Sonntag, 28. November 2010

DIY: Was Nicht Passt Wird Passend Gemacht

this could be my favourite dress for these cold cold days ... vintage dress: from my best friend's granny, modified // belt: scarf worn as a belt // boots: buffalo, modified // vintage bag/clutch: thrifted // necklace & pendant: flea market
the first time i wore this dress i liked it - but something wasn't working... it's collar made me look like a little girl at halloween, dressed up like a snow flake or an iceberg. also i wasn't able to wear a necklace or a scarf with this collar. when i came back home from work i suddenly decided to remove it. ... i love this dress that way. it looks very simple now but i m able to combine it with a lot of different scarfs. and you really need to wear a scarf these freezing days.
those buffalo boots were so expensive but i thougth these were so perfect... perfect?! not perfect. i knew they could be perfect without buckles. i defenitly hate buckles on boots anyway... when i removed them with edged sciccors i was in a cold sweat about ruin them... luckily everything went right. and now they're absolutly perfect.

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010


I hate using flashlight ... top: no name // scarf: flea market // skirt: vintage ebay // belt: thrifted // tights with dots: h&m // opaque tights: can't remeber (i changed them because i had to notice when i checked the fotos that the black of the skirt wasn't working with the black of those tights ...) // booties: h&m // balck bag: abro // vintage weekender: flea market // earrings and bracelet: from several flea markets

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Office Girl

office girl no. 1 ... blazer: h&m // scarf: thrifted, red cross charity shop // betty barcley skirt: vintage ebay, shortend // belt: thrifted // nude tights: c&a // vintage boots: flea market // bag: flea market
office girl n0. 2 ... vintage blouse: my mum handed it down to me, she got it from her mum... // pants: zara // belt: h&m // spotted socks: h&m // lace up shoes: black velvet // bag: primark

this weekend i had to work ... because of that ... just some office outfits left to post!

Freitag, 19. November 2010

Candy Coloured

past weekends foto session in front of my lovely friends most delicious cutie-cute cupboard... me wearing - cardigan: h&m // bow belt: mädelsflohmarkt mannheim // dress: vintage ebay // tights: h&m // lace boots: buffalo ...
j. wearing - dress: mädelsflohmarkt ma, shortend // boots: new yorker ....

Montag, 15. November 2010

Plissee Plissee Plissee

can't wait to wear this dress in summer ... vintage blazer: thrifted, jil sander // vintage dress: mädchenflohmarkt mannheim // belt: thrifted // thights: h&m // booties: xx by mexx // bag: charity shop // fish pendant: flea market // earrings: hottie, ny

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010


bow on dots ... blouse: flea market // bow belt: mädchenflohmarkt mannheim // vintage pleated pants: fleamarket // booties: xx by mexx
beside my new vintage jewelery-shelf made from bamboo ... blazer: gifted primark (dankedankendanke liebste J.) // knit jacket: h&m // dress: vintage ebay, shortend // belt: thrifted // tights: avanti // vintage boots: mankii vintage // cameo: flea market

Freitag, 5. November 2010


comfy leopard ... blazer: h&m // t-shirt: h&m // pants: stolen // vintage belt: flea market // dotted net socks: h&m // oxford shoes: vintage // bag: hell's kitchen flea market, NY // scarf: flea market // necklaces: flea markets // ring: from my aunt // bracelets: vintage, flea markets and gifted
my lovely friend's open-closet ...and I ... vintage trachten jacket: thrifted, oxfam // denim dress: oh boy! from brasil // belt: thrifted // tights: c&a // boots: vintage ebay // vintage bag: flea market

yes, these past days the 100. follower signed wardrobe experience! Dear readers, thank you so much for stopping by... it means a lot.

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Best Dress-ed: kittekat

top to bottom: 1st, 3rd, 5th b jones style, 2nd pink chamagne fashion , 4th lucy laucht
as some of you dear readers might know, that i'm a maniac for leopard prints for about half of my life. when i was 15 years old it was quite hard to get my hands on only one item with leopard print... my best friend and i spent a lot of time on flea markets and vintage stores to find a jacket, a skirt or even a bag with this wild kitty look.
nowadays nearly everybody likes to wear animal print and - as we all know - we can get it everywhere, in nearly every high street shop.
i felt a little bit bored about it, when leopard-ladys started to walk around everywhere...
but when i saw this amazing fotos of these gorgeous looking bloggerettes, i found back to my old love. they style the leopard patterns so unique and cool.
i think you'll see me wearing more and new spots next time. thanks for the inspiration, girls!