Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

New Year, New Life?

The last day of 2009 ... knitted blazer: promod // floered top: primark // skirt: thifted // belt: thrifted // tights: h&m // boots: vintage ebay // bag: thrifted // necklace and pendant: vintage
Saturday's at Zara... woolen coat: h&m // top, skirt and leather belt: h&m // skarf: thrifted // bag: fleamarket // cooten tights: c&a // boots: vintage ebay // ring: from my mum
Happy New Year - out there! I hope 2010 started with a smile on your lovely face....
I expect 2010 will bring some substantial change about my life. The past months my job treated me so bad... I can't go on like this. Life needs an makeover.
Let's see what's going to happen.... Life is a mystery.


Indy hat gesagt…

I love how you mixed up the prints in the first outfit! And those boots are great!

Have a good start to 2010, dear...!

myedit hat gesagt…

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is wonderful for you!
I love your puff shoulder sweater!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Zwei sehr schöne Outfits! Vor allem der Cardigan beim Ersten gefällt mir.

Isquisofrenia hat gesagt…

amazing!! sweater love the scarf love your shoes and everything else

happy new year girl!!!!


Anonym hat gesagt…

gorgeous darling
wonderful inspiration, great
refreshing and cool blog as always, keep it up
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments


Eyeliah hat gesagt…

Oh, I like that peachy color on you, and unexpected with plaid woll - very nice.

Aya Smith hat gesagt…

You look amazing! I love the textures, the whole outfit is gorgeous! :)

♥ Aya

Candycane hat gesagt…

I LOVE both outfits ... but that polka dot skirt is simply gorgeous!

futurelint hat gesagt…

That knitted blazer is so cool! I love the gathering on the bust and shoulders! What a cool plaid skirt in the second photos! Hope you have a fabulous year!

Anonym hat gesagt…

gorgeous darling
love it, beautiful inspiration
i really love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments


Anonym hat gesagt…

i'm really loving both skirts here! the lace under the first one is the cutest detail, and i adore the pattern on the 2nd one. ~joelle