Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

What's New On Etsy

1940s floor length gown | Size XS-S | Great condition
1950s cotton dress | Size XS-S
Lovely light yellow Sundress from the late 50s | Size XS-S

Cute early 60s cotton dress | Size M-L
Deadstock 50s cotton blouse with beautiful embroidry | Size M-L
Early 60s shift dress - 50s tapestry purse | Size M
Those two never made it into a blog post. They got picked up so fast ... but they are so beautiful!
Click pictures for close ups!

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Joanna hat gesagt…

I was about to go check out that skirt…snap!

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Seriously gorgeous offerings! That coral dress is breathtaking! I'm such a big fan of your shop and try to visit each week now to see what's new there.

♥ Jessica