Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

This Week's Experiences.... Clairvoyant

Wednesday's... blazer: h&m // tee: tee bar, NY // skirt: vintage ebay // belt: thrifted // tights: primark // boots: vintage ebay // patent bag: primark //brooch, ring and earrings: vintage
Tuesday's... jacket: vintage ebay // top: h&m // denim skirt: thrifted and shortend // belt: thrifted // tights: primark (these tights could get one of my faves this season) // boots: vintage ebay // bag: thifted // earrings: hottie, NY // hat: primark
Monday's... cardigan: pierre cardin vintage ebay // dress: oh boy!, brasil // top: h&m // belt: primark // tights: TK maxx // boots: fleamarket // earrings: hottie, NY //ring: bb

I was looking for a vintage patent leather bag for so long. I never got my hands on one at ebay and I never found only one while I was out thrift shopping....

Last thursday I found a nice version at Primark (monday). When I bought it then, I had a hunch. Suddenly I was sure of finding a much better one at a thrift shop these next days.... And I found a better one - at Oxfam (tuesday)! Curious... maybe I'm a clairvoyant?!


Eyeliah hat gesagt…

I really like the patent rectangle, and that first look is so super sweet.

Nadine hat gesagt…

Das sind wirklich drei sehr tolle Outfits :).

myedit hat gesagt…

That thrifted bag is beautiful! Do you see any new, good fitting and cheap jeans in my future?haha

CMA hat gesagt…

gorgeous as always darling
love it, great inspiration
thanks for sharing

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wardrobeexperience hat gesagt…

@ myedit: I'm so sorry, I never see good fitting jeans. not in the past, the present or even in the future! jeans aren't my profession. my clear-sighted eye is just working while buying skirts, dresses and accessoiries... hahahah.
: )

Anonym hat gesagt…

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