Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Inspiration From The Past // 1962

i'm not the biggest fan of the sixties but there were still some nice designs in the early years i would wear right away. i wouldn't wear the ruffled dresses, they're cute but it's not my cup of tea ... but i love the plaid dresses, both versions of number 6236 and the coat dress looks fabulous ...
which dresses do you like most?

sorry for the lack of posts and comments but i'm very busy the last days. i went to a business class and FINALLY we found our own flat. today we signed the contract and in early november we will move our stuff from storage to berlin. i can't believe, that soon, i will have all my clothes, shoes and bags back ... aaaah - i will be whole again!


Sandra hat gesagt…

oh my goodness! so so pretty! I'm saving up for a sewing machine at the moment! I do like 6398 too, I seem to go for 'prim' a lot! x x

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

I feel the same way. I don't love (on myself) a lot of 60s looks, especially Mod and hippie/boho ones, but some of the styles of the start of the decade, that still had roots in the looks of the late 1950s, really appeal to me - all the more so, I'd say as I get older. One of these days I let my inner Joan out on my blog post and rock a curve hugging 60s look on camera. :)

These are really terrific! I think the third image down (ruffle front shirtwaist dress) is my very favourite.

Have a fantastic weekend, honey!
♥ Jessica

In the Ruins of Berlin hat gesagt…

Ich liebe ja die 60er, kann dafür die 20er nicht so leiden... besonders 6398 hats mir angetan und herzlichen Glückwunsch zur neuen Wohnung, echt nicht einfach hier! xxx