like a jacket then a simple cardi, it's warm and comfy. i'm still a little unsure about washing it, because the decoration is made from felt ... but the label says that handwash might be ok.

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

Meet And Greet

 ... this is what i wore ... to my class and to meet susan afterwards ... coat: turkish fashion store // cardi: primark //  50s skirt: simply vintage, portland // belt: from my mum // flats: vagabond // wicker bag: flea market // swallow zelluliod brooch: flea market ....

earlier this week i met beautiful vintage blogger susan of susan's dairy during her little berlin trip. 
of course we went shopping ... we chatted about vintage clothes, the attidute of vintage lovers, metal music and lemmy kilmister ... we tried again to get better friends with vintage reproduction clothes (and failed), turned sad about stains and holes on beautiful vintage skirts and got angry about too tiny waisted dresses ... in the end we weren't too lucky in finding something nice but we had fun. ... 
it's always fun to be able to meet someone from blogland in real life.


Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Take Me To The Movies // Trapez // 1956

it's time for 'take me to the movies' again ... today  it's the  programme of the movie 'trapeze' from the mid 50s. look at gina lollobrigida's glamorous costumes. i suppose, lady gaga would almost like to wear them today on stage ... but my fav outfit is gina wearing the pants with the striped top. wow!

Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Everyday Vintage ...Totally Simple

... cardi: h&m // 90s dress: ebay // white structure tights: ... // 90s boots: flea market // 50s bag: flea market // hat: flea market ...

... zara sweater: thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // vintage skirt: thrifted in the us // vintage wedge boots: flea market // hat: flea market // early 60s bag: vintage yard sale // 50s göttingen brooch: ebay ...

i'm sorry for the lack of posts but i got side tracked by life and work on future plans ... i also struggle with a bad cold -like always- and a bad stomach (sounds like double fuuuuuuuun, i know), because of this i didn't left the house quite often the past days ... and the things i wore weren't that exciting ... so, i hope you enjoy the gaaaaah-simple-pimple looks ...

Dienstag, 4. Februar 2014

The Turkish Princess Coat

this is the kind of princess coat i was desperately looking for  ... but i found nothing that was affordable ... what i finally got my little cold hands on is a modern version of a princess coat ... a turkish version.

here it is ... my new princess coat: turkish fashion store, berlin-neukölln // hat: flea market // 70s winter boots: flea market // 50s-60s bag: vintage yard sale ... if i want to i can close the revers up to look like turtle neck.

who would expect to find a coat like this in a very traditional turkish fashion store between veils in hundreds of different colours, enormous and glamorous formal gowns, black and grey floor length capes to hide in ... i just stepped in this shop because of a huge 'sale' sign in the window and remembering the voice of a good friend in my head, telling me: 'i saw the most amazing vintage style coat ever in a traditional turkish shop in istanbul. ... perfect to pair with petticoated skirts.' she was so mad with her self not buying it ... 
so i gave it a chance ... the service in there was fantastic. a very lovely girl working there helped me to find the right colour and size (shock, turkish sizes are tiny) ... and a nice costumer told me to get the blue not the brown or night blue coat. shopping there was fun. these ladies really made my day! grumpy germans should learn a lesson from them!
i was told, they have coats like this once in a while ... so girls, if you need a coat to wear over your wide flared skirts, check out the next turkish fashion store! you will feel like a princess.

Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

Getrödelt, Gefunden Gefreut ... Souvenirs

welcome to the second year of getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut. one year ago beswingtes fräulein started this fun project ... happy anniversary!
this month i like to present my fav bargains from january: 13 mid century souvenir brooches. most of them are made from celluloid. i won them on ebay from the same seller - sadly i lost the other half of his amazing collection. all the sailor and maritime themed pins went to other homes.

in the 50s -in times of 'wirtschaftswunder'- people of most classes suddenly were able to go traveling for their holidays. traveling was a sign of wealth and they wanted to advertise their new affluence by buying souvenirs.
next to postcards they bought colourful stickers to put them on their suitcases, miniatures of famous buildings, refrigerator magnets and so on. these little celluloid pins i won, are just one line of products out of the huge souvenir family we still know nowadays. 
i can't wait to wear all of them. they are so cute and charming ...

dear readers, before you head over to beswingtes allerlei to check out this month's bargains of all the other bloggers and pickers ...  i have a little song for you ... about souvenirs ...