Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Thursday's Experience.... Primark Opening

blazer: fleamarket and altered // top, skirt, tights and belt: h&m // boots: vintage ebay // earrings: vintage // bracelet: fleamarket // ring : primark
Some weeks ago friends of mine heard about the upcoming Primark store opening at Frankfurt's NordWest-Zentrum (shoppingmall) on the 26th of november. We decided to take a day off from work to go there and to be part of the circus.
The day we've been waiting for weeks finally arrived past thursday. We celebrated an amazing girls-day filled with lots of nice shopping finds and tons of gossip and laughter.
Now I'd love to hear about a Topshop opening... or something like rerun this wonderful day....

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Missing Daylight...

Monday's shortened dress: vintage ebay (bought it back in summer. I was so unhappy with it's strange lengh, I didn't wor it only one time. But now - shortened - it could get one of my faves!) // jacket: thrifted // belt: h&m // tights: ?? // lace-up booties: vintage pierre cardin, ebay // bag: thrifted // earrings: schmuckrausch
some day past week's red blazer: vintage escada, ebay // tee: tee bar, NY // pants: 7 for all mankind // boots: thrifted // bag: hell's kitchen fleamarket, NY // earrings: schmuckrausch (and the neighbours cute red vespa)
another day of last week... blazer: lindex // tee: chinatown, NY // skirt: beacon's closet, Williamsburg, NY // belt: fleamarket // tights: c&a // red shoes: vagabond // bag: thrifted
As being a bloggerette I hate winter. Those short and dark days are stressing me everyday. There isn't enough light - or even enough time during the daylight - to take fotos. I have to shoot them before I leave for work, because after it will be darken night....
I was trying to post twice a week. I know, that isn't much compared with other bloggers, but there isn't more time for blogging in my life. In winterdays it seems like I'm going to get a once a week-blogger... because of the missing daylight and time eating work... I'm so sorry!
Thank you all for staying tuned on wardrobe experience... and thank you so much for leaving your lovely comments!

Clearing My Closet Out: Ebay

I decided to sell some of my shoes and bags at ebay. Say goodbye, my friends. I hope you'll find lovely new homes out there....

Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

Nude Experiences...

nude and denim... blouse: thrifted from oxfam // belt: thrifted // pants: mavi // booties: vintage // bag: vintage from rome // earrings and necklace: vintage
nude and black... blouse: thrigfted // skirt: h&m // belt: fleamarket // tights: strawberry, NY // boots: fleamarket // watch pendant: vintage // ring: from my father's cousine

I never, never, never wore anything nude before!

Last week I found this blouse at the local oxfam store. I fell immediately in love with it's nice details and it's flimsy fabric. But I wasn't sure, if I would wear something nude coloured. Sometimes I felt inspired by others wearing nude or beige but I never liked to see those colours on me.

Now, we 'll see, wether I 'll get a big lover of nude garments...

Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Light Tights, Bright Tights...

dress: thrifted // lace top: kaufhof underwear // belt: thrifted // tights: h&m (they 're not white, not grey, not beige, not nude but beautiful, I never thought I would wear such light coloured tights one day! - But I love them.) //boots: vintage ebay // bag: fleamarket // brooch: vintage // earrings: schmuckrausch // ring: from my father's cousine // bracelet: thrifted // necklace: from my mum ( she wore it nearly every day when I was a small child)

Freitag, 13. November 2009


wrapped blazer: thrifted from beacon's closet, Brookly, NY // tee: american aparell // pants: h&m // belt: tally weijl // boots: vintage ebay //scarf: trifted // earrings: from Wiesbaden // brooch: fleamarket

Samstag, 7. November 2009

One Skort... Two Outfits

Tuesday's Experience: blazer: fleamarket and altered // top: h&m // skort: vintage // belt: h&m // tights: wolford // studded booties: fleamarket // necklaces: vintage // bracelet: fleamarket
Last Sunday's Experience: jersey coat: blue velvet// ny-tee: Chinatown, NY // scarf: thrifted // belt: thrifted // skort: vintage // tights: h&m // boots: vintage ebay // bag: thrifted

I'm sorry for the lack of posts again... Before I left for NY I got a cold. Since that time I'm in a bad health. This week I had a lot of work to do but that wasn't time eating enough. My long-run-cold turned out to be a big bad sinusitis. That means headache, headache, headache all over the time.

For 3 days I spent most of the time in bed... and I don't feel even better right now. But I hope I will be back in the pink during the next days...

Stay alive and kicking, girls and boys!

Sonntag, 1. November 2009

Saturday & Saturnight...

Saturday night's experience, dinner with my boyfriends family: knitted coat: h&m // blouse: thrifted from Buffalo Exchnage, NY // pencil skirt: thrifted and altered // belt: thrifted // tights: wolford // boots: ebay vintage // bag: vintage // bamboo earrings: some shop in Wiesbaden // bracelet: vintage
Saturday, had to go to the office... top: TK maxx // denim skirt: thrifted // elt: thrifted // tights with tiny dots: TK maxx // boots: fleamarket // bag: another fleamarket // necklace: thrifted

One Day This Week....

dress: thrifted and shortend // belt: thrifted // tights: c&a // shoes: deichmann // bag: thrifted // necklace: fleamarket, Wiesbaden Schlachthof // ring and earrings: from my family // big ring: bb
...I wore my beloved 3 colour striped dress this week - I can't even remeber if it was tuesday or wednesday...