Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

Ebay: Shoe Shopping

image via vintageherz
I went a little shoe shopping on ebay the last days. Yesterday was my fortunate day.
I was searching for blue shoes for months but i didn't found the right ones. When I found a pair I really liked, i couldn't find the right size. At least it was regardless of which sort or style they were... booties, heels, sandals, flats... just blue.
Last weekend I found this nice pair of blue and turquoise 80s pumps at an ebay shop called vintageherz. I don't know if these pumps will help me out of my blue-shoe-disaster ...but they're too flashy for not owning them.
At vintageherz you can find a big collection of boots, pumps and sandals from the past decades. Don't be confused, if you visit this shop at present you will find some vintage teddy bears aswell.
image via dizzy-andy
While i was looking for anything blue i stepped over a pair of 60s lace pumps. I fell in love with their snakeskin style instantly. And - I got my hands on them aswell!
I hope both pairs are going to arrive as soon as possible... and I hope they are fitting right.

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