Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Black Weekend

black velvet ... (copy cat - two weeks ago i saw my best friend wearing her new vintage velvet skirt. i fell in love with her amazing look the minute i saw her. a week later i found my own vintage velvet skirt. i had to pair it with an stripy top and my denim jacket like she did ... - copy cat) ... denim jacket: thrifted // top: h&m // vintage skirt: thrifted, oxfam // leather belt: old h&m // scarf: flea market // tights: h&m // boots: buffalo, altered // vintage bag: charity shop
casual chic ... vintage blazer: rene lezard, oxfam // shirt: h&m // belt: vintage // dress: no name // tights: primark // lup lace booties: pierre cardin vintage // vintage clutch/bag: thrifted, oxfam // earrings: schmuckrausch // necklace: thrifted

there's still no final end of 'wear less black' ... but at the weekend i had to wear my new black velvet skirt... today i started in my last week of WLB ...

hopefully i will show you my new vintage dresses i bought at the crazy, scary and amazing pfennigbasar (penny market)last week ...i have some problems with the memory card, i 'm not able to up load the pictures ...

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011


the lovely Londyn of blogfashion passed this award to me... thank you so much!
to deserve this award i have to tell you 7 things about myself... 1. i love red wine ... 2. i don't eat meat ... 3. i love ted mosby (yes, kids .. i'm your mother) ; ) ... 4. i'm a maniac for flea markets (no surprise to you) ... 5. i'd love to visit new york again ... 6. i'd like to learn belly dancing ... 7. to be honest, i don't like to tell too much personal things about myself... beside fashion-things.
i pass this award to this fab ladies:
this time i just award 8 blogs, hopefully the fashion-blog-monster wont kill me by night....
link back to the person who awarded you
share 7 random things about yourself
award ten (!!!!) blogs the award ( let them know that you awarded them..)

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Three Times Less Black

less black for office ... white knit dress again: h&m // vintage boy's blazer: flea market // fur collar: came with a denim blazer // belt: flea market // tights: h&m // vintage boots: flea market // vintage bag: from roma // cameo: flea market
casual & cozy ... (looking tiered) ... vintage knit jacket: thrift store around the corner // top: h&m // denim skirt: vintage shop, altered // vinatge belt: thrifted // tights: avanti // vintage boots: flea market // necklace: vintage
light colours & new boots ... long cardi: promod // dress: no name // scarf: thrifted // etienne aigner vintage belt: feal market // tights: h&m //bag: thrifted // vintage boots: vintage affairs (i was searching for boots like that for more than a year - those are perfect to me)

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Little Break - Little Black

saturday: this is no end of WLB ... woolen sweater: pimkie (sale!) // fav vintage pants: flea market // belt: vintage aigner // socks: ? // platforms: office london // vintage bag: hell's kitchen flea market, ny // necklaces: thrift and flea market finds ...
i had to take a little rest from living without any black pieces. this look didn't work without black but i wanted to wear it at all costs. and it's just a little little bit of black... it's still less black... ; )

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

WLB at work

knit dress, blazer, belt & boots ... the perfect look for work ... blazer: thrifted // knit dress: h&m, sale //slip:charity shop // vintage belt: flea market // tights: avanti // vintage boots: flea market // vintage bag: flea market // necklaces: vintage, thrift, flea markets // owl brooch: flea market // bracelet: gifted
another knit dress, another blazer, another ... wear less black at work ... blazer: pimkie // knit dress: zara // slip: charity shop // belt: thrifted // old grey leggins: h&m // vintage boots: mankii vintage // LV bag: flea market // necklace: from my granny // brooch: flea market

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Wear Less Black ...

late saturday's ... leopard dress for dinner ... old cardi: missy // dress: c&a // belt: thrifted // brown tights: avanti // wedges: primark // fringe bag: c&a // heart necklace: flea market // ring: hand-me-down from my aunt
saturday's ... leopard dress for shopping ... vintage knit cardi: thrifted (i'm so in love with this vintage find! this jacket is the most coziest thing i ever wore! the best thing about this new fav winter piece, i got it for little money: 7 €)// dress: c&a // belt: thrifted // tights: avanti // vintage boots: flea market // rose pendant: flea market

wear less black ... as some of you might have noticed, some of my last outfits don't show only one black piece. the past weeks i was playing around with my wardrobe and i decided to wear less black. During the next week (weeks?) i'll try to leave all my black items in my closet. This is no contest, i'm a full time worker. if i have to wear black at work - i will. but i feel bored about this 'everyday-another-essential-black-piece-thing'. i want to know what happens to my style without black. ...wear less black.

this saturday i started my little project by wearing more brown. ; )

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Office Girl II

where's my waist ... a new shape ... sweater: h&m // silk scarf: thifted // skirt: primark // tights: gifted // vintage boots: ebay // wedges: via tk maxx (i changed them when i saw it was raining outside...) // bag: abro // earrings: primark // brooch: vintage
wearing less black ... cardigan: h&m // scarf: vintage // vintage skirt: thrifted // belt: thrifted // tights: ??// shoes: farasion // bag: vintage // earrings: flea market

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

Some More Blue

looking a little - dark - blue ... long knit cardi: h&m, sale // top: old h&m // vintage skirt: thrifted, oxfam // leopard belt: vintage // tights: can't remember // vintage boots: ebay // my beloved vintage bag: flea market // necklaces: vintage, fleamarkets // chain bracelet: vintage

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Blue Again

office girl ... woolen vintage dress: gifted, altered // ysl vintage scarf: thrifted // etienne aigner vintage belt: flea market // tights: c&a // shoes: deichmann // bag: flea market

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011


double tapeserty ... flowered wool-sweater & tapestry wall at my mum's corridor (love it!) ... woolen sweater: h&m (sale!) // vintage skirt: ebay // knit tights: gifted // patent leather platforms: office london (SAAAAALE - 70 % less) // leo ring: flea market
casual outfit to change easy into swim wear for hot springs/thermal spa/thermal bath ... sweater: h&m // brooch: flea market (to trape the sweater) // leggins: h&m // boots: tally weijl // scarf: no name // bag: vintage ebay (this is my new bag for my laptop! ... i'm so happy, this bag fits my laptop so well)