Freitag, 25. September 2015

Ms. Falcon's Instagram ... Transition Summer To Fall

Here are the outfits that never got snapped by my actual camera and that just made it to  ...


Alisa hat gesagt…

I love your outfits. You always look so fab. I wish I could find pretty vintage pieces too!

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

So many beautiful outfits!!! I especially like the jumper (suspender) dress. What a charming, fun garment!

Tons of hugs & happy start of fall wishes!
♥ Jessica

Jodie hat gesagt…

So happy you've shared the photo with the latest no cardigan. My bank it's me a cardi or jumper every year (they're my pride and joy) and I'm glad if the inspiration to wear them and still feel retro.

Maja Ćorić hat gesagt…

Hello dear.
Autumn is definitively here, there is no doubt. It's time to flaunt our layers like no one. :) For me, I have managed to find one long-sleeved dress and I had to wait for the heat to end so I can wear it proudly. Other dresses can be made "suitable" by wearing a long skirt under, or a cardigan above.
You look amazing.
Your style is great. You are an inspiration.:)