Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Winter Sailor

finally i wore my woolen original vintage sailor pants ... 50s-60s jacket: ebay // top: primark // vintage navy pants: flea market // shoes: deichmann // beret: flea market // vintage souvenir brooch: ebay // before WWII necklace: christmas gift  ... i have to announce, woolen pants are quite itchy, damn!

the necklace i got from my granny as a christmas present this year (yes, she is still here. who would have thought that). it was a hand me down from her mother, who got this years before WWII started. so it must be from the 30s.

i already wrote this post days ago ... probably on the past weekend. then a super mean virus hit my man and then past wendesday i found myself at the doctor with high fever, shivers, hurting skin and a pinched nerve in my back! i never felt that miserable before!
after four days with high fever today is the first without (knock on wood). this virus is pure torture ... and yesterday i even missed the 20s cabaret play i was really looking for to see ....
for sure it will take some days till i'm back on the track - but one ready made post is still waiting anyhow.

hopefully you all out there stay healthy and safe!


Porcelina hat gesagt…

Oh gosh it sounds like you were very unwell, I hope you are feeling more like yourself again now, it's not nice being ill! Love those trousers on you, and the little souvenir brooch is very cute.

Hippy At Heart hat gesagt…

so ein geiles Outfit, die Hose steht dir super!

MelleM hat gesagt…

Ça c'est chouette !!!!

SandyS hat gesagt…

Tolles Outfit <3 Passt einfach alles perfekt zusammen.
Ich hoffe, du erholst dich gut (selbst meine Erkältung hat dieses Jahr mehr als 2 Wochen angedauert - was'n da los?) und bist bald wieder topfit.
LG, Sandy

Pink Haired Princess hat gesagt…

Cute outfit, what an adorable little brooch. Hope you're feeling better soon.

In the Ruins of Berlin hat gesagt…

siehste, die omi ist ein steher und bist es auch bald wieder :)) xxx

Harlow Darling hat gesagt…

This outfit looks so lovely, and practical too - I love the trousers! And the brooch!
I hope you and your husband feel better, nothing worse than getting stuck in bed from a mystery virus.

Sarah hat gesagt…

Great outfit! Sorry to hear that you haven't been well, get better soon.

serena madhouse hat gesagt…

Great look!

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

How immensely special that you received that necklace from your grandma. The most precious vintage, IMO, is that which we are blessed to receive from our relatives.

Your whole outfit is smashing!

♥ Jessica

Kaelyn Choo hat gesagt…

You look great and chic!


Ariane Lasalle hat gesagt…

that's a great look for you
Love that fish brooch, so original
So happy for you that your granny is still with us!


Jessica hat gesagt…

You poor thing! That sounds terrible, I hope you're feeling better soon. :(
But hey, this outfit is really cute. I love the whole nautical theme, and I LOVE what's going on with your hair. That necklace is lovely as well, that's so kind of your grandma to pass that along to you.
Get well soon!
Zella Maybe

Ariane Lasalle hat gesagt…

I have read your comment about how you would love to work for a non-profit- Funny how things are, here the wages are lower when you work for a non-profit, but you still can earn a decent living - I'm lucky, i have a husband who earns a good living working for a non-profit so i can afford to work 4 days for a non- profit.
Again i just love and love your outfit!

Bonita Vear hat gesagt…

Oh dear, sorry to hear you are so unwell ~ sending a great big get well soon your way!

Btw, I love that top with your pants, they look so fab together, and your brooch is such a nice touch. :) ❤

bonita of Lavender & Twill

Kate-Em hat gesagt…

The trousers look great! How nice to have the necklace from your Grandma. Get well soon.

The Grande Dame hat gesagt…

FAB pants! I love the outfit you're wearing them with. What a cute little brooch, it's so nice to have family jewellery like that, I have some things from my grandma too which I love, just because they were hers. I hope you're feeling much better now :)