Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013


tuesday we spent the afternoon with some friends to carve pumpkins for the halloween party at bassy cowboy club ... sadly i won't join the actual party tonight, because i have to be fit for the long drive to the south of germany the next day ... but soon the move will be over.
have a fun halloween out there. i can't wait to see your costumes ...

Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Happy Feet

... today i wore some new pieces ... top: orsay // 50s to 60s skirt: thrifted, colours vintage // belt: from my mum // vintage peter kaiser shoes: flow markt // 50s bag: thrifted in the states (look at the golden bamboo handle // vintage sweater clips: puyallap antique mall ...

i'm so excited about my newest two tone shoes ... i found those 80s/90s shoes almost two weeks ago on the flea market and i really was so lucky that these are my size ... during the past few years i found a few pairs like them but everytime they're were meant for tiny feet, not for me and my feet. there are several outfits in my head i wan´t to wear with those shoe ... aaaaah, can't wait.

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

Inspiration From The Past // Oktober 1941




today some wintery inspirations from oktober `41 ...  
i'm still busy. we had some friends from portland visiting   ... and organizing the big move eats up most of my time ... but i'll try to manage a couple of last outfit shots in the stairway of this house ... before moving on to a new photo venue ...

Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Another Jacket - Another Move

 ... on sunday, when i went to the flea market i wore my newest vintage find: another woolen vintage jacket ... 50s to 60s jacket: ebay (came with a skirt) // cardigan: primark // 50s skirt: made in berlin vintage // belt: from my mum // tights: primark // shoes: vagabond // 40s to 50s bag: ebay // vintage gloves: flea market // vintage beret: flea market ...

this fall i'm really quite lucky with finding great vintage jackets/coats ... this one i bought as a to piece suit on ebay with a bunch of other vintage things. in the end it cost me round about 6 €. one button is missing but i actually don't need to close the bottom button of this jacket ... so this one replaced the missing one from the middle ... i don't like the skirt of this suit too much - but this is my well known issue with wiggly skirts. they never fit right. probably you will not see me wearing the whole suit.

now we're planning our final move. probably you won't read that much from me during the next week ... and i suppose, it will take a little while till we get internet at the new place.

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

Holland America

... this is what i wore to go to the turkish market to get some vegetables ... trench: primark // striped top: ann christine // vintage skirt: thrifted // handmade belt: from istanbul // swing dance shoes: flea market // holland america bag: thrifted in the us // hat: flea market ...

Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Inspiration From The Past // 1962

i'm not the biggest fan of the sixties but there were still some nice designs in the early years i would wear right away. i wouldn't wear the ruffled dresses, they're cute but it's not my cup of tea ... but i love the plaid dresses, both versions of number 6236 and the coat dress looks fabulous ...
which dresses do you like most?

sorry for the lack of posts and comments but i'm very busy the last days. i went to a business class and FINALLY we found our own flat. today we signed the contract and in early november we will move our stuff from storage to berlin. i can't believe, that soon, i will have all my clothes, shoes and bags back ... aaaah - i will be whole again!

Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013


... look at my new 50s winter jacket ... i love the colour, the perfect petrol tone. ... 50s jacket: ebay //  cardi: primark // 50s cotton dress: ebay // belt: from my mum // handmade petticoat: ebay // tights: h&m // vintage flats: thrifted in the us // 60s bag: flea market // 50s gloves: ebay or flea market // vintage hat: flea market ...

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013


it's fall and my beloved brown cape is with me almost every day ... vintage escada cape: hand-me-down from my granny // brown cardi: primark // 60s dress: ebay (details) // vintage snake belt: flea market // vintage shoes: flea market // beret: avanti // h&m bag: flea market ...

Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

A Walk ...

out for a walk .... i dared to wear my new 1940s coat ... and it's soooo comfortable ... woolen coat: thrifted // 40s cotton dress: thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // boots: deichmann // 40s bag: ebay // late 50s crocheted gloves // hat: flea market // earrings: flea market // husband: usa ... 

on sunday we went to the outskirts of berlin to pick up a 50s jacket i had won on ebay. on the way back we visited the historical town britz to see the famous housing development 'hufeisensiedlung', which was built in the late 1920s. it's inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list as 'berlin modernism housing estates'. this is not just a place for architecture enthusiasts, it's a beautiful and calm place to visit, when you're in berlin and you're tired of being in the loud and stressful city.

Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Hat Heaven - Joenga Choi

some weeks ago, i found this beautiful stall at the saturday market at maybachufer in neukoelln, berlin. the label is called joenga choi after the lady creating these amazing hats. i'm totally in love with all these vintage inspired pieces ...  all the hats are handmade! if you want a special colour or add ideas, you can get your custom made piece. my fav ones are both pink pointy hats, the round sailor hats and the stewardess hat - to be true, no fav, i want them all.
at this point in my life, i'm not able to afford a hat out of her collections.  ... sniff, so i just went away with a headbow (here).