Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

Inspiration From The Past // 1957 // Winter

merry christmas dear readers!
for christmas i leave you with some pictures taken from one of my beloved vintage fashion and sewing magazines. especially today with some inspiring festive winter dresses from 1957. i hope you enjoy.

the bf and i were totally sick the past few days and felt totally miserable. some evil virus had caught us ... we both weren't able to go to work, to read a book, to read a mail or watch tv .... even sleeping didn't worked because of the hurting head, bones and eyeballs (!!!!). but now we're slowly getting back in the normal groove of christmas things ...
while writing this post i pack my little bag for the christmas days at home. this time i mostly added comfy pieces to the tiny pile ... i still don't feel like getting dressed up after this virus ... but i will be back after the 26th.

have a great time with your friends and families!


Joanna hat gesagt…

I hope you feel better soon!

Ruby Armoire hat gesagt…

So sorry to hear you've been ill, and at Christmas too! Thank you for posting these beautiful images, I want all of the clothes!

Ruby xx

The Grande Dame hat gesagt…

Lovely fashions! Can't believe you got so sick so close to Christmas... Hope you can enjoy the day.

Emma Litton hat gesagt…

Love all these beautiful inspiration photos! I'm so sorry you've been sick, but glad you're back on the mend! It would be sad to be sick on Christmas.


Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear that you've been so ill lately, dear gal. I love winter, but that fact that it strikes so many of us ill with it's viruses each year is one of it's most despicable traits for sure.

Thank you for sharing these enchantingly lovely 1950s fashions with us. I completely adore the first blue dress - ooohhh, if I was a sewer, I would try to recreate that for sure!

Wishing you speedy healing & the happiest of holiday seasons,
♥ Jessica

Sacramento Amate hat gesagt…

MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear friend

Vix hat gesagt…

Hope you feel much better soon!
Happy Christmas! xxx

Nika Chick hat gesagt…

Beautiful pictures!

Merry Christmas! :)

Cambria hat gesagt…

So many gorgeous, festive holiday outfits! WISH we still went all out like this for holidays...I just love the gloves, hats, and brooches.

<3 Cambria

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Mary Lou hat gesagt…

traumhaft schön diese Bilder, hab mich gleich in das erste blaue Kleid verliebt;)
wünsche dir und Familie auch ganz frohe weihnachten!!!

Meg Eileen Carroll hat gesagt…

So inspired. IIn my opinion, the best era of fashion, why can't it be more like this?
Merry Christmas!

two squirrels hat gesagt…

Oh sweet you poor thing!!!! I hope you are much better.
Sending lots of love and happiness to you. We hope you have a lovely Christmas, filled with lots of special moments.
Love V&W

Devil made in Heaven hat gesagt…

I hope you are feeling much better now....
I so much love these magazines. They are full of inspiration. I am crazy about the wide skirts. Thank you for sharing.

Style Sud-Est hat gesagt…

Merry Holidays to you and bf
Hope you are ok
I caught this nasty virus as well, nearly loss my voice
Looking forward to see your fab outfits

Ariane x