Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

Merry Christmas ... Thougths About Fur.

non-political-correct christmas outfit ... fur: hand-me-down // belt on fur: came with some other item // scarf: flea market // long cardi: some store in nyc // dress: mädelsflohmarkt mannheim // leatherbelt: h&m // tights: c&a // wedges: gifted // bag: vintage // necklaces and earrings: thrifted, fleamarkets and vintage // bracelet: hand-me-down

dear readers - I whish you a merry chistmas!

i shot this outfit before i left for my family's home... in early 2010 my mum handed this vintage fur jacket down to me. i wasn't sure if i would wear it... as being a vegitarian for about fifteen years i don't feel quite pc about wearing a mink!

i still remember, when my mum came back home from shopping with my granny... she was so confused and upset about this jacket (me too. i was 7 years old and an enthusiastic animal lover)! actually my mum would never had worn a mink because of non- ethical husbandry. 'i really never, never, NEVER wanted this fur!' my mum confirms a minute ago . my granny thought this jacket would be a very useful and fashionable item in her daughters denim-all-over-closet! mum still wonders about how my granny persuaded her to bring this fur home.

to cut a long story short... i thougth it would be fun to surprise my mum by wearing this mink on christmas. hehehe, she really was surprised.

we (mum & i) decided that those minks - who had to die for this jacket nearly 25 years ago - won't get back to live by tossing it away. ok, the mink is going to stay in my wardrobe but i definitly can't promise wearing it in public...


sacramento hat gesagt…

I am a vegetarian, too. I do own bags and shoes made of leather, but furs, i am not sure...
You look so stylish my friend.
Any chance to remove the WORD VERIFICATION??????????????? It is such a time waster. Most bloggers have remove it with no spam problems.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke, und ich wünsche für dich und für deine Familie frohe Weihnahten auch!

Marta hat gesagt…

ohhh, you look like a filmstar! and i am so deeply in love with your wedges!
merry christmas, gorgeous!

Andreea hat gesagt…

Love this look, especially your dress!<3

Happy holidays!

♥ kisses ♥

Evil Lyn hat gesagt…

Sehr hübsches Outfit!Die Schuhe sind der Hammer, ich such schon eeewig nach solchen:P

liebste Grüße,
Evil Lyn

Anonym hat gesagt…

ich finde das "Fell-Thema" auch sehr schwierig. Ich finde es jedoch okay, wenn man ein Teil aus Fell trägt, welches schon Jahre alt ist. Lebendig werden die Tiere auch nicht mehr, wenn man es wegwirft.
Also, freu dich über die schöne Jacke.

Z--- hat gesagt…

great coat!!xx

veronika, tick tock vintage. hat gesagt…

i would never buy a fur jacket new, but i don't mind buying vintage fur. you look lovely.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Auf der Weihnachtsfeier hatte ne Neue einen Pelz ihrer Oma dabei, ich habe ihn anprobiert und am liebsten nicht mehr ausgezogen. Neu geht gar nicht, aber wenn ich einen alten vererbt bekommen würde, könnte ich wahrscheinlich nicht widerstehen... Bis morgen :* Jasmina
PS.: Toll sahst du aus <3