Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Forgotten Skirt

late 60s/early 70s dress: flea market // shoes: via tk maxx // bag: american apparel // necklace: vintage // bracelet: hand-me-down from my mum // ring: saturday's flea market- found // earrings: from wiesbaden

i wore this dress yesterday on a big family party... the grandmother of my stepsister was kidding about my short dress ... 'oh, you forgot your skirt, darling'.

actually i wanted to wear it with black tights. then nobody would have cared about it's shortness but it was far too warm for opaque tights... and there was no time left to change this outfit into something else.

too long - too short - i don't care. i think, this dress is one of this year's best vintage bargains from a flea market. loooove it.


Mamushka Marie hat gesagt…

love your ring <3
mamushka marie

Martwa Marta hat gesagt…

i just adore your flee market findings! the dress is awesome... and your shoes are to die for as well!

Branka hat gesagt…

Haha, funny grandma.
Your outfit is great:)

Le Tasché hat gesagt…

Wirklich kurzes Outfit, kannst Du aber fantastisch tragen!.Die Farben sind echt der Knüller zu Deinen blond, blonder am blondesten Haaren...eines meiner Lieblingsoutfits an Dir!

Isquisofrenia hat gesagt…

i think black tights wouldve looked good too but i think its perfect like this.
you look gorgeous here and no ididnt wear this out in public, people would faint
hahahah but if i go to vegas i will!

Anonym hat gesagt…

really wonderful!!
loving your blog, keep it up!
and thanks for your sweet comment, means the world!


Future Lint hat gesagt…

That dress is fabulous - I love how it flows and drapes!

joelle van dyne hat gesagt…

wow the bright pattern of this top is amazing! and i love the fit. the rose jewelry is so pretty too. ~joelle

Anna M hat gesagt…

That dress is amazing! I love the cut and the colors. Looks great on you!