Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Vintage Seattle

yesterday we spent a another day in seattle and i was lucky to meet one of my fav vintage bloggers, sara from lilies and remains, at her work place. it's so awesome to meet other vintage fashion enthusiasts in person, that are actually living on the other side of the world . ...  and she is absolutely great!
as some of you might know, sara works at lucky dry goods vintage.  while chatting with her i had the chance to look through all the beautiful dresses and skirts at the shop and to play a little dress up with my fav finds. i was lucky to find my new favourite 50s dress there. of course it went home with me. you can see a little sneak peak of it at sara's instagram.

Montag, 24. Juni 2013


 50s/60s rose hat: style me betty // late 40s dress: ebay // earrings: hand-me-down

... here are some details of my wedding hairdo. i don't have a trustful (vintage-) hairdresser here in the US, so i decided to do my own hair. the hubby took the pictures in the garden after the wedding ceremony and lunch. my bun already looks a littel wildly ruined ... my hair has totally changed it's structure since i got here, it got so soft because of less limescale in the water. it was really hard to roll it up.

thank you so much dear readers on all you lovely wishes and comments on the wedding! it means a lot!

Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Yes, We Did!

Yeah, we're married ...

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

Diners, Knotted Legs & A Hawaiin Dresses

the bf took me to some lovely 50s diners in the city of tacoma ... frisko freeze was opened in 1950 and has delicious fish burgers and fries ... shake shake shake is another diner designed in a fun retro style. sadly we didn't had anything there, because we were still full from the burgers at frisko's. i'm wearing a newly thrifted original hawaiin dress. it's not 'super vintage' but vintage and perfect for traveling ('super vintage' is my new fave saying. i heard it said by sellers in several stores now ...).
in tacoma we found a total amazing vintage fashion shop named glenna's clothing. sadly the owner had to close to pick up a friend from the airport, so i wasn't able to try on some of her fabulous dresses and skirts from the 50s or even to shoot some pictures. all pieces seemed to be in almost perfect conditions but highly priced (but we all know: super vintage + great condition = expensive). hopefully we go back there ... i already fell in love with some of her cotton day dresses and a light blue vichy/gingham skirt.
by the way ... what happened to my legs on these pictures? the left leg wants to be a right leg ... the right wants to be a left leg?
in two days i will be an almost married woman by that time ... so exciting!

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Car Love

 wearing the same skirt again and again but i'm travelling with a quite limited wardrobe ... cardi: primark // vintage blouse: flea market // vintage skirt: vintage belt: came with a skirt // shoes: flea market // 60s sweater clips: vintage mall 

... my outfit doesn't match the era of this beautiful car from 1929 that we found on the parking lot of a flea market area on sunday. sadly i didn't found any clothes on the market  ... it's really hard to find real vintage fashion by the country side ...

Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

Antique Mall




yesterday we found a beautiful antique mall in the town next to the home of my boyfriend's mum ... while the bf was selling some of his collectibles to the owner, i found a couple of nice pieces for myself .... and i took some pictures for you. hope you enjoy!

Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

United States Of Wienie Dog

dear readers, here are some pictures from the outskirts of seattle ... the past days we spent a lot of our time with organizing the wedding, thrift shopping, eating at original 50s diners ...  sadly the new wienie dogs of the bfs mum are a little scared of us. bark, bark, bark! 
i noticed that this collection of pictures is full with blue, red and white ... very american.

Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

Waiting To Get Ready

friday ... 50s inspired 80s dress: ebay // belt: thrifted // flower: h&m // sandal wedges: gabor // vintage bag: flea market ... this is what i wore yesterday when i went to a vintage yard sale ...

... on friday i was invited to a vintage yard sale in a beautiul garden ... i met the seller the first time on the big flea market in april. when i found her stall with all these amazing lovely 40s-70s bags and dresses, i was just able to buy one skirt, because i totally ran out of money. luckily the seller gave me a call a couple of days ago, to invite me to her yardsale .... it was so amazing! the huge garden was filled with everything a vintage enthusiast needs and wants ... a fabulous 40s evening gown and 40s suits, lots of wicker bags, 60s mini dresses, 50s hats, blouses and dresses, bathing suits, shoes from all decades ... actually i didn't wanted to spent too much money before going to the states but i ended up with 17 pieces at 200€. not too bad. sadly the 40s gown was out of my prize range ....

... thursday ... top: tally weijl // vintage skirt: gifted // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: street // vintage wicker bag: flea market // 60s necklace: flea market ... before i went to the hairdresser ...

today i leave for my home town, tomorrow morning friends take me to the airport .... 20 hours later i will be in the US. ... next post: from seattle.

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

This Might Be Summer

it's getting warm outside ... and finally i got my new sunnies/specs right before the holidays ... vintage top: thrifted (or flea market ?) // vintage skirt: made in berlin vintage // vintage belt: came with a skirt // wedge sandals: old gabor // vintage straw bag: flea market // sunnies: eyes+more