Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Another Jacket - Another Move

 ... on sunday, when i went to the flea market i wore my newest vintage find: another woolen vintage jacket ... 50s to 60s jacket: ebay (came with a skirt) // cardigan: primark // 50s skirt: made in berlin vintage // belt: from my mum // tights: primark // shoes: vagabond // 40s to 50s bag: ebay // vintage gloves: flea market // vintage beret: flea market ...

this fall i'm really quite lucky with finding great vintage jackets/coats ... this one i bought as a to piece suit on ebay with a bunch of other vintage things. in the end it cost me round about 6 €. one button is missing but i actually don't need to close the bottom button of this jacket ... so this one replaced the missing one from the middle ... i don't like the skirt of this suit too much - but this is my well known issue with wiggly skirts. they never fit right. probably you will not see me wearing the whole suit.

now we're planning our final move. probably you won't read that much from me during the next week ... and i suppose, it will take a little while till we get internet at the new place.


Ariane Lasalle hat gesagt…

I have a problem with wiggly skirt as well - I prefer not to wear them - The mix is adorable
Good luck with the move!

Ariane xo

Vix hat gesagt…

What a fab print that skirt has! Good luck with your move. x

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

That's perfect length for a hip grazing jacket in my books. It evokes the 50s so wonderfully and really looks terrific on you. I hope your move goes really smoothly and that all is well in your new abode. I'll be thinking about you!

♥ Jessica

Janey hat gesagt…

Great classic jacket!

And, yes, slimmer skirts do have their problems! But I bet the skirt you're wearing in these photos is ten times better than the one that came with the jacket!


Heidi Dewhirst hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Wo geht es denn nun hin? Klingt so geheimnisvoll, der große finale Umzug.


Beata B hat gesagt…

Great classic jacket:) i love it . Kisses Beata

Mary Lou hat gesagt…

wahnsinn ja du hast echt ein gutes Händchen für tolle Jacken! ich liebe diese hier auch! drück dir die Daumen das alles glatt abläuft beim Umzug!!!
glg mary