Sonntag, 8. November 2015

Quote Of The Year

Traditional turkish coat does 50s: Belma, Berlin-Neukölln // 40s felt hat: Rocking Chair Shop, Berlin Friedrichshain // vitnage purse: flea market // modern shoes: flea market ...

Aren't vintage enthusiasts used to it to hear funny things about our outfits?! Especially on Halloween or Carnival I can't await to get out to hear things like 'how beautiful my costume looks' or questions like 'is your hair a wig?'.
I was awaiting everything - when I went out with my man to check out the flea market at Rathaus Schöneberg/Berlin past Saturday.  No, no quotes about Halloween or a Halloween costume at all... I almost got excited .... until a couple stopped me, asking 'if this is a 40s style?'
me: 'Yes, kind of...'
she: 'Oh, you look absolutely adorable! I just told my husband: Look there is Eva Braun walking!'
me: (Shock!!!!)
me: 'Well, I don't know, if this is the character I want to be compared with ....'
she: 'Oh, no I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like this ... But her name is the only one people know from this era ....'
me: 'I know many more ...'
she: ' Oh, no, really, I'm so sorry ... but for sure she was a nice person besides her love for ...'
Then her husband (totally embarrased) dragged her away, wispering: 'Sorry!'

Well, well, well ... Quote of the day. No, this was the quote of the year, so far!


Jessie Link hat gesagt…

Haha, I wonder if the woman ever stopped to consider who she was comparing you to. At least her intentions were good, even if she chose one of the worst possible people for comparison. Thank goodness her husband was there to pull her away; she might have been even more embarrassed than she already was! As a side note, lovely outfit as always!

Jessica hat gesagt…

My jaw dropped reading that. Holy cow! How does someone think Hitler's mistress is a compliment? Just say "I love your 40s look" and stop there, honey.
But anyway, you do look great. I love this coat, and that hairdo is so perfect. You've got some serious skills.

Carla hat gesagt…

Oh goodness!! =o That's a super shock moment!So many darling people from the 40's they could have picked. I seriously just smacked my forehead.
But, your coat is simply gorgeous! And that hat! Do you have more angles of it, it is so cute!

Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

Porcelina hat gesagt…

Oh dear, foot in mouth syndrome!!! You look fab in that coat x

j e f hat gesagt…

OMG, hilarious. Were they American...?

j e f hat gesagt…

OMG, hilarious. Were they American...?

Ms. Falcon hat gesagt…

@ j e f: No, not American. She was German and he probably was from somewhere East European ... My American husband was so shocked about this quote when I told him later ( - but then, he gave me the award for the best unplanned halloween outfit!)
You can't survive things like that without a big cup of humour.
Viel Spass in Houston!

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

I am not exaggerating when I say that my mouth literally flopped open. Oh my God, how on earth could anyone ever thing that she was a suitable example to compare someone else to. You must have been flabbergasted when it happened, I know that I would have been. Wow, just plain, wow.

It is stunning coat though and you do call to mind starlets of yore, but of the Hollywood, not Nazi regime, variety!

♥ Jessica

Forest City Fashionista hat gesagt…

That has got to be the strangest "compliment" I've ever heard of anyone getting. I really think some people don't engage their brain at all before opening their mouth.

The coat has a lovely shape.