Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Christmas Can Be Everyday

Some weeks ago I found myself being announced as the lucky winner of an give away over at The Curious Professorz blog! What a surprise - normally I never win anything!
Lucky me was now able to find me some lovely treasures at Jessica's wonderful Etsy Shop Chronically Vintage. It really took me some ridiculous time to choose MY treasures out of her beautiful collection of vintage jewelery and accssoires. 
As you know me, I buy a lot of vintage jewelery on flea markets ... So I wanted the Etsy giveaway purchases to be something special  - special additions to my collection of vintage ric and rac.
So I decided to go with some chic sets, that are special but not too bold to go with me to officeland ...
oh, and I am so over the top happy with what  I found at Jessica's shop and what she sent me.
I really adore the carved 50s rose set (necklace and ear screws) and he 50s orchid set (big brooch and ear scews). They are really fantastic! ...And I almost can't wait for fall to wear the fun oak/fall leaves pin (ok, no, I never wait for fall to arrive, but this pin will make it easier on my when fall arrives.)
So, what is not pictured in the photos above are all the little surprises that were added to the box ... for sure you will see them soon.
Thank you so much Ladies (Jessica and The Professor) for this wonderful giveaway! When I unpacked the lovely packed boxes it almost felt like Christmas!!!


Tanith hat gesagt…

Congrats on your win, you lucky lady! I love that acorn brooch in particular!

Georgette hat gesagt…

Those roses are lovely, looking forward to seeing what else was in the box!

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

You're such a sweetheart, dear gal, thank you so much again for taking part in this fun giveaway for my Etsy shop, as well as for blogging about it. I swear, I just about squealed aloud when I saw some familiar items appear in a photo in my feed reader.

You're truly awesome and I hope that you enjoy each and every one of these lovely vintage treasures for ages to come.

Giant hugs,
♥ Jessica