Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

Best Dress-ed: Like A Lady

I haven't done a 'Best Dress-ed'-post till July. Today is the day I stepped over a fabulous fashionblog. I can't believe I didn't found it earlier. This girl named Camilla is so amazing. The pictures of her outfits are so beautiful, funny and extremly individual.
Her style - hm, it's not only ONE style, she seems to have several fashion personalities...- one day she' s dressed like a 50s diva from the movies, the otherday like an 80s punk rock musician and the next lika a 40s first lady.
I don't want to leave too much words about something you have to see - not to read about. If you don't know Dressed Up Like a Lady, go there and get happy!
Thanks for being that creative and gorgeous, Camilla!


The Thrifty Stylist hat gesagt…

love camilla! she's on my blogroll. amazing. nice feature! you are so right; she is versatile and yet so distinctive.

Eyeliah hat gesagt…

She is a favorite of mine... you know she inspired the blue streak in my hair?!