Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Best Dress-ed: kittekat

top to bottom: 1st, 3rd, 5th b jones style, 2nd pink chamagne fashion , 4th lucy laucht
as some of you dear readers might know, that i'm a maniac for leopard prints for about half of my life. when i was 15 years old it was quite hard to get my hands on only one item with leopard print... my best friend and i spent a lot of time on flea markets and vintage stores to find a jacket, a skirt or even a bag with this wild kitty look.
nowadays nearly everybody likes to wear animal print and - as we all know - we can get it everywhere, in nearly every high street shop.
i felt a little bit bored about it, when leopard-ladys started to walk around everywhere...
but when i saw this amazing fotos of these gorgeous looking bloggerettes, i found back to my old love. they style the leopard patterns so unique and cool.
i think you'll see me wearing more and new spots next time. thanks for the inspiration, girls!


vio hat gesagt…

nr.1 & nr.3 treffen bei mir genau ins schwarze! :)

Marta hat gesagt…

i am in love with leopard prints (as you have probably noticed lol). you have presented such inspiring shots as well! <3

Vintage Vixen hat gesagt…

Gorgeous, aren't they? I think leopard print suits everyone, it's just so glamorous. xxx

Fabiola "Fab" hat gesagt…

ooh love love love this post! I did an outfit post of leopard print as well.