Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Call Me

thursday's experience ... for dinner ... blazer: zara // dress: vintage ebay, shortened // belt & tights: h&m // up-lace high heels: via tk maxx // bag: flea market // necklace & bracelet: flea market
monday's experience ... blouse: vintage ebay // singlet: kaufhof underwear // skirt: avanti // belt: thrifted // flats: flea market // bag & heart necklace: saalbau bornheim flea market // earrings: hottie, ny
'tribut' by jean luc cornec, 1989. museum für kommunikation, frankfurt am main, germany
... me trying to feed a telephone-sheep with my cell phone. on what does a telephone sheep live?! ...words?! electricity?!

this week my boyfriends father and cousine came the long way from brasil to see his sons and daughters-in-law. so, yesterday we went to frankfurt to pay some museums a visit ... at the museum für kommunikation i fell in love with a drove of telephone-sheep. all those cute sheeps are made of very old telephones and telephone cables ... in spite of the strange material they looked so woolenly real and alive ...

next time when i meet a drove of true-born sheep, i'll surely wonder about them saying 'baa' not 'ringring'.


Mamushka Marie hat gesagt…

ooo love the mix of polka dots and stripes, that striped dress is so adorable!
x's and o's
mamushka marie

Eyeliah hat gesagt…

Cute, these outfits are so fun!

Isquisofrenia hat gesagt…

oh wow ahhah i love the sheeps/phone heads
and those 2 outfits look so cool on you!
love the dress so cute!

ilfashion hat gesagt…

i'm lovin' the sheep. :) haha
And the outfits of course. 2nd one is my fav.
Things are good, no worries. I've just been incredibly uninspired lately. But i went and saw "Sex in the City 2" last night and I think i've got me groove back. Post this weekend for sure. :) Hope all is well with you ma'am!

Life with Kaishon hat gesagt…

Love your outfit! Sensational. Laughed my head off about the exhibit! So funny.