Freitag, 15. April 2011

Office Girl ... Spring

first time this year: wearing no tights at work ... heather blazer: pimpkie // top h&n // flared vintage skirt: ebay // leather belt: thrifted // 80s shoes: flea market // vintage bag: flea market // bracelet: flea market // earrings: primark // necklace: vintage

oxford flats, the perfect shoes for a long day at the office ... vintage blouse: thrifted // silky vintage shorts: flea market // belt: thrifted // tights: ? // vintage shoes: remnant sale // vintage bag: flea market // necklace & bracelet: flea market


Bárbara hat gesagt…

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sacramento hat gesagt…

I love, love your floaty skirt and fabulous bags, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Fashion Fifth hat gesagt…

I loveee your shorts!

x FashionFifth

Miss Tami Lee hat gesagt…

That skirt is so cute! That shade of pink is at the top of my 'love' list right now

jamie-lee hat gesagt…

Wow I just adore both outfits - that skirt though? wow. I would be breaking that out too for my first non-tights outfit to the office!

Alice hat gesagt…

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Kalina hat gesagt…

great looks, I like your skirt and shorts!

greetings from

The Daily Fashionista hat gesagt…

You look fantastic! I love these spring-like outfits you have going on:)

Lauren hat gesagt…

loving this look! you have great style.

Jay Strut hat gesagt…

such fun outfits!

and such a cute blog...


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t hat gesagt…

Nice outfits!

Penny hat gesagt…

and i think i ll be your 152 follower!:)

Lauren hat gesagt…

beautiful jacket gray

Angela B hat gesagt…

I especially love the third photo of the full skirt and shirt—so pretty!

SayQueen hat gesagt…

LOVELY! I love your skirt :)

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