Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

Kill Your Lover - Part Two

please, don't use these pictures without permission
as we are still fully covered by renovating and moving to our new home, so i just share part two of the film noir photo shoot from this november. 
thanks again to the amazing team:
bina winkler, photographer
g. from in the ruins of berlin, make up, hair, setting and costumes
me, modelling and costumes (mostly from my own collection)
part one: here


Helen Mae hat gesagt…

These photos from this set are great too, the second one is my favourite.

Mid Century Girl hat gesagt…

Amazing photos!! I love that dress that you are wearing! :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Gorgeous! I love your hair so much! And like Helen, the second is my favorite!


wardrobeexperience hat gesagt…

@ mid century girl:thank you! the dress is my granny's actually! it's a high quality wool/cashmere dress from probably the 70s/80s, that does 40s quite well.

cherre henderson hat gesagt…

You look amazing! Love these photos!

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Goodness, these photos are powerfully sultry, evocative and gorgeous! They remind me in some ways of Marlene Dietrich, when she was in a particularly femme fatale kind of role.

♥ Jessica

Erin Gross hat gesagt…

Gorgeous! xx

Laurence hat gesagt…

Waow!!! I also could not recognized you!!!!
What a gorgeous shoot, LOVE IT!!!!