Freitag, 28. Januar 2011


the lovely Londyn of blogfashion passed this award to me... thank you so much!
to deserve this award i have to tell you 7 things about myself... 1. i love red wine ... 2. i don't eat meat ... 3. i love ted mosby (yes, kids .. i'm your mother) ; ) ... 4. i'm a maniac for flea markets (no surprise to you) ... 5. i'd love to visit new york again ... 6. i'd like to learn belly dancing ... 7. to be honest, i don't like to tell too much personal things about myself... beside fashion-things.
i pass this award to this fab ladies:
this time i just award 8 blogs, hopefully the fashion-blog-monster wont kill me by night....
link back to the person who awarded you
share 7 random things about yourself
award ten (!!!!) blogs the award ( let them know that you awarded them..)


sacramento hat gesagt…

Hello my lovely, to me it is enough award to have been chosen by you. Such an honour!!!!!!
I shall also check the rest of your favourite blogs.
Mil besos and a fabulous weekend.

Miss Twinkle hat gesagt…

Dankeschön :)

Vintage Vixen hat gesagt…

Thanks for the mention, my darling! I loved finding out more about you. xxx

Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke schön! Ich werde bald schreiben über den award!

Fashion Fabrice hat gesagt…

I find you diserved it! Your outfits are always so adorable!!:)
you have such a great blog by the way!i'm happy i ran into it:) I really like your style and reading your posts!
So i'm your newest follower:)
hope you visit me back and become my follower too!
Have a fabulous day!