Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Kleider Machen Beute - Pictures



luckily i found my memory card again ... so today i leave you with some pictures from past saturdays kleider machen beute - fashion flea market ... we had a lot of fun, yummy cupcakes, sparkling champagne, warming sun and clothes, bags, shoes and jewelery ...


Anonym hat gesagt…

Those cupcakes look so tasty! I think I'll have to go buy one today for my bday.

<3 Cambria

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Cupcakes, cute clothes, an outdoor market, that sounds like my kind of perfect day, too. Thanks for taking us along with us on this great outing.

♥ Jessica

In the Ruins of Berlin hat gesagt…

sieht großartig aus xxx

Celina hat gesagt…

Du gehörst zu den wenigen hier in der Bloggerwelt, die das Buch überhaupt kennen :P Und dazu hast du auch noch eine gute Story ;)

Jiglycious hat gesagt…

OMG I love flea market! coz I always get cute stuff with cheap price :D
and seems like this flea market had sooo much fun..

anyway I'm following you now, waiting for your follow back ;)

thanks in advance


Style Sud-Est hat gesagt…

Flea Markets! I love a flea Market!
I am looking forward to a church flea market in my hood in Nov!
Good you found your memory card

Have a great weekend

Ariane xxx

Devil made in Heaven hat gesagt…

The cup-cakes look yummie! And it looks like a great flea-market! I love the German and Belgium fleamarkets more than the Dutch one. You find much nicer stuff overthere and people are nicer.
Overhere there are a lot of those so called antique-businessman.... :(