Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011


this seams to be the year of the dotted pants ... i found this pair in a thirft store some weeks ago ... vintage silk blouse: flea market // vintage pants: thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // peep toes: new yorker // earrings: madonna // bracelet: flea market // ring: hand me down

pink and red ... top: h&m // skirt: thrifted // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: new yorker (yes, i do have those in black and in red. bought them three years ago and i still love them) // jewelery: thrifted

200 followers!!! i would like to say 'hello' to all the new readers of this blog! thank you so much for your support and your lovely comments...

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

This Weekend ...

what i wore on friday ... went to a lovely wedding-party ... white cardi: h&m // belt: flea market // vintage dress: thrifted // flats: new yorker // bag: flea market // bracelets and necklace: flea markets and thrifted // earrings: madonna

what i wore today ...wore my new denim pants ... the first pair of jeans i bought for years ... gnr tee: tee bar, new york, altered // denim pants: h&m // platform sandals: h&m // vintage belt: thrifted // vintage straw clutch: flea market

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Wenn Es Sommer Wär....

on saturday it was just like summer, so i wore my sheer colourful spotted dress ... denim jacket: charity chop // dress: actually a skirt, thrifted // vintage belt: thrifted // sandals: h&m // straw bag: flea market // earrings: madonna // bracelet: flea market ...  since sunday it's quite cold and rainy out there ... where is the summer?!

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Three Times ... Office Girl

pleats and flowers ...  top: h&m // vintage skirt: ebay // vintage belt: flea market // wedge sandals: no name // vintage bag: flea market // necklaces: flea markets and thrifted

50's, 80's  or early 90's from which decade is this dress ... dress: thrifted, handmade // leather belt: h&m // denim wedges: h&m // straw bag: flea market .. this dress reminds me so much on the movie 'cry baby'.  a story from the fifties, made in 1990...

green and pink ... blazer: vintage // top: h&m // vintage skirt: ebay // belt: vintage aigner // fringe wedges: no name // another straw bag: vintage store (but it's not old enough to be vintage) // bracelet: gucci // necklace: flea market

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

You're Back ...

office girl ... blue, black and spotted ... vintage blazer: flea market, altered // top: tk maxx // vintage belt: thrifted //  pin dotted vintage skirt: ebay // denim wedges: no name // vintage bag: flea market // jewelery: thrifted and flea markets

dear followers, you're back! thank you so much for your lovely comments on yesterday's post.

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

dear blogger...

... why did all the followers of this blog vanish to thin air? please, dear blogger, return them to this  little blog!

hello lovely readers, do you know what has happened? all the followers has disappeared from the gadget?! please, help!

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Jungle Skirt

can't wait to wear this skirt as a dress ... vintage silk top: thrifted // skirt: thrifted // belt: flea market // sandals: h&m // bag: flea market // vintage necklace: flea market...

... there's a little story behind my so called  jungle skirt ... some weeks ago i found it at the local oxfam thrift store and fell in love with it's wild wild print.  but when i noticed it's size, i didn't even tried it on (far tooooo big). for normal i don't care about the sizes of vintage and thrift clothes. when i like a piece and it looks like it could fit me somehow, i take it to the changing room. this time i did not. and everything was fine. 
some days after i came across this fashionable lady (cherryhumbug)  wearing a fabulous vintage shirt with a quite similar print and colour. after i saw this amazingly styled jungle/tiger-blouse i went totally nuts... i wanted this skirt from oxfam so much. it took three more days, till i had the chance to leave work earlier and spent a little visit to the store. as you can see in the photos, i was delightful to get my hands on it.

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Office Girl ... Creamy Pants

wearing my new pleated pants ... blazer: ann demeulemeester, thrifted // tank: h&m // vintage pants: ebay // vintage belt: thrifted // sandals: from rio de janeiro // vintage bag: flea market // 80s heart necklace: flea market

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Sore Muscles

 ...  top: h&m, actually a mini skirt // shirt: h&m // vintage silk skirt: thrifted // belt: flea market // vintage boots: flea market // vintage bag: hell's kitchen flea market, ny // necklace: flea market ...

today i attended my first bollywood dance lesson ... i don't feel very talented in this subject and every muscle in my body seems to hurt now ... i don't care ... hey, i can't wait to go there again next week.

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011


summer stripes ... vintage dress: thrifted  // leather belt:h&m // sandals: flea market // bag: flea market // pendat:  flea market

finally i like to answer these questions by mary mur today - i already promised some days ago.
  • 1. Why did you create a blog?
  • 2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
  • 3. How long will it keep going? 
1. if you're living in germany - but not living in berlin, cologne or hamburg -  most people around are dressed like a mannequin of a high street shop window or they're even wearing clothes, because it's forbidden to go naked. germans are MODEMUFFEL , means: they prefer comfy and cozy pieces all over the day. denim pants, a tee and a pair of sneakers are everything they need and want. they don't want to attract attention...
three years ago i started fashion blogging, because i just wanted to get in contact with other fashion and vintage lovers. i hoped to find some inspiration, maybe to be a little inspiration to others... i just liked to share my insane love for old fashion in today's world.
i really feel lucky to have found a lot of amazing ladies around the world, who are sharing the same interest in going thrift shopping, wearing old dresses, shoes and bags... and every girl is so unique.
so it's time to say: thank you girls for doing such a good job! 

2. this blog is for everybody who likes to step by... when you don't like what you see and read, please, go anywhere else.
i don't set out to be popular or even famous. i'm almost a common girl - no fashion icon, no designer, no it-girl - just me!

3. i really don't know. stay tuned, you will see how long this blog will run ...