Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

What's New On Etsy

1940s floor length gown | Size XS-S | Great condition
1950s cotton dress | Size XS-S
Lovely light yellow Sundress from the late 50s | Size XS-S

Cute early 60s cotton dress | Size M-L
Deadstock 50s cotton blouse with beautiful embroidry | Size M-L
Early 60s shift dress - 50s tapestry purse | Size M
Those two never made it into a blog post. They got picked up so fast ... but they are so beautiful!
Click pictures for close ups!

Fell in love with an item? Any questions?
 - Feel free to ask -
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Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

The Poodle In Me

... T-Shirt: Primark // 50s skirt: Pick & Weight (something like that), Berlin // clogs: flea market // 50s purse: eBay // 50s-60s brooch: flea market // probably bakelite bangles: one from a flea market, the other one from eBay (both years ago) ...

This is what I wore weeks agon on Mother's Day. My Mum was visiting us and we went out to have dumplings!
That day I was playing around with a new setting lotion/spray and I was really afraid to brush the curls too much ... so I ended up with this quite poodle-ish look. Doesn't this look like the curly ears of a poodle? (Ok, probably I picked out the pictures that doesn't make me look like a curly dog.)
I'm still not too happy with the new lotion - but the old setting lotion totally changed my hair texture after using it more frequently for a while. Suddenly my awesome dry hair (yes, I like that) turned into super soft and greasy baby fluff hair. I felt absolute alianated by it!!! It is still not really back to it's old form but it is much better.

Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

Vintage Dust

I wore this already a little while ago ... early 50s dress: Mauerpark Flea Market Berlin // vintage belt: thrifted, years ago // swedish hasbeens: flowmarkt, Berlin // 50s plastic wicker purse: flea market, years ago // 50s straw tilt hat: Arcona Platz Flea Market Berlin ... 

Some weeks ago I picked up this dress  and hat on the same flea market sunday (but from thwo different markets) ... they go perfectly together!!!! 
Sadly the dress is in such a bad condition, that I will be probably able to wear it just another two or three times. I got it for 3€ - means, if I can wear it another two times before it turns to lovely vintage dust, I shouldn't be sad.
What do you do with dresses, that turn into something unwearable?!

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

A Little Living Room ...

The pink sofa corner ... The man found and bought it right away after we singed the contract for the flat! My beloved atomic 70s lamp doesn't fit in perfectly but it's the best and sefest place for it right now ...
Yes, there is one door missing in the hutch named 'The Bitch'. After living in one room for over 50 years she got a little mad with us, that she had to move so much during the past three years. I have to find some special screws to put the door back in ...
The collection of vintage suitcases, carrying vintage goods ... the turquoise umbrella is actually a lamp from the 30s that needs some new cables to not burn down the house ...
A couple of week ago it happened, that I suddenly turned the camera away from the mannequin modelling  dress for my Etsy Shop, to take some pictures from our living room. surprise, it was pretty tiedy that day. As you can see, some walls are still quite white and empty ... but some things take a while - and the decoration of a vintage flat grows slowly by finding he perfect pieces.
Maybe soon there will be some pictures from the other wall of the room ...

Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Bleh! Running Out Of Ideas ...

Bleh! ... I'm truly running out of ideas for blogpost headlines ... 70s does 30s-40s dress: eBay // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: Deichmann // 40s-50s wicker purse: flea market // necklace/pendant: hand me down ...

This 70s dress does a great job as a late 30s early 40s dress. I am totally amazed by it's vintage-y beauty. Sadly it's condition is a little bit like of a true early 40s dress ... hahaha. For sure I will be able to wear it several times - as long as I don't gain wight. Yes, it is tiny aswell. So it is the perfect dress for the office - not for drinking beer all night.

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

When There Was Sommer For One Day ...

... On this summery day I wore ... cardigan and belt: Primark // 50s sundress: Maybachufer flea market, Berlin // vintage flats: Biesdorf flea market, Berlin // 50s repro wicker purse: eBay, H&M

Sorry, I really turned into a bad blogger ... I'm still trying to keep blogging but I barely find the time to read blog posts even from my favourite vintage people put there ... I hope, I will find more time soon.

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Lemon Patio

This is something I wore in my time off office ... patio style top: Primark // 50s patio skirt: Made In Berlin/Kleidermarkt Berlin // Vintage Snakeskin belt: thrifted // Clarks Sandals: eBay // 50s wicker purse: thrifted // early sixties necklace: flea market // bakelit bangles: Flea market and eBay

Here I wore the same top to work ... top: Primark // 50s rose print skirt: Colours/Kleidermarkt Berlin // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: Deichmann // modern wickerpurse: flea market // 50s orchid jewelery set: Chronically Vintage, Etsy // bangle: thrifted

Sometimes a simple top from a high street shop can make your little fashionworld so easy ... I love this piece and I see myself wear ing a lot in the future ...

Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Christmas Can Be Everyday

Some weeks ago I found myself being announced as the lucky winner of an give away over at The Curious Professorz blog! What a surprise - normally I never win anything!
Lucky me was now able to find me some lovely treasures at Jessica's wonderful Etsy Shop Chronically Vintage. It really took me some ridiculous time to choose MY treasures out of her beautiful collection of vintage jewelery and accssoires. 
As you know me, I buy a lot of vintage jewelery on flea markets ... So I wanted the Etsy giveaway purchases to be something special  - special additions to my collection of vintage ric and rac.
So I decided to go with some chic sets, that are special but not too bold to go with me to officeland ...
oh, and I am so over the top happy with what  I found at Jessica's shop and what she sent me.
I really adore the carved 50s rose set (necklace and ear screws) and he 50s orchid set (big brooch and ear scews). They are really fantastic! ...And I almost can't wait for fall to wear the fun oak/fall leaves pin (ok, no, I never wait for fall to arrive, but this pin will make it easier on my when fall arrives.)
So, what is not pictured in the photos above are all the little surprises that were added to the box ... for sure you will see them soon.
Thank you so much Ladies (Jessica and The Professor) for this wonderful giveaway! When I unpacked the lovely packed boxes it almost felt like Christmas!!!

Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

Video Killed The Radiostar

This is what I wore to an artsy event in a silent movie theater ... top: probably Primark // vintage sailor pants: Veist Kleidergeschichten, Berlin // 50s plastic wicker purse: flea market // shoes Deichmann // 50s nylon scarf: gift, came with an ebay buy!

... this is what I wore the following morning to visti the flea market ... vintage square dance dress: flea market // belt: flea market //  cowboy boots: flea market // vintage purse: flea market // bakelite bracelets: eBay ...

I am so far behind with posting outfits here on the blog ... well, but I'm still posting. 
Don't you have the feeling that Instagram is slowly killing the blogworld? I find more and more blogs vanishing or abandoned ... but I'm happy to find these people later on Instagram ...
How do you feel about reading and writing blogs? Do you prefer Instagram?

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Sailing ... In The City

What I wore some days ago ... early 60s top: Veist Vintage Berlin // pants: H&M // flats: flea market // 50s-60s purse: thrifted // 50s hat: Mauerpark flea market, Berlin ...

Heading to see my lovely Mum for family dinner ...

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Tweet tweet tweet ...

Do you hear the little baby birds sing ... Tweet .tweet .tweet ... This is what I wore to work last week ... late 50s dress: Colours, Kleidermarkt Berlin // belt: Primark // two tone 90s shoes: flea market // 50s leather purse: flea market // baby, mami and daddy birds sweater safers: flea market