Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Little Red Hat

Finally I found a red straw hat. The world is almost perfect (for) now ... 40s bolero: eBay, came with a dress // late 50s dress: SchwarzeTruhe Berlin/Vintage Berlin // wedges: CCC // 50s straw hat: Sing Blackbird Vintage, Berlin // vitnage // wickerpurse: flea market // earrings: gift ...

I'm so busy right now ... I think, in my -more then 8 year old- blogging career, I never took that little outfit photos like I do right now. But maybe it's for good and you find here the more special ones ... and don't get bored with my daily office looks ...

Not that long ago, you saw me wearing this dress here and here .

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Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

Sweaty Sunday

This is what I wore to the flea market on a super hot sunday a couple of weeks ago ... 50s dress: eBay // vintage belt: flea market // sandals: ccc // 50s flowers pin: eBay // straw purse: flea market // 50s straw hat: eBay

Hahaha, the hairdo is more a leftover from the do the day before ... and if you look closely you might find some dark sweat stains on the dress. It was so hot that we decided not to sell on the flea market ourselves - I found more than our stall abandoned that day.
Two weeks later I found myself on the flea market with a blouse, a jacket and an umbrella ...What a summer!

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Samstag, 18. Juli 2015

Whats New On GoodyGoodyBerlin


As I'm pretty busy right now with my actual job, meeting lovely Vintage Bloggers and Instagramers  in real life - and feeling pretty tieerd from being sick (strange inflamation thing in my stomach), this blog got a little left behind ... So, for now I leave you with the latest updates from my little Etsy Shop. I am happy to see you there!

on Etsy

Samstag, 11. Juli 2015

Pink Sail Away

... Cardi and top: Primark //  50s sailor print skirt: Made in Berlin/Kleidermarkt // belt: thrifted // clark sandals: eBay // 50s fabric flowe buquet: eBay // anchor pendant: flea market ...

This fun novelty print skirt is more a project than a skirt ... but I had to get it, when it was still in the shop waiting for the right captain after weeks ... I had to fix quite a few things and when I finally ironed it, I found more and more a stains, that luckily blend in it's strange beige colour. Tu be true it is not a skirt, it is just a sea of stains with a sailor print on. Very matchy.
But - who could leave a little skirt with pink ships and anchors behind. Definitly not me. Ahoi.

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

What Ms Falcon Wore To Berlin FashionWeek ...

... 90s silk top: thrifted // 50s skirt: Simply Vintage, Oregon (Stuttering Mama on Etsy) // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: Clarks // 50s jewelery: thrifted, flea market, eBay // 50s purse: flea market // 30s-40s velvet flower hat: Arkona platz flea market, Berlin ...

I had a long day today, so I will leave you just with this picture heavy post ... Tomorrow I will write about the actual Lena Hoschek Summer 2016 runway show .... I really like what I saw this morning ...
As it looks there aren't any official pictures from the runway shows of Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Berlin this year on the site ... So I can't share them with you. I'm sorry!

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut ... Cityscape Novelty Skirt


Ooooops, da ist es schon wieder Juli und man hat noch gar nicht gemerkt das eigentlich Sommer ist. Der Juli ist nun da, gefolgt von gutem Wetter und natürlich - wie immer zum Monatsersten - Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut ... Natürlcih habe ich den Juni über wieder mal so einiges gefunden und habe mich auch schrecklich über jedes einzelne kleine Fundstück gefreut, so sehr, dass ich gar nicht wußte, was ich eigentlich heute präsentieren möchte. Bis gestern, da hat mich ein Kitzeln in der Magengegend in den noch recht neuen Pick and Weight Store getrieben ... und da wa er, der Fund des Monats. Ein Noveltyprint Skirt aus den 1950er Jahren, in super gutem Zustand mit atemberaubenden Stadtdruck. Vor Glück bin ich im Quadra gehoppst, denn günstig war er auch noch!
Getragen sehen könt Ihr ihn auch schon auf Instagram.

Da ich heute noch ein Bloggertreffen mit der wunderbaren Mrs. Retromuffin habe, mach ich es kurz und rate Euch bei Beswingtem Allerlei vorbei zuschauen, um zu sehen, was alle anderen so ertrödelt haben .... Es gibt ja schließlich noch mehr als olle Röcke mit Städten drauf ...

English recap: following soon!