Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

The Poodle In Me

... T-Shirt: Primark // 50s skirt: Pick & Weight (something like that), Berlin // clogs: flea market // 50s purse: eBay // 50s-60s brooch: flea market // probably bakelite bangles: one from a flea market, the other one from eBay (both years ago) ...

This is what I wore weeks agon on Mother's Day. My Mum was visiting us and we went out to have dumplings!
That day I was playing around with a new setting lotion/spray and I was really afraid to brush the curls too much ... so I ended up with this quite poodle-ish look. Doesn't this look like the curly ears of a poodle? (Ok, probably I picked out the pictures that doesn't make me look like a curly dog.)
I'm still not too happy with the new lotion - but the old setting lotion totally changed my hair texture after using it more frequently for a while. Suddenly my awesome dry hair (yes, I like that) turned into super soft and greasy baby fluff hair. I felt absolute alianated by it!!! It is still not really back to it's old form but it is much better.


Sara hat gesagt…

Awesome curls! And by the way, I have the same brooch you have here! Cool :D

Jelena Dimić hat gesagt…

So so so lovely. :)

Kayla hat gesagt…

Beautiful! I love this outfit and that skirt is so lovely! x

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Love, love, love your hair and outfit both! This very pretty shade of teal green is awesome on you. What a great skirt. This whole look is swoon worthy!

♥ Jessica

Ivana Split hat gesagt…

in love with that skirt!!!!! it has such a nice pattern...and the top is so pretty.

To me your curls look hair is almost impossible to curl!

Mary María hat gesagt…

Great, I love it! Enjoy the weekend!

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Maja Ćorić hat gesagt…

I love everything you put together.. as I do this time, too. The brooch is absolutely adorable - the shape and the color.. ahhh.. a dream.


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage hat gesagt…

I love your curls too and the jewelry is fab! I've been straying away from setting lotion more and more as well, it definitely adds a strange texture to my hair, even when it's diluted!

Bonita Vear hat gesagt…

Wow, your hair certainly is curly here! I do love your outfit again; the colors and accessories are perfect. ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill