Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Istanbul Shopping

wearing my new lace top from istanbul ... lace top: topshop, little mall on ikstiklal caddesi (9,50€) // skirt: blacky dress, thrifted // little leather belt: h&m // vintage cowboy boots: flea market // vintage straw bag: flea market // vintage necklace: flea market

nude maxi skirt from istanbul ... vintage blazer: flea market, altered // vintage top: thrifted // skirt: grand bazaar, istanbul (ca. 8 €) // belt: h&m // platform sandals: kmb // vintage bag: thrifted // heart necklace and bracelet: flea market ...

my personal istanbul shopping guide
some of you asked me about shopping in instanbul. beside breath taking delicious food, an amazingly diversified nightlife (my favourite: balkan beat partys at club araf in the quarter of taksim) and lots of historical sights – of course – istanbul presents a lot of different oppertunitys to lavish your money on nearly everything you want. … and maybe on some pieces you even didn’t knew that you wanted them before…
so here is my little shopping guide for fashion lovers … 

a different way of low priced high street shopping on beyoglu … on istiklal caddesi (istiklal street) you find those popular stores like bershka, topshop, benetton, zara and many more next to some pretty cool turkish labels and boutiques. the most interesting of this street are the little malls hiding between the windows of those big stores. these malls offer mostly highstreet labels aswell but on the pieces you will spent less, less, less money than in the official stores on istiklal caddesi. those who like to buy denim pants like levi’s and friends will loose their minds in there. … go there with your men. attention: some of these tiny stores sell pieces with little damages, so open your eyes widely to get sure your new lace top or band tee is ok!
belly dance belt (6 €) and my harem pants (7 €) from grand bazaar.
vintage shopping: there’s a vintage fashion store (sorry i lost it’s visiting card and can’t remember it’s name) on galipdedec caddesi (near station tünel) gorgeous vintage fashion and accessories from all decades for girls and boys. sadly this place is very smelly and clammy. I was really afraid to buy anything, even though i found some gorgeous unique skirts, blouses and dresses there.
those of you who aren’t afraid of shipping lovely vintage furniture, delicate chandeliers or strange looking but hardly wanted knick-knack has to stroll through the alleys of the quarters of cihangir and galataseray. i'd love to have these stores in my town!
yes, a friend bought this replica of an old diving helmet in a vintage store ...
i still want this cute 50s chair in my flat ...

my favourite place for shopping is the capali carsi/grand bazaar at the historic district/eminönü. to get there, just go through the covered misir carsisi/egypt bazaar, it’s entry is near yeni camii/yeni mosque. the misir carsisi itself is quite beautiful but very expensive and touristy. you can get most offered goods on the bazaar for less money.
when you leave the egypt bazaar, you enter the grand bazaar. the little alleys are filled with sedulous people doing their daily shopping. you can get there really everything ... headscarves, spicery, kitchen utensils, sweets like lokum, harempants, summery dresses and hippy-esque skirts, gorgeous business suits, shoes, high heels,  lovely scrolled spigots and hand grips, nails and screws, leather belts, bags, sparkling bachelorette costumes, amazing wedding dresses and evening gowns, leather goods, faux designer bags ... , ... , ... ,  .... and sewing goods of high quality. when you love sewing your own clothes, you find on this bazaar anything you need! there are little shops just for belt buckles (just selling belt buckles!), or buttons and studs (just selling buttons!), or subtle handmade appliqués (just selling appliqués!) or wonderful laces (...selling appliqués too). my friends i went with to istanbul sew rococo and other historic costumes in their free time. they go there twice a year to get their hands on precious fabrics and other treasures for sewing. it's just like 1001 night!
it's a dream - but not only for sewing maniacs. when you're a lover for oriental/belly dance you'll find there all you're looking for - of course. but i didn't knew, that i would find so much low priced items i can use for burlesque dancing!!! feather boas, amazing headpieces made from feathers, formed fabrics or tiny hats, long armed gloves, corsages, stockings ...
i didn't bought anything at the covered part of  the grand bazaar. it was horrible there, the sellers are so tout. just go there when you know, you want to buy high quality leather bags (amazing designs, some you may know from some popular design labels) or leather jackets ... or fur :( ... or even an oriental carpet. everything else you should buy somewhere else on the bazaar. then you pay less than the half prize.

if you go to istanbul one day, have lots of fun. ... don't forget to get a glass of fresh nar juice/pomegranate juice. it's so delicious... i can't wait to go there again.


Nicole hat gesagt…

Tolle Sachen, der Rock und das weiße Oberteil sind echt schön!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style hat gesagt…

Oh, I so want to go! I want that little blue chair too. And a lace top just like the one you're wearing : >

Mary Lou hat gesagt…

solche cowboystiefel will ich auch haben und die geniale tasche;)
love and kiss,mary


I love this cute 50s chair and I want in red right now!
the bazaar really sounds awesome, my father in law was there some years ago!
really happy to see you had an awesome holiday, I love your Topshop top, too. Maybe I'll copy you and get one in Barcelona :D

modniza hat gesagt…

love leopard print and your outfit is so stylish! xooo. Stella

The Suburb Experiment hat gesagt…

Turkey sounds fabulous! I have no immediate plans to visit but it was fun living vicariously through your description. :)

The Suburb Experiment

Heather, 29 Skirts hat gesagt…

Both of these outfits are really cool! I especially like the lace top you brought back from Istanbul. The pattern is so pretty!

Laura hat gesagt…

Seriously finds of awesomeness!!!!! I want to hop on a plane and head there now! oh it looks like a shoppers dream!!!!

Grace hat gesagt…

Thanks for following me, it really made me happy! I'm now following back!!

You have an amazing style!
On both outfits you gave the perfect personal touch, boots and black jacket. Love it!

Bre hat gesagt…

Great guide to Istanbul. If I ever go I will reference this post for sure. I love both outfits here. That pink skirt is lovely and reminded me I have one similar.

It was a sunny day by you huh? Okay then I am moving, ha ha!!!

deppa hat gesagt…

I love your posts because they are always full of nice ideas :)

Pretty outfits, you look fantastic.

See you cutie! I hope you have a nice friday!

Clara Turbay hat gesagt…

I like this blog i´d like you check out mine.

Allysa Rismaya hat gesagt…

i love your skirt so much :)

Absolutely Mrs. K hat gesagt…

it looks like you had an amazing shopping experience! Yes those vintage pieces look insane! I love that chair so much, what a color! Oh and I am in love with your amazing amazing orange bag

Isquisofrenia hat gesagt…

busting out my pleated maxi skirt soon
and you look so good wearing those boots, i dig both outfits!!
no not my fav print but i happen to be finding styles with the print that i like so maybe yah

Lidiya hat gesagt…

Super outfits, I love the first look - great leopard skirt and lace top :)

Lydia hat gesagt…

LOVE this maxi skirt!

Mary hat gesagt…

Hi lovely,
I really like this post!
I totally love your lace top;)
I just found your blog,it's so cute!I added to your followers!Follow back?:)
Have a great weekend!

wear a smile! hat gesagt…

ach du warst in istanbul, wie schön! :) ich lebe in istanbul :)))

schöne fotos, blauer sessel sieht ech cool aus!

ich habe meinen ersten giveaway in meinem blog, wenn du mitmachen möchtest..:)

Anonym hat gesagt…

The powder pink and the leo skirts are beautiful and the orange bag looks so cute!
I want that armchair too!
Oh, and the bellydance belt was just 6 Euro? It was so cheap! The harem pants look interesting, i hope you will show them on you too!
I loved the Istanbul-photos in the last post!