Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

Stadt, Land, Fluss

... quite a few days ago ... 50s jacket: flea market // green long sleave: H&M // 50s novelty skirt: Pick & Weight Shop Berlin // vintage belt: thrifted // shoes: clarks // 50s purse: flea market // 60s swirl brooch: flea market

This post title is hard to explain to not German speaking readers ... But I try. There is a German Party/Kids Game named 'Stadt, Land, Fluss' (City, Country, River). It is a quite cheap game, because  each player just needs a pen and a piece of paper. One person starts going through the alphabet  in her head  - from a-z  - and the person on their right has to say 'stop' when ever he/she wants. The letter thats on her/his mind by 'stop' is the letter tho play with.  Par example 'M': Munich (City), Madagaskar (Country), Main (River) ... Then the next person starts spelling ... The players earn points with their found words. Most points you get, if you are the only player with a name ... otherwise you get less.
What has this to do with this post .... I'm wearing a novelty skirt with a Cityscape ... and somehow I came across this title ... most of the most famous novelty prints show citys, rivers and landscapes ... Thats it. Hahaha.


Ivana Split hat gesagt…

that skirt is fantastic.....I love your retro sense of style. Very feminine!

Sara Kristiina hat gesagt…

Ooh that skirt is beautiful :)

Jessica hat gesagt…

Sounds like good logic for a post title to me! Some of mine are totally random.
Love the skirt, and the jacket fits you like a dream. Is that your closet? Holy cow, girl. I'm officially jealous.
Jessica, Zella Maybe

Vix hat gesagt…

That skirt is a fab find. I saw a similar one featuring Venice yesterday.
That game sounds like fun. I like a cheap game! x

Björn S. hat gesagt…

Gute Erklärung :D
Interessanter Rock, habe ich so noch nie gesehen - man(n) lernt halt doch nie aus ;)

Liebe Grüße aus dem Odenwald
Björn :)

Porcelina hat gesagt…

Another glimpse into your fabulous skirt collection! Looks great with that neat jacket xx

María Vega MeryShopping hat gesagt…

Una falda estupenda, y un look encantador! Besos!

María Vega MeryShopping hat gesagt…

Una falda estupenda, y un look encantador! Besos!

Ladan Ladanu hat gesagt…

What a lovely skirt! I am amazed how light and organised your dressing room is. I am going to organise this for myself in my spare room (which is now full of junk) but I will ensure darkness so I won't fade the colours! I have some beautiful old clothes which I bought and the fading on them makes me paranoid about light!!

Mid Century Girl hat gesagt…

Such a great skirt and I love how you've made it perfect for Autumn by pairing it with the jacket! :)

Kaelyn Choo hat gesagt…

Love your skirt! Oh, I played the similar game when I was in primary school. We had 5 columns for name, country, fruit, thing and animal :)

Have a good weekend,

Jessica Cangiano hat gesagt…

Very, very pretty outfit. That is such a stellar novelty print. Chic, bold and beautiful - not mention autumn perfect.

Tons of hugs & my sincere thanks for all of your wonderful recent blog comments,

♥ Jessica