Freitag, 29. April 2011

Office Girl ... Fawn

fawn with blue ... vintage blazer: thrifted // kimono jacket: ebay, shortened // tee: h&m // pants: zara // vintge belt: flea market // sandals: deichmann // vintage bag: pfennigbasar

another day at the office this week ... fawn with red ... RED blazer: old old h&m // vintage blouse: thrifted // skirt: pimpkie (sale!!!) // vintage belt: charity shop // flats: thrifted // vintage bag: flea market // brooch: flea market

Montag, 25. April 2011

Imagination, Life Is Your Creation...

c'mon barbie, let's go party ... this is what i wore on friday. my friends and i ended up on a 90s bad taste party where songs of aqua (barbie girl), n'sync, whigfield, backstreet boys, spice girls, dr. alban (...) were played ... shirt: h&m //  full lace dress: flea market // vintge belt: flea market // bag: h&m // necklace: antique market // bracelets: flea markets

Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Frohe Ostern!!!

 happy easter, everyone! ... this is what i wore today while visiting my grandparents. we had a delicious chinese easter dinner  (my grandparents love having chinese food, it's no special tradition) ... flowered lingerie coat: flea market // dress: h&m // vintage belt: flea market // sandals h&m // vintage bag: flea marekt // necklace: pfennigbasar // bracelets: flea markets

Freitag, 22. April 2011


when i wore this dress on a long day at the office yesterday, some co-workers were jesting: '... hey, you look like kate middleton in this dress !' (kate is the girl, who is going to marry prince william next week. everybody in europe seems to talk about this marriage) ... vintage dress: flea market // scarf worn as a belt: thrifted // shoes: siemes schuhcenter // vintage bag: charity shop // pendant: antique market // earrings: primark

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Morning Glory

morning light ...  shot before i went to work ... blazer: lindex // blouse: ann christine // vintage skirt: flea market // vintage belt: flea market //  dark blue vintage shoes: flea market // vinfage bag: flea market //cameo: pfennigbasar // bracelet: pfennigbasar

afternoon ... blazer: old h&m // dress:  very new h&m // belt: thrifted vintage // tights: h&m // peeptoes: new yorker // bag: abro // cameo: pfennigbasar // bracelet: flea market

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Weekend Cat

saturday's shopping outfit ... vintage dress: pfennig basar (sadly, it's a little short. just a few cm more would make it perfect) // vintage belt: thrifted // wedges: c&a // leopard bag: h&m // fish pendant: flea market

sunday... out for breakfast ... didn't thougth much about this outfit. i was in a big hurry to get dressed... blouse: h&m // vintage dress: thrifted and shortened (just rescued it from getting sold on the fashion flea market in march) // shoes: schuh siemes // vintage bag: last weeks flea market // jewelery: flea markets

Freitag, 15. April 2011

Office Girl ... Spring

first time this year: wearing no tights at work ... heather blazer: pimpkie // top h&n // flared vintage skirt: ebay // leather belt: thrifted // 80s shoes: flea market // vintage bag: flea market // bracelet: flea market // earrings: primark // necklace: vintage

oxford flats, the perfect shoes for a long day at the office ... vintage blouse: thrifted // silky vintage shorts: flea market // belt: thrifted // tights: ? // vintage shoes: remnant sale // vintage bag: flea market // necklace & bracelet: flea market

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011


colour blocking in one dress ... jacket: h&m // vintage dress: flea market // belt: flea market // tights: ... // wedges: akira // bag: flea market // jewelery: vintage, thrifted

150 followers. i know, for most of you out there this number must sound so small... but this is a pretty cool thing for me and my tiny blog.
hello to my new readres:  it's a big honour to me - to know - you're stopping by ... !!!
to my oooold readers: thank you so much for your lovely support and constancy ...!!!

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Best Dress-ed: Queen Of Colours

yesterday i was looking for some new blogs ... and i stepped about iman's blog:  mishaps and miracles. her style is so versatile, colourful and inspiring. unique vintage pieces meet brightly-coloured kimonos or design coats made from ties...  who wants to talk about colour blocking - her style is more than mixing colours, more than playing around with different patterns and materials... it's perfect! this is fashion at it's best.
i was so enthused about Iman's style that i wasn't even able to pick just a few pictures out to post in this feature. my inspiration folder is filled with outfits of her ... after an hour of being awfully undetermined i chose these. visit her blog for plethora of amazing outfits and gorgeous shots by day and night.
i'm totally in love with her style.

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Just Another Perfect Weekend ...

perfect overall/jumpsuit to stroll through the flea market on a perfectly warming early summer day.... blouse: flea market //  overall: h&m // lace top: kaufhof // vintage belt: flea market // wedge sandals: old gabor // bag: aa // vintage necklace: last weeks flea market // bracelets: flea markets // sunnies: c&a

flea market finds ... two floral vintage dresses // four vintage bags // two belts //  motörhead  tee // a  pleated skirt // some bracelets

in one of the bags i bought on the flea  market yesterday i found a ticket for a train ride from 11-16- 1985! i really love to find things like this... this shows that there is a history behind this little bag. i'd love to know!