Samstag, 5. Juni 2010


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wednesday's outfit ... blazer: zara // top: h&m // skirt: h&m // belt: flea market, 2010 // boots: flea market, 2009 // clutch: flea market 2008 // necklaces: thrifted and flea market // brooch: thrifted

appearances are deceiving... the striped bandeau top is actually a skirt and the flared skirt has meant to be a top.

if i had known earlier, that those flared tops from this h&m's spring season look so awesome worn as a skirt, I would have bought one with black and white stripes as well.

i went to two exciting flea markets this week and i found tons of bargains ... more about my amazing founds on monday! sorry, i'm a little delayed on posting!


Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet hat gesagt…

I love this combination of pattern and how you grounded it all with the black.
To me, this is perfection!

Carla hat gesagt…

love the skirt!!
cute outfit!

Eyeliah hat gesagt…

lovely with delicate accessories, thank you for your messages too . :-)

joelle van dyne hat gesagt…

i love the combo of patterns here! and that's funny that both the top and bottom are reversed. i would've never known. ~joelle