Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Office Girl ... Blue And Brown

dottilicious  ... top: tk maxx // skirt: promod (sale!) // vintage belt: flea market // shoes: lumex // vintage bag: flea market // bracelets: flea market

shortened ... top: h&m // vintage skirt: flea market, shortened (original length here) // vintage belt: thrifted // floral sandals: h&m // vintage bag: ebay // bracelet: flea market

sorry, still no answers today. a friend of mine is paying a visit to my town and needs a place to stay for the night. so i have to prepare the spare bed ... and check out a nice place for a late dinner.
i promise... i answer the questions from last post on the weekend-post.

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Questions... No Answers Today

what i wore on saturday and night ... vintage blazer: flea market, altered // dress: promod (sale!) // moschino belt: flea market // boots: görtz 17 // vintage straw bag: flea market // necklace: flea market

what i wore on sunday ... at my friends home ... vintage cardi: thrifted via beacon's closet, greenpoint, ny // dress: thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // bag: flea market // sandals: h&m // bracelet: thrifted

what i thrifted today ... isn't it just awesome?! can't wait wearing it....

actually i wanted to answer some questions i've ben asked by the lovely mary mur
  • 1. Why did you create a blog?

  • 2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?

  • 3. How long will it keep going?
but i had so much trouble with blogger at firefox today...  so there's no time left to answer. i'm too tired. too angry. please, stay tuned.

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Office Girl ...Wildlife

somehow this dress's print reminds me on a fashionable zebra ... vintage cardi: charity shop // vintage dress: thrifted // vintage belt: thrifted // sandals: h&m // vintage bag: flea market ...

... and a leopard ( - turn your attention on this silly facial expression) ... vintage top: ebay // vintage denim skirt: thrifted and shortened // belt: flea market // boots: görtz 17 // vintage bag: from roma // necklace: flea market

i'm sorry for the little lack of posts ...but this weekend i preferred to spent some time with some lovely friends  instead of sitting in front of the laptop. so i just leave you with some work day outfits from the past work week...  tomorrow or tuesday i'll be back with some outfit shots from this amazing weekend.

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Office Girl ... Finally Pink

yesterday dressed for office ... later i had to add tights, because it was far too cold for a summer dress ... sheer blazer/blouse: charity shop // vintage dress: ebay // vintage belt: flea market // vintage shoes: pfennig bazaar // vintage bag: flea market // necklace: flea market

today's office clothing ... finally i got my hands on a pink skirt ... i was looking for it so long! ... silk blouse: thrifted // vintage skirt: betty barcley, ebay // vintage belt: flea market // sandals: from rio de janeiro // vintage bag: flea market // necklace & bracelets: flea market

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Summer Boots

today's outfit ... wearing my new skirt and boots ... tank: h&m // vintage belt: flea market // vintage silk skirt: thrifted ( this skirt looks so amazing when i move and walk. it's fluttering so soft and beautiful around my legs....) // boots: görtz 17 ( saw them first in january but they were far too expensive... now i got them 40% off. girls, sale is has started!) // vintage bag: flea market // bracelet: flea market // necklace: thrifted // earrings: bijou brigitte

what i wore on saturday morning for thrift shopping ... some casual shorts and boots again... long cardi: ann christine // leopard top: h&m // shorts: zara // vintage belt: flea market // vintage boots: flea market // vintage bag: thrifted // bracelets: flea markets // pendant: flea market ...  i found two 90s midi/long silk skirts (today i wore one of them) and a knit skirt i wanted to wear as a dress. and i did. later on this saturday i wore my new skirt as a dress and paired it with another casual pair of boots again ...

... my new knit skirt worn as a dress ... cardi: missy // skirt worn as a dress: thrifted // vintage belt: charity shop // vintage boots: flea market // vintage bag: thrifted // jewelery: thrifted

Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Dirty Black Summer

i felt a little blue this week... i suppose, because of this i wore a lot of black the past days at work. ... top:  comptoir des cotonniers, thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // pants: zara // wedges: akira // vintage bag: flea market // earrings: hottie, ny // necklace: thrifted // bracelet: vintage

black note ... vintage dress: thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // vintage shoes: ebay // vintage bag: flea market // pendant: flea market ... i bought this shoes in winter but just wore them twice...

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

No Headline Today

last fridays travelling-outfit ... vintage blazer: thrifted // top: h&m // vintage pleated pants: thrifted // vintage belt: flea market // shoes: she // pendant: flea market // vintage bag: thrifted ...

today's office outfit ... blazer: gifted // vintage dress: ebay, shortened // belt: thrifted // sandals: blue velvet // vintage bag: ebay // necklace: hand me down // earrings: primark ...

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Get Ready!

lipstick missing! this is what i wore at my friends wedding on saturday. i forgot my lipstick at home ... i was waiting for a friend who wanted to get me one.... so my face looks as white as the wall on these pics... i'm so sorry, no better photos this time ... lace blazer: h&m (removed a big bow from it's front) // vintage skirt worn as a dress: flea market // moschino belt: flea market // peep toes: new yorker // necklace: flea market // bag: flea market ... all in all i paid for this look less than 65€!

this is the garden the wedding took place... i really loved the idea of the get ready station. there were flowered kleenex to dry the tears of happiness... a little book with the lyrics of songs of keane, coldplay and german band mia which were sung during the ceremony ... and different coloured pashmina foulards for every girl. so lovely!

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

Time For Office Girl

denim, red and straw ... vintage denim dress: pfennigbasar, shortened // scarf as a belt: thrifted // wedges: flea market // straw bag: flea market

flowers on velvet ... vintage velvet jacket: thrifted // top: h&m // pants: zara // belt: thrifted // vintage flats: charity store // bag: gifted // heart necklace: flea market

there's one day left of this work week and there's much work to do these days. but today i' m packing my bags for a little trip again. it's the third weekend in a row i wont stay at home. this time i will go to a good friends wedding ... i' m so excited to meet old friends from school ... wearing a bright coloured dress ...
my stomach still makes me feel a little weak. hopefully i will stand a long journey by car, a lot of delicious food and some nice drinks... i' ll be back on monday! have a nice weekend.