Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

Made With Love

Wore this look to work some day last week ... top: Primark // handmade skirt: flea market // flats: Clarks // repro wickerpurse: flea market // 60s necklace: flea market ...

A cuple of weeks ago I found this lovely skirt during one of my Sunday flea market strolls. when I had it in my hands the first time I was confused, about it being true vintage or repro. One hand it was so well made, the loops to hold the buttons are hand made, the sheer embroidred part looks totally vintage or even more antique, the wool fabric is from great quality ... on the other hand it looked brand new and some seams  looked too modern ... then the seller told me, that she is a learned seamstress and that the skirt is made after an original pattern and from old fabrics she once enherited from her aunt. she was told that the embrouidered fabric was made in the 30s ...
For some reasons the seamstress wasn't so much into wearing this skirt, my luck! since I picked it up I wore it  quite a few times already ... Made with love, worn with love.

Samstag, 23. April 2016

Weekends Are For Hats

A Sunday's Look ... Early 50s jacket: flea market // 50s dress: Lucky Dry Goods, Seattle // 50s purse: flea market // shoes: Primark // 50s hat: flea market // heart brooch: Belle Lurette Paris, Etsy ...

As wearing hats is almost impossible for me on office days, the weekends really turned out to be my main hat days. I really try my best to take all of my hats out for a spin once in a while. Which is not so easy  if the collection is growing constantly. Here was the first time I wore the -so called- leaves hat. One of the most beautiful pieces I own.

Dienstag, 19. April 2016

Office Girl ...1950s Suit Jacket

An office look I wore a couple of weeks ago ... 50s suit jacket: thrifted // cardi: Primark // 50s cotton dress: Made In Berlin Store // flats: vagabond // repro wickerpruse: flea market  ...

Dealing a lot with my bad health now ... today I have another MRT, so no fance clothes today. Good that I have still some outfit photos I forgot to post ...

Samstag, 16. April 2016

Flag On Legs

Wearing ... 40s blazer: Class Of Berlin Store // 30s-40s dress: Spitze, Berlin // vitnage belt: flea market // shoes: flea market // 50s-60s straw purse: Arkona Platz flea market // 30s-40s hat: eBay

A few weeks ago I finally made it to a special vintage store here in Berlin, I had heard of a lot ... Spitze.
I found this adorable dress in blue, red and white, made from soft rayon. The hubby made me buy it, especially to wear it to a 4th of July party when we are in the States in summer. The perfect colour combination for a patriotic day like this.
 I wasn't able to wait that long to take this beauty out for a spin on one of the fierst warm sping days. (Lucky I did, because winter came back a few days later.) It's also the first time I wear this 30s-40s kind of halo hat I purchased on eBay. It must be made at home by a non professional miliner. It's really funny, if you see how simple it's made.
Can't wait to wear both pieces again and again.

Dienstag, 12. April 2016

The Creepy Side Of Vintage ...

This is what I wore  ... last weekend ...  40s blazer: Class Of Berlin Store // 40s crepe dress: Ebay // shoes: flea market, modern // 40s-50s paperstring bag: flea market Schöneberg // 50s hat: Bahar Berlin Edeltrash // tights: C&A ...

A week ago when the man and I went to our favourite Saturday flea market in Berlin Schöneberg ... I had the creepiest experience resulting from my clothes ever ... remember my Quote Of The Year story from last November, this was already pretty awkward ... But things can always get worse ...
It was the first real spring day here in Berlin and I felt so happy wearing my fun flower print dress from the 40s to the flea market. As always people were staring at me - this is what you have to get used to, if you look like you popped out of a different era. Some people passing me by were quoting nice and fun things at me ... as being a nice and thankful person I always try to respond in a fun way or just giving a smile or a little 'Thank you'. 
Then there was this guy, reminding me on a Berlin pimp from 1980s TV series, telling me, 'you are really dressed soooo nice'. I smiled a little shy 'Thank you' and went my way.
Suddenly he appeared again behind me, mumbling something about my seamed stockings. 'Oh, the seams, oh the seams, so sexy!' - I ignored him and walked on, trying to spot the hubby somewhere. Again, 'Those beautiful seamed stockings. So special, so hot.' I ignored him again ... A little later I saw him again, smirking and purring at me, 'Oh, so we meet again. Would you consider to cuddle with me?'
CUDDLE? - I told him that I'm with the husband and totally not interested in any interaction with him. As he heard the word Husband, he literally vanished to thin air. I wasn't even able to finish my sentence ...

I love this outfit I wore that day, but I don't believe it's very hot or sexy ... how can someone think, that a woman is interested in any sexual intercourse because of faux seamed tights?! Does this make me look like a prostitute? Does this make me look cuddely?!

When I think of this occassion I find myself shivering from anger and disgust.

The husband wants me to finish this post with something positive ... I love wearing vintage and seamed stocking - but remember, I just cuddle my man!

Freitag, 8. April 2016

Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Frogs on the Run

Wearing ... 60s sweater: Bahar Berlin Edeltrash // 50s novelty skirt: Made In Berlin // shoes: flea market // 50s Purse: flea market // frog sweater savers: flea market ....

Yes, I'm truly running out of headers but those cute little frog running over my sweater saved me from being with out a header the first time ... So they are actual header savers and not sweater savers.

You might have recognized that I barely take picture in the stairwell anymore ... On one hand, I got lazy and just took the Instagram routine on the blog pictures ... On the other hand, taking pictures out on the stairs got quite uncomfortable, because one of our neighbours is having a hard time with his mental health or drug abuse or both. He is building artsy sculptures out of his personal things in the stairwell. I don't want to take pictures in them or even want to get close to them. 
Hopefully I make it out there to take pictures once ion a while again ...