Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Sunday's Experience...

dress: vintage ebay // denim jacket: new yorker // belt: thrifted // shoes: vagabond // bag: vintage // earrings: from wiesbaden // bracelets: vintage and ebay

Invasion Of Boots

left to right: suede western boots: schlachthof wiesbaden fleamarket // brown boots: dieburger fleamarket // blue flowered flats and studded lace booties: schlachthof wiesbaden fleamarket // picture frame, yellow leather belt and darkblue boots: dieburger fleamarket

These are my fleamarket finds from yesterday and the previous saturday. It's an invasion of shoes... I did have tons of shoes before but now I don't know where to keep them... The studded-leather- lace-booties and the suede western ones had been a steal! I got each pair for only 1 €! I still can't believe it.

These two other pairs of boots came from a shop closing actually. The owners were selling their old items from the storage at the fleamarket at Dieburg. These boots are almost over 20 years old but totally unworen! Got them for 10 and 8 €. I was looking for darkblue boots for so long!

This should be the satisfaction of my shoe-needs! I know it won't.

Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Too Hot For Booties...

vest: avanti // top: kaufhof underwear // skirt: fleamarket // booties: sisters // bag: fleamarket // necklace and bracelet: from different fleamarkets

This weeks weather isn't that hot as it was last week. But it's still too hot for my new booties ...

Oh, I'm sorry for the lacks of posts again and again and again. It's work - again - eating up all my creative energy and time.

Mittwoch, 19. August 2009


top: h&m // skirt: vintage // belt: fleamarket // sandals: from rio de janeiro // bag: fleamarket //earrings: vintage ebay

Sunday's Experience...

top: h&m // skirt: pimpkie // belt: thrifted // sandals: c&a // bag: vintage, from rio // necklace: fleamarket // bracelets: thrifted and fleamarket // ring: from my aunt

Sonntag, 16. August 2009

Saturday's Experience: Bangs Again....

dress: ebay vintage // belt: thrifted // sandals: h&m // fish necklace: fleamarket // bracelets: thrifted and fleamarket // bag: gift from thailand
I've been to the hairdresser...Nothing new, nothing special, just back to basics. Like it.

Love And Pride

top: h&m // pants: thrifted (removed some ugly sparkling studds from the waistband) // heels: blue velvet // necklace: vintage // bracelet: fleamarket
I love this pants! It's sooooo 80s, it's sooo fun and it's soooo comfy.
While I'm wearing them I always have to sing a catchy tune from this decade. This time it's a song from 1984...'Love And Pride' of one-hit-wonder-band named King. The videoclip of this song was the first I ever saw on MTV.

Brasilian Fashion Thursday

dress: oh boy!, from brasil // belt: vintage //sandals: h&m // bag: hippie market, rio // necklace: vinatge // bracelet: from búzios, brasil...

When I was pairing the dress, the bag and the yellow bracelet I didn't thought about combining mostly things I bought in brasil... summer, sun, brasil in germany. natural the yellow accessoiries weren't that shiny as they look in the pictures...

Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

Tuesday's ... Blue Shorts

top: tally weijl // shorts: zara // belt: vintage moschino (I couldn't remember having it! Just found it in my closet some days ago!) // wedges: kmb // bag: vintage // bracelets: from fleamarkets, thrifted ... // ring: vintage

Monday's Experience...

top: zara // skirt: thrifted // belt: thrifted // flats: deichmann // bag: fleamarket (a few weeks ago) // bracelet: fleamarket (some months ago)

Jewelery Fishing

On saturday me and my best friend went to a a fleamarket in a suburb of my hometown. Actually I was looking for some 80s rollerskates but I couldn't find only one pair!!!!
Instead of buying blades, I succumbed to the love of fishing for some vintage accessoires. I got some nice necklaces and two leather bags ...
My favourite find is the fish necklace. It's wonderfully strange. Good catch!

Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Weekend's Experience ... Not A Posy.

today: dress: thrifted and shortend // belt: h&m // sandals: from rio //necklace: thrifted // bag: from hippie market, rio // black bracelet: thrifted // silver bracelets: from india and vintage
saturday: dress: from rio // jersey coat: avanti // belt: thrifted // sandals: paqueta, from rio // bag fleamarket // jewelery: vintage, from my family
Maybe you heard about the invasion of insects in Germany?! No?!
This weekend I had my own experiences with some of them...
Yesterday and today I wore dresses with floral prints, as you can see above... The whole days bees and wasps were buzzing around me like crazy, trying to sit down on the yummy flowers on my dresses!
To be honest, I'm so scared of getting stinged by a yellow jacket! When there is one of them whirring around me I run around screaming like a anxious child! Embarrasing! Yes, I am!
If there are some yellow and black coloured insects reading this.... I'm not a flower pot or anything like that! Don't sit down on me, don't try to sip some honey... I'm not very tasty! Thanks.

Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

Todays Experience... Cute New Bag

top: vintage // skirt: aa // belt: thrifted //flats: h&m // bag: thrifted //necklace: fleamarket // ring: vintage // bracelets: fleamarket, thrifted and a present...

Montag, 3. August 2009

Todays Experience ... Yellow Leopard

dress: hippie market, rio de janeiro (altered it a little) // belt: thrifted // peeptoes: new yorker // bag: vintage // necklace and earrings: vintage // bracelet: gucci