Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Missing Daylight...

Monday's shortened dress: vintage ebay (bought it back in summer. I was so unhappy with it's strange lengh, I didn't wor it only one time. But now - shortened - it could get one of my faves!) // jacket: thrifted // belt: h&m // tights: ?? // lace-up booties: vintage pierre cardin, ebay // bag: thrifted // earrings: schmuckrausch
some day past week's red blazer: vintage escada, ebay // tee: tee bar, NY // pants: 7 for all mankind // boots: thrifted // bag: hell's kitchen fleamarket, NY // earrings: schmuckrausch (and the neighbours cute red vespa)
another day of last week... blazer: lindex // tee: chinatown, NY // skirt: beacon's closet, Williamsburg, NY // belt: fleamarket // tights: c&a // red shoes: vagabond // bag: thrifted
As being a bloggerette I hate winter. Those short and dark days are stressing me everyday. There isn't enough light - or even enough time during the daylight - to take fotos. I have to shoot them before I leave for work, because after it will be darken night....
I was trying to post twice a week. I know, that isn't much compared with other bloggers, but there isn't more time for blogging in my life. In winterdays it seems like I'm going to get a once a week-blogger... because of the missing daylight and time eating work... I'm so sorry!
Thank you all for staying tuned on wardrobe experience... and thank you so much for leaving your lovely comments!


Eyeliah hat gesagt…

I have to take mine in the early am before I leave until Feb or so!! Like that last loo the most. :-)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ich liebe das erste Outfit. Die blaue Strumpfhose ist ein toller Kontrast.

Anonym hat gesagt…

love the blue tights and i LOVE the vespa
gorgeous darling, thanks for sharing
love the blog as always
and thanks for the sweet comments

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Anonym hat gesagt…

gorgeous darling
thanks for sharing, i love it
great look, the plaid skirt is flawless

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futurelint hat gesagt…

Love all three looks - so many great finds from ebay and thrift stores! That first dress is my favorite - it looks lovely on you!

the gorgeous hat gesagt…

LOVE your bag!

Anonym hat gesagt…

great dress!

Londyn hat gesagt…

Love your blog! So much fun.